Unusual ways to use an Android phone and tablet

Most owners of Android devices use them as standard: for calls and messages, including in messengers, like a camera, to view websites and videos, and as an appendage to social networks. However, That’s not all, what your smartphone or tablet is capable of.

In this review, there are several unusual (at least for novice users) scenarios for using an Android device. Possible, among them will be the, what will be useful for you.

What can an Android device do from that, what you didn’t know

I’ll start with the simplest and less ’secret’ options (which many, but not for everyone, are known) and will continue with more specific applications of phones and tablets.

Here is a list of that, what can you do with your android, but, quite likely, don’t do:

  1. Watching TV on Android is something, what many people use, and, at the same time, many people do not realize about this possibility. And it can be very convenient. 
  2. Transfer an image from Android to a TV via Wi-Fi - sometimes it can be useful. Most smartphones and almost all modern TVs with Wi-Fi support wireless broadcasting.
  3. To use the phone as a remote control for TV - fewer people already know about it. And such an opportunity exists for most modern TVs with Wi-Fi and other ways of connecting to the network. No IR receiver required: downloaded the remote control application, connected, we started using it without searching for the original remote control.
  4. Android phone as a webcam for a computer
  5. Use Android as a remote control for a Windows computer or laptop, Mac OS or Linux
  6. Turn an Android smartphone into a car DVR
  7. Download the entire Wikipedia to your Android phone and read it offline - suddenly it will come in handy?
  8. Search for friends and relatives on the map
  9. Tracking the child’s location using parental control functions is an opportunity, I think, also known to many, but it’s worth reminding.
  10. Connect your smartphone to a Windows 10 computer or laptop using the Your Phone app and have access to photos, calls, the message and the screen from the computer.
  11. To make an IP camera out of Android - there is an unnecessary phone, has it been gathering dust in a drawer for a long time? Use it as a surveillance camera, it’s quite simple to set up and works properly.
  12. Use Android as a graphic tablet for drawing on a computer or laptop, including using a pen and taking into account the force of pressing.
  13. To make an Android tablet a second monitor for a computer - at the same time, we are not talking about the usual broadcast of an image from the screen, namely, use as a second monitor, which is visible in the Windows system, Mac OS or Linux with all possible parameters (for example, to display different content on two monitors).
  14. Manage Android from a computer and vice versa - manage a computer from Android. There are many tools for this purpose, with different features: from simple file transfer to sending SMS and communicating in messengers via phone from a computer. Several options are described on the specified links.
  15. Distribute Internet over Wi-Fi from your phone to laptops, tablets and other devices.
  16. Create a bootable USB flash drive for your computer right on your phone.
  17. Use Android as a gamepad, a mouse or keyboard for a computer - for example, for games or for managing PowerPoint presentations.
  18. Some smartphone models can be used as a computer, by connecting to the monitor. For example, this is how it looks on Samsung Dex.

It seems, That is all, what I wrote on the site and what I managed to remember. Can you suggest additional interesting use cases? I will be glad to read about them in the comments.