How to install a second Windows on a disk without data loss

In some cases, Windows OS alone may not be enough. For example, you downloaded a relatively old game, and it does not work on modern Windows 10 (and on Windows 8/7 it starts).

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How to remove Windows 10 from your computer completely!

A question from the user


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How to install and open the Microsoft Store App Store in Windows 10

Modern Windows 10 has a fairly convenient tool for searching, downloading and updating applications - Microsoft Store. In general, by default, it should work on most OS versions, however, sometimes there is simply no necessary icon on the taskbar!..

By the way, in some cases it is deleted accidentally when it is changed (or disposed of

Anyway, in this short note I will offer a ‘couple’ of ways how you can restore the Microsoft Store on your own.


On some versions of Windows OS, it is impossible to install Windows Store (for example, Enterprise LTSB is designed for organizations and is distinguished by its minimalism …). In this case, there are (in my opinion) two options:

  • or change the OS version (for example, to Windows 10 Pro),
  • or, at your own risk, use some ‘non-official’ additions (which you don’t know how they will behave …).


The content of the article

  • 1The restoration of the remote Windows Store (app Store)
    • 1.1Option 1
    • 1.2 Option 2 (via the console)
      • 1.2.1If there is an access error (insufficient permissions, etc.).
    • 1.3 Option 3 (via OS update)

Restoring a deleted Windows Store (app Store)


The very first thing I recommend is to check the START menu, the letter ‘M’. It often happens that there is a Store, but there is no icon on the taskbar (just hidden). See the screenshot below.

It is also worth using the search (the magnifying glass icon near the START button) - by typing in the line ‘Store…’ (tab ‘Applications’).

Search Store in Windows 10

If there is nothing similar to Store, go to option 1.


Option 1

To begin with, I want to consider the most ’sad’ case (when there is simply no Store in the system at all // for example, you have an assembly from ‘craftsmen’ …).

We will need the store’s files. They can be downloaded, for example, from the GitHub resource (here

After downloading the archive, you need to extract it, and run the file ‘Add-store.cmd’ on behalf of the administrator (to do this, just right-click on the file …).

Running on behalf of the admin

Then wait for the installation to complete.

Adding a store

A link to the Microsoft Store will appear in the START menu. Problem solved?!

Microsoft Store


Option 2 (via the console)

1) First you need to run the ‘Task Manager’ - to do this, hold down the keys. Ctrl Shift EscCtrl Alt Del

Next, click on the File/new task menu.:

  1. enter in the line’Open the command PowerShell,
  2. check the box ‘Create a task with administrator rights’,
  3. click OK. An example is shown in the screenshot below.

File - start a new task - PowerShell

2) The PowerShell shell should open. Copy the following command into the window PowerShell(Ctrl C / Ctrl V)and press Enter.

Get-Appxpackage -Allusers


3) After that, a lot of new lines will appear and flash by. To find the one we need, right-click on the top line of the window and open the search box.


4) You need to search for the string ‘windowsstore’ (of course, without quotes - see the screenshot below).


5) Now you need to opposite the ‘PackageFamilyName’ parameter (see the example below)copy the line (in my case it is:Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe).


6) And finally, you need to correct the line below for yourself (it is convenient to copy it to notepad and change it): pay attention to the brown part of the string - it needs to be replaced with its own string, which we copied in the previous step.

Add-AppxPackage -register ‘C:Program FilesWindowsAppsMicrosoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbweAppxManifest.xml’ -DisableDevelopmentMode

Run the


After that, you need to add the final version to PowerShell and press Enter. As a rule, the store will be reinstalled after a few seconds.

If there is an access error (insufficient permissions, etc.).

1) Go to the directory ‘C:Program Files’ and open the properties of the WindowsApps folder.

After in the ‘Security’ tab, click on the ‘Additionally’. See the screenshot below.

Security - optional

2) In the tab’Permissions’ click on Extend (if administrator rights are required).


3) Then click on the change button of the folder owner (see the sample below).


4) Then open the tab’Optional’.


5) Now click on the ‘Search’, in the search results, select your account and click OK.


6) After you notice that the owner of the folder has been changed - just confirm it by clicking OK.


7) Of course, all operations in the PowerShell console (after changing the rights) will need to be repeated…


Option 3 (via OS update)

If the above method did not help, then updating Windows can be a very effective solution. Moreover, it is best to do this with the help of a special tool (download link)from Microsoft itself.

After running this tool, you can choose that you want to update this computer now. Next, this utility will download all the necessary files and update Windows with the preservation of your documents, pictures, etc.*

* Note: despite the fact that this method of updating is considered safe - I would recommend treating it as a reinstallation of the OS. That is, first make a backup copy of all important documents and files…

Update this computer now


Additions on the subject of the note are welcome…

Have a good job!

First publication: 16.08.2019

Adjustment: 21.07.2021

Useful software:

  • Video Editing
  • Excellent software for creating your first videos (all actions follow the steps!).
    Even a beginner will make a video!

  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from ‘garbage’ (removes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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How to remove the search bar in Windows 10, otherwise it takes up half of the taskbar

Not so long ago, a friend, incidentally, complained to me that she had no space on her laptop under the desktop (i.e. on the taskbar

Of course, just through the Windows 10 interface, this line could not be disabled and I had to ‘climb’ into the registry…

In general, this is how this little note was born (suddenly someone will encounter this too?..).

And so…


How can I disable the search bar in Windows 10

As for laptops (and indeed, devices with a small screen) I would suggest not only removing the search bar, but also making the taskbar slightly smaller in height (see the example below

Was - became (small icons)

This is done fairly quickly and easily:

  • you need to press the button combination. Win i
  • then go to the section’Personalization/Taskbar’,
  • and enable the option ‘Use small buttons…’. See the example below.

Windows 10 settings

Actually, right after that - the height of the taskbar will decrease, and instead of the search bar, a small magnifying glass icon will be displayed …


If everything is fine with your Windows 10 OS (i.e. there are no problems with the OS interface and Explorer) - then you can change the display of the search bar in two counts!

From the search bar, we make an icon

It is enough to right-click on ‘this’ line, then in the menu that appears in the tab’Search’ select the option to display it: ‘hidden’ or ’show the search icon’.

Show the search icon

Whoo-a-la! The problem will be solved!


Judging by the reviews, not all users like the START (and the interface itself) in Windows 10. You can ‘kill’ two birds with one stone through a special application - it will not only remove the search bar, but also return the old START menu (which was in Windows 7) to the new OS.

In more detail about this application, I already had a note on my blog earlier, I give a link to it below.

How in Windows 10 to return the START menu that was in Windows 7

Another design option…


This method can help out if you have certain ‘problems’ with the Windows 10 interface (it doesn’t always work, for example, to go into its parameters …).

5 ways to open the registry editor (in any Windows!), even if it is blocked

In this case, open registry


It has the parameter Searchboxtaskbarmode (it is responsible for displaying the line on the taskbar). It needs to be changed…

SearchboxTaskbarMode - parameters in the registry

Double-clicking on this parameter opens an editor where you can change the value:

  1. on ‘0′ - the search string will be hidden,
  2. on ‘1′ - the magnifier icon will be displayed instead of the line,
  3. on ‘2′ - the search bar will be displayed.

Changing the value of the


After changing the SearchboxTaskbarMode parameter, the computer must be restarted. Otherwise, as an option, you can open the task manager (Ctrl Alt Del) and restart explorer

Restarting Explorer (task manager)

Problem solved?!


If you disable the search bar, then it is logical to disable file indexing as well (so that the system does not load the disk in vain and does not slow down the speed of your work).

To do this, just go to ‘My Computer’, open the properties of the Windows system disk and uncheck the indexing permission (see the screenshot below

Properties of the Windows 10 system disk


That’s all for now.Additions are welcome!

Good luck!

Useful software:

  • Video Editing
  • Excellent software for creating your first videos (all actions follow the steps!).
    Even a beginner will make a video!

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  • A program for cleaning Windows from ‘garbage’ (removes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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