How to get verified on Twitter [October 2020]

Twitter is one of the easiest ways to connect with other people, brands and organizations. To help expand your audience, you can verify your Twitter account. This will help you gain trust as a digital brand, or at least let others know that you are a real person.

Here are some more tips and reminders to help the process. This can help your Twitter account have a higher confirmation score.

Recommended safety measures

In addition to the information you provide for verification, you also need to keep an eye on the security details. A hacked account is unlikely to be verified. Twitter information pages offer the following:

  • Enable login verification so that a second security check is required before logging in.
  • Leave the automatic registration functions enabled for confirmation.
  • Be picky about choosing third-party apps that are allowed access to your Twitter.
  • Protect the email associated with your account.

When does Twitter ask for more information?

Twitter may request additional information to verify your account. It’s best to provide Twitter with any additional information they request if the need arises. You will have a better chance of being verified on Twitter if you comply.

When you decide to verify your Twitter account, you must log in to the account requesting verification. Then you will need to fill out a confirmation request form. After sending the request, you will receive an email from Twitter.

What will make me lose my confirmed status?

Currently, some actions on the site may deprive you of the right to check. Before proceeding, it is important to write this down.

  • Intentionally misleading other participants by changing names, biographies or images that do not reflect your identity.
  • Violence, dangerous behavior, self-harm, harassment, or hate speech.
  • Inappropriate images.
  • Participation in actions that violate the terms and conditions.

Checking Twitter in 2020

Since the first publication of this post, there have been many changes in the social media credentials policy. False information and phishing attacks have forced Twitter and other companies to tighten restrictions on account verification.

Check more often, because since the beginning of 2020, Twitter has temporarily suspended the verification process. Thus, completely new checks have been suspended.

If you want to try checking, just visit the Twitter Account confirmation webpage to start the process.

In some cases, it may be more difficult for YouTube creators to maintain their current verification status on their host platform. This may affect their linked Twitter accounts. It is important that the updated version of Twitter verification policies is maintained or easily accessible. Contact him often.

What should I do if my first verification attempt fails?

You can request another Twitter verification for the same account 30 days after your first request is rejected. Twitter may ask you to edit certain parts of your Twitter profile, or they may need additional information.

Follow Twitter’s instructions to bring your Twitter account up to verification standards. Then resend the confirmation request on Twitter.

That’s all. Now you can go ahead and verify your Twitter account. Just follow the recommended steps we outlined and cross your fingers.

In case of refusal in the new verification policy

Has your previously approved confirmation been rejected? Verification policies are changing. These are the rules for re-filing. If your verification status has been changed, you may have to contact Twitter Customer support to get re-approval. Contact the Twitter Help Center to find out how you can contact someone from the administration for help. Always return to the Twitter Help Center if the policy is updated.

How do I check my Periscope account?

If you have a verified Twitter account, the corresponding Periscope account will also receive confirmation automatically.

Why isn’t Twitter checking accounts in 2020?

Although there are no updates on the current suspension of verification, Twitter announced the same suspension in 2018. The reason, as stated, was that the blue checkmark was losing its value and exclusivity.

Do I need a verified account?

While this won’t prevent you from using any of the app’s features or creating an audience, a verified Twitter account tells your followers that you are legitimate. If possible, at this time, for unverified accounts, try adding @thereal before the Twitter handle.

If you have a trademark or someone impersonates you on Twitter, you can still send a report to the company. Visit the Twitter help page and choose one of the topics on which you need help. If someone tries to steal your identity on the platform or tries to imitate your brand, Twitter will delete the account if you provide enough information.