How to report a YouTube channel

YouTube has turned from its humble beginnings into a site for casual videos into a content colossus: more than 7 billion videos online as of 2017. With 1.3 billion users, YouTube is one of the largest online communities in the world. With so many people and so much content, it’s no wonder there are ‘bad apples’ in the barrel. YouTube has created a robust system of rules and guidelines for both content and behavior on the site, but it is impossible for the company to enforce each rule without significant cooperation and assistance from the user community.

If you’ve ever found an inappropriate channel that violated YouTube’s rules, you’ve probably wondered how you can help remove unwanted content from the site. In this article I will show you how to do it. I’ll show you how to report inappropriate channels and videos.

YouTube rules

YouTube content is provided and uploaded by registered users. In order to maintain order and prevent chaos, YouTube has maintained a strict content policy from the very beginning. The guidelines have evolved over the years, and the current version prohibits the following:

  1. Nudity and sexual content
  2. Harmful and dangerous content
  3. Hateful content
  4. Violence and graphic content
  5. Harassment and cyberbullying
  6. Fraud, misleading data and spam
  7. Threats
  8. Copyright infringement
  9. Violation of confidentiality
  10. Presenting himself as someone else (impersonation)
  11. Compromise on the safety of children and minors
  12. Additional rules (vulgar language, inactive accounts, encouragement of TOS violations, violation of age requirements)

The guidelines are a bit vague to give YouTube some freedom when deciding what content to allow on the platform. You can see the full list here,

How to report a YouTube channel

If you find a channel that regularly uploads inappropriate content, report it and help YouTube remain a safe place for all its users. Reporting a channel can have unpleasant consequences for the owner of the offending channel, but the safety and integrity of the community must come first.

The channel message is only possible through your computer. In the mobile app, the video message is the only solution, but more on that later.

Here’s how you can report a channel that has crossed the line the steps are the same for computers running Windows, Mac and Linux.

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and go to ,
  2. Make sure you are logged in.
  3. Find the channel you want to report on YouTube.
  4. Once you find it in the search results, click on it. You can also just click on the channel name under one of its videos.
  5. Click on the ‘…’ tab. You will find it under the cover of the channel.
  6. Click on the gray ‘Report’ icon in the form of a flag. It is located below the channel statistics.
  7. When the menu expands, click ‘Report User’ at the bottom of the menu.
  8. Specify the reason why you are reporting the video.
  9. Click the ‘Report’ button.
  10. Provide additional information in response to the request.
  11. Click ‘Report’.

Be vigilant

YouTube effectively filters out inappropriate content, but users themselves have to follow the other. Stay safe and help secure the largest website for others.

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