UltraISO: how to burn an image to a USB flash drive

There are many programs for creating bootable flash drives. UltraISO is one of the simplest. We tell you, how to use it.

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How to disable Yandex Plus on your smartphone and computer

Three years ago, Yandex presented several of its own paid subscription projects. Among them is Yandex Plus, which includes many services for everyday use.

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How to set up a scheduled computer shutdown in Windows!

Automatic shutdown of the computer is an extremely useful option, which will help you out more than once. It will be useful in those cases, when a PC or laptop is busy with a lengthy process, and you need to leave. In this case, you can configure the PC shutdown - when the desired operation is performed, it will turn off on its own. And you can go to bed in peace, go to work or do your other business.

Most often, configuration is required, if you are:

  • checking your PC for viruses,
  • convert video files,
  • installing a computer game,
  • upload large files,
  • copy important data, etc.
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Port forwarding on the router: what is it and what is it for?

In modern apartments or houses there are several receivers, those in need of a permanent and stable Internet, the source of which is the router. But installing and configuring the device is not enough. It is also necessary to forward ports on the router - opening them for other receivers. If this is not done, outgoing data will be ignored and will not get into the network. What are the features of the process? How do I run a survey? Why is this necessary? We will consider these and other issues in the article.

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Why is the laptop battery connected but not charging?

Are you using your laptop, but you notice something strange on the taskbar. Are you sure, what charge your battery to 100%, but it shows you, that the battery is low. When hovering the cursor over the battery, it shows you ‘connected, not charging’.

Such a message may alarm you. Does this mean, that the battery is not working? Windows, doesn’t show you, what is really going on, and this message does not always mean, that your battery has almost no charge left. Most often, the battery will last much longer, than indicated in the message. So, what does this message mean? Here are a few reasons, why you can see this message.

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Overview and configuration of Huawei HG8245h router for Rostelecom provider

The Chinese company Huawei is world famous and has been a leading manufacturer of network equipment for quite a long time. Although there have been successes in the history of the company, so are unsuccessful periods, but it was Huawei’s WI-FI routers that have always been distinguished by quite high quality and ease of use.

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After updating Windows 7 x64 the system does not boot After updating Windows 7 x64 the system does not boot

Analysis of the causes of the problem?

A lot of currently existing illegal versions of the operating system are not very pleasing to OS developers, therefore, they are making significant efforts to combat ‘piracy’.
Microsoft has developed special software in a new update, verifying the validity of the license installed on the Windows 7 computer. It should be noted, that this has led to significant and frequent problems even for users of licensed versions of the software, whose computer does not start after updates.

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How to find and change the username in Windows 10

Many users practice using multiple accounts on the same computer - for example, for parental control purposes. If there are many accounts, there may be confusion, because it is not immediately clear, under which of them the system is loaded. You can solve this issue by viewing the name of the current user, and today we want to introduce you to the methods of performing this operation.

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What to do if the plugin does not load in Google Chrome

Error ‘Failed to load plugin’ in Google Chrome, as a rule, appears when trying to start the flash player (the message is displayed in the frame field). Accordingly, the reason for its occurrence is a problem in the Flash plugin. In Google Chrome, unlike other browsers, The Adobe Flash element is integrated and comes with the distribution. It does not need to be installed and connected separately, it is automatically supported.

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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Microphone Background Noise

Vladimir Papazov 22.12.2020


Let’s consider simple ways, how to remove noise in headphones on a PC, under Windows or MAC, on a laptop or desktop computer

A fairly common cause of noise in headphones on a PC is an old built-in sound card, an old loose socket and poor contact insulation.

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7 apps with filters for videos on Android and iPhone


Another professional application with a huge set of functions, which can make beginners confused. With MAVIS, you can shoot videos with a resolution up to 4K, bitrate up to 100 Mbit/sec and configurable frame rate, including non-standard presets. Manual control is available not only for focusing and exposure, that is also for the color temperature, shutter speed and photosensitivity.

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How to customize Alice from Yandex and control your computer with her

What the smart assistant of Yandex Alice

can do.

Those, who meets Alice for the first time, its capabilities and ease of management will pleasantly surprise you. Yandex voice assistant is able to perform simple and complex operations, such as:

  • search for information on the Internet: facts from the life of celebrities, from the field of science, stories, sports, policies,
  • the answer to simple questions,
  • program and application management,
  • opening the required website,
  • weather overview, news, time, the exchange rate,
  • setting the timer and alarm,
  • taxi call,
  • mathematical actions: addition and subtraction, multiplication, factorial,
  • games and conversations on a given topic,
  • a story about situations on the roads,
  • a call to a specific number,
  • music inclusion: by author, text, genre or mood.
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Google Play is not supported on your device - how to fix it

Now we will figure out the reasons why Google Play Market shows the message ‘The application is not supported on your device’ and what can be done, to download the desired application. About everything in order.

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How to Get Classic Paint back in Windows 10 Creators Update.

Do you remember that time, when did you draw your family or landscape with pencils? And then they showed the drawing to their parents and asked them to hang it on the wall. Modern technology has changed everything, including that, how we draw and express our emotions. We have moved from notepad and pencils to tablets and a variety of virtual tools. Now you can show all your creativity with the help of electronic devices, using the best drawing software.

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Games crash on windows 10 - reasons and ways to fix

Nothing portends trouble: you are playing in the app, when suddenly you are abruptly thrown out of the program window. The window itself may even close completely or simply collapse. You have to start the application again, but after some time of work, the situation repeats. Why is this happening and what to do about this problem?

  • The computer overheated
  • Hard disk failures
  • Driver failures
  • System failures
  • There are viruses on the PC
  • The game is blocked by antivirus
  • Corruption of game files

OS and PC do not meet the requirements of the game

Check again, does your computer meet at least the minimum requirements, which the game presents. If everything should be fine with Windows 10, the system supports all new releases and most of the old games, then with hardware components, the case may be different.

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Opanki in Google Chrome: what to do to be saved?

Software developers always try to create a project and a ready-made project, which would be minimally ‘painted’, worked stably on different machines, after all, money is at stake, name and interested audience. However, only a few people can avoid mistakes. In fairness, quite often the problem lies in the individual characteristics of the PC, and not in the application code. Today we will talk about the situation, when the error appears. ‘Opanki’ in Google Chrome, what to do

Why is this happening?

One thing, when the error appeared once and after reloading the page disappeared. But sometimes the defect repeats repeatedly, pretty exhausting the nerves of users.

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How do I force the driver to be installed in Windows 10?

Malfunction during the first connection or sudden termination of one of the available computer devices - a webcam, printer, video cards, audio cards, etc. - may be caused by hardware failures of electronics or software problems.

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Error 0XC0000001 when starting Windows OS: causes and troubleshooting options

Sometimes, after turning on the computer, instead of the standard screen, a message is displayed about the inability to boot the system, indicating the error 0XC0000001 when starting Windows. The situation is critical in nature, because you can’t use a PC in any way. Consider the reasons, which can trigger such a malfunction, as well as troubleshooting methods.

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How to change the keyboard layout to Honor and Huawei - instructions

Types of layouts on Android smartphones

Today there are many types of keyboards, among the common ones, we highlight:

Problems with video playback in Opera browser

What can I recommend to those, who does not play some videos

Reinstall the codecs

This is the first, where would I advise to start dealing with the problem (especially in those cases, when some videos are played in normal mode, and others don’t). Most likely, there is simply no specific codec in the system.

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Which is better: a candy bar or a computer with a system unit?

Admit, you have broken any components in your desktop computer. In most cases, you can diagnose the problem yourself by replacing the components in order. Then you can buy or order the desired part, install it yourself or at the very least apply for repair. But with a monoblock, this will not work. It is with this note that I would like to start this article.

A desktop computer looks like this:

Here everything is disassembled and replaced without any problems.

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Is it worth updating Windows 10: nuances and features

Why you need to update the system

The very first version of Windows came outmore than 15 years agoWindows 10

Many do not update their computer, and still work in Windows XP, although it has long been outdated. Those, who doesn’t make updates, afraid, that viruses will get into the computer, the data will be deleted, the system will start to slow down, etc.

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Windows 10 Home Single Language what does it mean? (and thoughts out loud about IoT Core)

Why the Single Language

edition is needed.

The basic configuration of Windows is called ‘Home’. It has all the functions built in, which the average user has to deal with, and everything superfluous (necessary only for programmers or large companies) is missing in it. Due to this, its performance and security are increased, and the price goes down.

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Applications for monitoring Wi-Fi networks and traffic monitoring on Androdi

Internet traffic is the amount of data downloaded/sent over the Internet

, It is usually measured in megabytes and kilobytes. Mobile Internet is usually charged by megabytes, but the provider can also use a more accurate measurement in kilobytes (this is especially true if you are roaming). Can, of course, simply turn off the entire mobile Internet on your Android if you don’t use it at all, we will also tell you about this, but it is better to control correctly, nevertheless, a mobile device without Internet access turns into a dialer with a large screen.

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How to set a Windows 7 Computer shutdown timer - 5 ways

Automatic shutdown of the computer in Windows 7

Sometimes there is a need, so that some device turns off without your participation. This feature is quite popular in televisions. Computers are no exception to this either. It happens, that you’re in a hurry somewhere, and the computer is turned on and has not completed all the tasks assigned to it. Naturally, no one will wait in this case, or the computer will have to be turned off immediately, without letting him finish the job, or else set him a task, so that it turns off later.
Let’s consider, how to set up automatic shutdown of the computer using standard Windows tools.

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How to combine text in Excel from multiple cells into one

Cell format

The Excel command. Right mouse button → Cell Format → Alignment → Display → merge cells

In the same way, you can combine any rectangular range. After combining the cells, the contents are often centered. On the ribbon in the tab. HomeCombine and place in the center

Novice Excel users often use this command to place the table name in the center.

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How to adjust the sound in speakers and speakers on a computer

Working on a laptop, I sometimes want to include musical accompaniment. And then it turns out, that the power of the internal speakers is not enough, to enjoy modern compositions to your heart’s content.


Music lovers and everyone, who likes it louder, external speakers will come to the rescue.

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E-books and their formats: DjVu - its history, pros, cons and features

Services for viewing DjVu online

There are resources in the network, which allow you to view DjVu files without programs. This is a great option, if you don’t have anything suitable on your computer, but there is Internet access. It’s easy to use them – we go in, uploading the file, we select the quality of the content display and read.

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Rating of the TOP 7 best smartphones with a curved screen: which one to choose, reviews, price

Smartphone manufacturers have learned how to fold them, bend and even trim corners. Trends are determined by the desire of users to stand out, and, what is more important is to use the gadget to the maximum.

It is such opportunities that open phones with a rounded screen on the sides. Below is a list of nine models, which in 2021 can be called the most progressive. The list includes devices from several price categories.

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How to remove the protective glass from the phone screen

A protective screen in the form of tempered glass on a smartphone is an opportunity to protect the gadget from mechanical damage. And what to do in a situation, when such protection has already performed its actions, cracked and interferes with the operation of the device? Of course, you will need to remove the protective glass from the phone and install a new screen. Moreover, it is necessary to perform this work carefully and observing certain precautions, so that the new armored glass lies on the display, clean of glue and fragments.

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How do I see which devices are connected to a wireless Wi-Fi network?

In this article we will touch on an interesting question, which interests many users: how can I find out who is connected to my wifi. Wireless Wi-Fi technology is very popular today. In almost every home, Wi-Fi routers are installed for quick and convenient access to the World Wide Web. But no one thought, that it is because of this WiFi router that your Internet speed may decrease. And this is not due to a router breakdown or a problem with the provider. And the blame for everything, your neighbor is a freeloader, which is without permission, connected to your wireless network and downloads movies for days. Now we will show you several ways, with the help of which you will identify, who is connected to your wireless network. And we will also tell you, how to block a connected thief.

Symptoms of a third-party connection to your Wi-Fi network

There is actually one symptom, this is a drop in the speed and quality of the Internet. This is expressed in the following:

  1. It is impossible to watch online videos or movies normally, constantly slows down.
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Connecting the Adobe Flash Player plugin in Google Chrome

Why don’t games run in odnoklassniki and on other sites? Solving the problem

Many users in the Google Chrome browser often have a problem with playing flash content, namely, it is impossible to launch audio and video in Flash format using the Adobe Flash plugin. This problem often occurs for example with games on social networks such as Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte or on other sites.

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USB device descriptor failure for Windows 10 64 Bit

If you connect any USB device (player) to your PC, flash drive, phone, etc.), then you can see the error. The system will notify you about the error, but it will leave you alone with the solution. We decided to fix it and prepared the instructions, what to do, if the error ‘USB device descriptor failure’ appears. At the same time, the code 43 also sometimes appears here. All this suggests that, that a handle request failed on your system. Therefore, in this article we will look at ways to solve such a problem.

The essence of the error

In order to understand, what is the reason for the failure we are describing, let’s look at the functioning of the computer in a little more detail. Note, that an electronic machine based on Windows OS has its own so-called identifier. Thanks to this, the necessary drivers are installed. Under the influence of various reasons, this record is sometimes not read by the system. That is why a characteristic failure occurs.

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Why Internet Explorer doesn’t open pages: solving problems with IE

Why HTTPS sites don’t work in Internet Explorer

Correct time and date settings on the computer

The thing is, that the HTTPS protocol is secure, and if you have the wrong time or date set in your settings, then you will not be able to go to such a site in most cases. By the way, one of the reasons for this problem is a dead battery on the motherboard of a computer or laptop. The only solution in this case is to replace it. The rest is much easier to fix.

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The laptop does not connect to WiFi, and the phone connects - all ways to solve this problem

Things happen, that the computer does not recognize the Wi-Fi network from the home router or from the phone. This problem occurs quite often as with the old ones, so it is with newer devices. The computer may not recognize Wi-Fi networks at all, or it may not see a specific network. In the first case, most likely, the reason is a malfunction of the adapter, and in the second case, the router or Internet provider is to blame.

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Frequency management and overclocking of AMD Radeon laptop graphics cards in Windows

Modern computer games and applications are so demanding on the characteristics of the graphics card, that not every PC can ‘pull’ them. What can we say about laptops. After all, the graphics adapters of most laptops are noticeably inferior in performance to video chips, which are installed on a PC. As a result, even on a relatively recently purchased laptop, it is often impossible to launch fresh games or play them comfortably because of lags, suspensions , etc . What to do? Constantly update the hardware? No, since it is quite expensive. As an option, you can try to overclock the video card on a laptop.

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What is the technology: 2G/3G (UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA, DC-HSPA), 4G (LTE), 5G and 6G

↑ 1G - 1 Internet network at the beginning of 1980

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How to find an Android phone by geolocation: if it was stolen or turned off

All mobile phones have one unpleasant property - to get lost. Besides, they are sometimes stolen. And with this, unfortunately, nothing can be done. More recently, ’sow’ An android device out of the house meant parting with it forever without hope of a return, after all, unlike iOS, there were no search functions on Android. Today they are, which means, the chances of returning the loss are no longer zero. And it’s time for us to get to know them.

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Instructions for downloading and installing the program for beginners.

Everything in our life happens for the first time. If you do not give up before difficulties, if you do not fear the unknown, everything will definitely work out, and from an inexperienced user, you can become a real pro.

If you are personally tired of, that you are being called stubbornly a ‘teapot’, because you don’t have perfect computer skills yet, prove it to everyone, that you are ready to move forward not by a snail’s pace, and by leaps and bounds, confidently mastering new knowledge.

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What should I do if the Xiaomi (Redmi) phone turns on for a long time?

If you noticed, what is your samsung phone / smartphone, asus, lenovo, lg or another has become very long to turn on, it is necessary not to get upset, and to get together and determine after what happened.

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How to control a computer using voice commands

For people with disabilities, and also just for sybarites, OS developers have created voice control of the computer. It allows the user to enter information by voice. After pronouncing certain words, the device starts speech recognition - converting the audio signal into digital information. After that, how the entered information will be correctly recognized – the program proceeds to the specified algorithm of action - performs the function, which is attached to a particular command.

Everything is quite simple. Speech is not always recognized correctly, Therefore, the computer voice control program is not intensively used to solve complex operating system management tasks. It is used to perform the main functions: opening and closing files, local and network search, etc.

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17 essential products for those who work from home

Gaming chair

The gaming chair is designed like this, so that you can sit on it even for 10 hours in a row: a roller for the lower back, a pillow for the head and a retractable footrest help a lot in this. The chair is covered with durable pleasant leather, which is not erased. You can choose from five colors. Buyers write in reviews, that the chair is comfortable and easy to assemble.

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Complete removal of the Google Chrome browser from the computer in Windows 7 or 10

Nowadays even users, uninitiated in the subtleties of Internet technology, they know, what is the ‘browser war’ and, actually, they participate in it (even indirectly). Hotly prove to each other, they read reviews and find out on their own, so who is faster after all, safer, more convenient - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox. And whether it is necessary and possible to delete any of these web browsers from a computer or laptop.

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Why does the computer not see the phone when connected via USB


To the situation, when the PC does not recognize the mobile device connected to it, cause software and hardware failures:

We are struggling with the error ‘Overlays detected’ on an Android device

New versions of Android OS are released every year, the developers release trailers with a demonstration of their innovations and assure, that the system will work ten times better. But, as a rule, the more functions, the more problems. One of these mistakes developers have angered literally all Android users, as a result, questions constantly appear on the Internet asking for help. We do not remain indifferent and have written a detailed article especially for you.

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Installing and updating the browser on an LG TV

Nowadays TV, it becomes something more than just a TV receiver with a minimal set of functions. You can draw an analogy with mobile phones, which how much have they expanded their functionality, that they stopped being just ‘callers’.

Thanks to technological progress, There’s no time to just watch TV, gradually passes into the category of devices, equipped with an impressive number of multimedia capabilities, with the help of which you can get any information of interest at any convenient time. In this article we will consider, how the browser is installed and updated on an LG TV.

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How to install Windows 10 on a new HP laptop from a USB stick?

I recently installed Windows 10 on a new Acer laptop, took a photo of the step-by-step installation, and I decided to write a detailed instruction. This guide is suitable for all laptops: ASUS, HP, DEL, Lenovo, Samsung, etc. The differences from my actions will be minimal. And I will definitely write about them and explain everything.

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Improved games for Xbox One X in 4K and HDR (list)

Advantages of 4K HDR10.

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Firmware of D-Link DIR-300 routers: complete step-by-step instructions

The D-Link DIR-300 router is designed to create wireless broadband networks for home and small businesses. It operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency range and is equipped with one antenna, why it belongs to the segment of budget devices. The router has an integrated firewall, protecting the equipment from external influences. The MAC address filter will not allow outsiders to connect to the network, and the parental control function will protect children from unwanted content.

The router is compatible with the latest and outdated 802.11b standards, 802.11g, 802.3, and 802.3u. Equipped with 4 ports for cable connection to clients - computers and laptops. Supports WPS technology for fast and secure connection setup. For normal operation, the firmware on the D-Link DIR-300 wireless router must be updated as new firmware versions become available.

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Rating of inexpensive android smartphones up to 5 thousand rubles

Many believe, that in 2021 smartphones up to 5000 rubles are ordinary ‘dialers’, which are not suitable for comfortable use. In reality, a budget device is capable of performing all the basic functions of a modern smartphone: Internet surfing, listening to audio, watching videos and stuff.

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How to return Windows 10 to its original state

Windows 10 includes one option. Return the computer to its original state,

Unlike dozens, Windows 8 contains two separate options:

  1. Restoring a computer without deleting files,
  2. Deleting all data and reinstalling Windows.
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Troubleshooting error 0xc0000906 when launching the application

Error at startup 0xc0000906, which every gamer faces, occurs most often during the initial launch of popular games immediately after installation. More rarely, users encounter it when restarting or right during gameplay. Reasons, why the error occurs, there are several. How to identify and eliminate them, our detailed instructions will tell you.

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What to do if the laptop does not turn off completely, does not reboot

If the laptop does not turn off or restart when you select the Shutdown or Restart commands from the Start menu, it is not necessary to raise a panic. These are typical problems, which PC owners sometimes encounter. In this article you will find ways to solve such malfunctions and return the laptop to working capacity.

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What should I do if the printer queue is not cleared in Windows 10?

Sometimes it happens, what in Windows 10/8/7 when trying to print a document gets stuck in the queue, and if you try to cancel the task, it will be permanently deleted. Although there may be many reasons, for which you cannot print, including connection problems or problems with the printer itself, this is usually a ‘ problem. print queue manager

‘ in Windows 10. This is a service, which spools print jobs and handles interactions with the printer, and sometimes
stops working
even after restarting the device and printer.

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Windows 10 Cleanup: automatic and manual removal of unnecessary files

The main reasons for the computer freezing

Before proceeding to practice, let’s get acquainted with the general list of problems, because of which the computer on Windows 10 slows down. May be, you will find this flaw in your situation:

  • there are many (more than 3) simultaneously running applications,
  • viruses,
  • the hard drive is outdated or broken,
  • overheating,
  • lack of RAM,
  • BIOS (UEFI) are configured incorrectly,
  • Windows Explorer is not working properly,
  • and a lot of loaded ‘junk’ in the system.
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How to find out which version of Windows 10 is installed on your computer

What is the version, assembling, OS release and type

First, let’s figure it out, what is the difference between the operating system version, its assembly, release or, for example, bit depth.

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Why and by whom is Internet access blocked: firewall, antivirus or administrator

The lack of Internet access may be due to various reasons. Most often this happens due to cable damage or router failure, and also because of the delay in the mandatory payment.

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The elusive ‘list of installed Windows updates

Every year our company hosts a conference of young specialists, where each participant can solve the problem of any department (a list of topics is offered in advance). And the department of SPAS (maintenance of software and hardware) had the following task, which interested me, plus gave me the opportunity to return to programming again (unfortunately, in this company at the moment I work as a simple operator of the NPPS).

Previously, all released updates were pulled up for each ‘THAT’ with the help of WSUS and distributed to all machines. TSB (technical service bulletins) were also published periodically, in which it was indicated, that you need to install the necessary updates in the form of isolated packages. As a result, we are accumulating updates, which cannot be tracked in WSUS, and it could only be seen through the control panel in the ‘Installed updates’.

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How to set the Weather on the Home screen of a Samsung smartphone?

The standard way to configure

As a rule, the number on all Android devices is determined automatically via the Internet. . The user can also set the day and time manually.
If there was a failure on the phone, first you need to try to change it in the standard way. Follow the instructions:

Turn on the device menu using the key shown in the figure,

Find the icon to open the settings menu and click on it,

Find the date and time item,


The appearance of all icons and menus of the smartphone may differ due to different versions of the operating system or installed programs for the design and changing the appearance of icons.

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How to format a disk on which windows is installed

Basic concepts

Strictly speaking, preparing the hard drive for operation consists of three stages:

  1. Low-level formatting.
  2. [Read more…]

Why does YouTube not work on TV and how to solve the problem?

Almost all owners of Smart TV sets face a problem, when, without exaggeration, the most popular and in-demand YouTube app stops working. This happens very often, on different TVs and models. On old and new TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Kivi, Ergo, etc. The YouTube app simply disappears from the Smart TV menu (usually after updating the TV firmware), it doesn’t open, or it opens, but it doesn’t load the video, a black screen appears, etc. It is not uncommon for a network-related error to occur, or the application just freezes with the inscription ‘YouTube’ at the beginning of the download. Depending on the TV manufacturer, Smart TV platforms and TV release year, the problems and errors themselves with the launch of this popular application may of course differ.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t use my Philips TV in any way other than watching videos on YouTube. And if YouTube had stopped working, then there is no sense in this TV at all. I think, this is the situation for many. Anyway, many people buy a Smart TV, including in order to, to watch youtube, and if it stops working, then something definitely needs to be done about it. In this article I will collect the most effective and working solutions for different TVs (Smart TV platforms), with which you can restore the YouTube application. Regardless of, what manufacturer do you have a TV (Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, or less popular manufacturers, tvs that run on Androoid), old model or new, the YouTube app is missing, or it just doesn’t start. I will share the instructions separately for each TV manufacturer, to make it easier for you to find the right solution and put it into practice.

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Devices with flexible screens will appear next year

You may have heard the names of OLED, AMOLED, POLED and PMOLED. All these are varieties of display modules of modern smartphones. And if earlier we only knew AMOLED and IPS screens, today, a couple more have been added to them. In this article, we will understand the differences between POLED and AMOLED matrices and which of the technologies is preferable. As LG Display increases the production of smartphones with plastic OLED (POLED) screens, Samsung is going to contrast its AMOLED displays with the brand.

What is OLED technology

To begin with, let’s look at what the classic OLED technology consists of, for now, we will not take into account P/AM-OLED. All these panels are built from millions of organic LEDs, small components, which light up, when a current is supplied to them. They are located in various red, green and blue configurations, to get the full range of colors. One of the advantages of OLED over the competing LCD design is that, that the light emitters (LEDs) can be completely turned off, which allows the screen to show real deep black colors.

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Disabling driver digital signature verification in Windows 10/8/7

What is it for

For security reasons, only those drivers are allowed to be installed on your computer, which have an electronic signature. This protection measure is designed to protect the OS from the penetration of viruses and the installation of artisanal software, capable of causing incorrect operation of the device.[Read more…]

Lost nokia lumiya phone how to find. How to find a Lost Windows Phone

How to determine the location of a smartphone on Android or iPhone and increase the success of self-search for a lost phone, what is IMEI, what applications and services will help you find a mobile phone - read about all this in our material.

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For those who are at home: a selection of the best online cinemas

Advantages of watching TV channels from a computer

If in doubt, do you need a program for watching TV on a computer

  1. Economy. When watching TV programs from a computer, you can opt out of paid cable and satellite channels. You no longer need to buy special equipment and lay a separate cable. Most TV channels are provided free of charge, that allows you to watch interesting programs without restrictions.
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How to enter the BIOS? (all options). How to enter the bios on the asus motherboard

What circumstances force you to run the BIOS?

  1. The integrated components of the computer need to be activated or turned off.
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DOES NOT BOOT FROM A USB STICK? 100% solution! BIOS and UEFI (#92)

Hello everyone Today I ran into a problem, when the BIOS does not see my bootable USB flash drive in the BOOT MENU. Although I did everything according to the standard: I inserted a flash drive, launched the boot menu, but the carrier is not there. At first I thought, that the problem lies on the side of my bios version, but it turned out, that the version does not affect it in any way at all, and even if you have AWARDS, AMI, a new UEFI or an old BIOS - there may be one problem.

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What is the RAW file system and how to work with it

Almost every user has encountered a RAW file system error, and wondered, how to get NTFS back. To begin with, I would like to elaborate on the reasons for the appearance of this very RAW and give a little terminology.

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Setting up a microphone in windows 10 on a computer and laptop

Voice communication may be needed to communicate in messengers, online games, etc. There is a built-in device on any laptop, which is easily replaced by a more sensitive external analog. In some cases, the user may notice, that the interlocutors do not hear him or complain about strong interference. Before checking the microphone on the laptop, it is recommended to determine its location on the device body and check the system settings associated with it.

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How to install Windows 7 from a SATA HDD, or create an installation hard disk

General information

At least one partition on the hard disk is required to install the operating system, on which Windows files will be stored. However, it is better not to limit yourself to the system volume and create another partition - specifically for storing user data.

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What is ping or why are network games slowing down? How to lower ping

When you play online games on your PC or laptop, there are usually two serious problems: lagging and poor performance. In this case, you probably have problems with latency and high ping. The data takes time to transfer from your computer to the game server and back, and this leads to a delay.

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Creating and deleting a local user account in Windows 10

List of reasons, why you should use a Microsoft account in Windows, caused a very active discussion! Today I will answer questions about the Microsoft account, which you asked in the comments, mail and forum.

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DDR4: Do four memory modules work worse than two?

The type of RAM determines everything…

…or almost everything.

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The best programs to improve the sound on your computer for 2021

Have you ever come across a weak sound from the speaker system of a computer or laptop? This is a fairly common phenomenon, which is especially often dealt with by owners of portable personal computers. Low bass level, muted low and high frequencies bring a lot of discomfort while watching movies, listening to music tracks and during a Skype conversation. Some users find a solution to the issue in the purchase of additional computer equipment in the form of headphones, which leads to undesirable financial expenses. But the catch is, that an inexpensive headset distorts the perception of the picture and often leads to other problems, also requiring a specific solution. And it also happens like this, that you recorded an important conversation on a dictaphone in your pocket and you need to amplify the sound, so that you can make out the words…

Listening to dialogues or the interlocutor during a video call, the constant unwinding of fragments of the film is a dubious pleasure. Standard audio tuning tools, provided in any version of Windows, too limited in functionality and, as a consequence, they do not differ in efficiency. But the solution to this problem is possible even at minimal cost - the installation of special programs, capable of amplifying sound, make it more pronounced, juicy. Immediately note, that dozens of such applications are known today, however, not all of them are able to give the necessary result and satisfy the user’s requests. In this collection we have collected the 5 best programs for amplifying sound on a computer, laptop. Consider universal amplifiers, which only need to be configured once, after that, they will increase the volume and sound quality online.

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How to write text in a cell in several lines in Excel

How to find and replace multiple lines, which are contained in a single Excel cell?

Initially, the Excel cell goes like this:
Tell me, please, how to remove this part in the cell:

Search-replace does not work, more precisely, it does not find this in any cell at all, and I have about 3,000 of them. Maybe there are some macros, functions, I don’t know at least something.. Thank you in advance!

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Solving problems with Windows 10 system activation after the update

During system activation, which was installed or upgraded to Windows 10, typical errors may occur. The reasons for the activator failure are of a different nature, but the solution to eliminate them is quite simple. The main thing is to know, what do the activation errors issued by the system mean in Windows 10, to be able to eliminate them correctly.

Each error has its own unique code of the same name, which is displayed together with the message in the window when the activation process is interrupted. After deciphering it, you can remove the error yourself, and continue the interrupted activation of the system. Below we will look at the list of errors by codes and suggest methods to eliminate them.

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What to do if the computer does not turn off via windows 10 start

The Windows 10 computer does not turn off

Admit, the device works without errors, but at the same time it does not react in any way to the shutdown attempt, or the computer does not turn off completely. This not too frequent problem surprises and stupefies those, who has never encountered it. In fact, its causes may be different:

  • problems with hardware drivers - if separate parts of the computer continue to work when disconnected, eg, hard drive or video card, that thing, most likely, in the drivers. Maybe, have you updated them recently, and the upgrade was installed with an error, or else, in front of, the device needs a similar update. Anyway, the failure occurs precisely in the management of the device, which simply does not accept the shutdown command,
  • not all processes stop working - the computer is not allowed to shut down running programs. At the same time, you will receive an appropriate notification and will almost always be able to close these programs without difficulty,
  • system update error - Windows 10 is still being actively improved by developers. In the fall of 2021, a major update was released at all, affecting almost everything in this operating system. No wonder, that mistakes may be made in one of these updates. If the shutdown problems started after the system update, that’s either the case in the errors of the update itself, or in problems, which occurred during installation,
  • power supply errors - if the equipment continues to receive power, it continues to function. Such failures are usually accompanied by the operation of the cooling system with the PC already turned off. Besides, the power supply can be configured in this way, that the computer will turn on on its own,
  • incorrectly configured BIOS - due to configuration errors, you may encounter a variety of problems, including incorrect shutdown of the computer. That is why inexperienced users are not recommended to change any parameters in the BIOS or in its more modern counterpart UEFI.
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How to reset, restore or reinstall the Edge browser in Windows 10

In the Windows 10 operating system, the Microsoft Edge browser is installed by default, in the work of which problems and malfunctions may occur. Therefore, users are faced with the need to reinstall Edge to solve problems with the browser.

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Windows Activator. How to activate windows 10 by phone

Activating the Windows 10 operating system by phone today has become one of the most practical methods for the vast majority of users, because almost anyone can handle it. Besides, it requires quite a bit of time.

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4 Ways to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

Has someone ignored your WhatsApp messages for several days? The most reliable way to find out the correct answer to the title question is to ask a person about, did he block your contact.

It’s hard to tell the difference between ignoring and blocking, because the developers purposefully made it difficult to determine, that the number is blacklisted, but they didn’t remove it. So turn on your smartphone or tablet, open the WhatsApp and follow these steps.

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