How to put a degree [Microsoft Word]

When making various calculations in Word, it is often necessary to use a degree (or superscript text). In general, Word has different options for how to solve this problem - in the article below I will give some of the most convenient of them.

Note: the material is relevant for modern versions of Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 (possibly 2007. All that is below - there may be ‘deviations’).


Ways to set the degree

Method 1

The most obvious and easiest way is to use the spec. the ‘X2′ icon, which is present in the ‘Home’ section (next to the font selection).

For example, there is a number ‘23′ and you need to put a degree of ‘2′ to it (see the screenshot below). Just add the desired number (which you want to make a degree)¬†go to the number and highlight it, and then click on the icon with ‘X2′.

Select the character(s) that will be the degree and click X

As a result, we have the number ‘23′ in the second degree. The problem is solved.

The task is completed

Method 2

If you can’t find the desired ‘X2′ icon on the panels (or it doesn’t work for you somehow…), then you can use a combination of buttons. Ctrl D

Degree using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl D

After pressing CTRL D- you should see a window in which you can choose the spelling of the text: ’superscript’ (check the box opposite this item and click OK).


Next, you will be able to write the degree (all the text / numbers that you will type will be written above the number, see the screenshot below).

To exit the superscript text mode, press Ctrl D again and uncheck the ‘Superscript’ item.

To write in normal mode again

Method 3

You can also write a degree using formulas (note: Word has a good formula editor with which you can create quite complex constructions with fractions, integrals, degrees, etc.).

I’ll show you an example of one of the options. And so, open the section’Insert ‘and click on the item’Equation’(subsection’Characters’).

Insert - equation

Next, choose one of the formulas that suit you (I took the most common option: a number with a degree).

Select the desired formula

After that, a small window with a formula will appear on the page, in which there will be special fields for both the number itself (text) and its degree (superscript text). In general, everything is quite simple.

The required formula is filled in


That’s all for now. Additions are welcome…

Good luck!

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