How to collapse a game, an application (so that a slave appears. table) // And what to do if the window does not collapse…

A question from the user


Please advise how to minimize the game if the keyboard shortcuts Alt Tab, Win Tab, Win - do not work. I press them, the screen is on sec. flashes, and nothing appears (and the buttons stop working in the game).

Maybe there is some other way?


It’s over, it’s a pity that the author did not specify a specific game, Windows OS version, and the characteristics of his PC (because this may change the ‘picture’ of the reasons). Therefore, I decided that I would answer a similar question in a blog more broadly (I will give a universal approach, so to speak). I think that one of the options (suggested by me below) should suit him too!



The content of the article

  • 1powers
    • 1.1Option 1: minimize the current window
    • 1.2Option 2: minimize all open windows
    • 1.3 Option 3: Launch the game (application) in windowed mode
    • 1.4 Option 4: What can be done if the other methods did not work


To begin with, the simplest and most banal way: if after launching the game (application) - you can see the taskbar (right side, tray, where the clock is) - try clicking the left mouse button (LMB) on the ’strip’ in the corner.

After that, all open windows should automatically collapse!

Press LMB


Option 1: minimize the current window

These combinations and keys will allow you to minimize the window of a specific running game (program). In rare cases, the application may not react in any way (or even freeze). In this case, see the following options.

  1. Method 1: Press the key once. WIN
  2. Method 2: Press the keyboard shortcut. WIN TAB
  3. Method 3: combination of ALT TABCTRL TAB
  4. Method 4: combination of ALT Enter
  5. Method 5: Also try the F10, F11 keys. F1

Keyboard - the Win and Tab key

There is another keyboard shortcut that (usually) only works not for fullscreen applications (although this is also relevant for some older games). It’s about Alt Space (Space).

Immediately after that, the system menu will appear in the upper left corner, in which the item’Collapse’.

Note: you can also try the combination. Alt Space C

Alt Space bar!

Alt Space bar - system menu (collapse)


Option 2: minimize all open windows

  1. Method 1: combination of Win MWin Shift M
  2. Method 2: combination of Win D

Win M is a combination of

By the way, as I said above, you can minimize all windows by clicking the LMB in the lower right corner (to the right of the clock).

Press LMB


Option 3: Launch the game (application) in windowed mode

If the previous one didn’t help, pay attention to the game settings (in particular, the graphics settings where the resolution is set) - interested in the possibility of launching it in window mode.

If there is such a mode, try activating it and restarting the application. Probably, in this case you will ’see’ not only the game window, but also the taskbar (which means you can minimize the window without any problems // of course, you can try option 1/2 again).

Windowed mode - screenshot of the WOW game settings


Option 4: What can be done if the other methods did not work

  1. Ctrl Alt Del


Additions to the topic are welcome!

Good luck to all!

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