How to split a disk in Windows 8 without using additional programs

There are many programs for Windows, allowing you to split the hard drive, but not everyone knows, that these programs are not particularly needed - you can split the disk into partitions with the built-in Windows 8 tools, namely, with the help of a system utility for disk management, what we will talk about in this manual.

Using disk management in Windows 8, you can resize partitions, create, delete and format sections, and also assign letters to various logical disks, and all this without downloading any additional software.

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How to start disk management

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to start typing the word partition on the Windows 8 home screen, in the ‘Options’ section you will see a link to ‘Creating and Formatting Hard Disk partitions’, we launch it.

Way, consisting of more steps - go to the Control Panel, then - Administration, Computer management and, finally, Disk management.

And another way to start disk management is to press the Win R buttons and enter ‘Execute the ‘commanddiskmgmt.msc

The result of any of these actions will be the launch of the disk management utility, with which we can, if necessary, to split a disk in Windows 8 without using any other paid or free programs. In the program you will see two panels, above and below. The first of them displays all logical partitions of disks, the bottom one graphically shows the partitions on each of the physical storage devices on your computer.

How to split a disk into two or more in Windows 8 - example


In order to, to split the disk (your data is not deleted), right-click on the section, from which you want to allocate space for a new partition and select ‘Compress Volume…’. After analyzing the disk, the utility will show you, what space can be freed up in the ‘Compressible space size’ field.

Specify the size of the new partition

If you are manipulating the system disk with, then I recommend reducing the figure proposed by the system, so that there is enough space on the system hard disk after creating a new partition (I recommend leaving 30-50 gigabytes. Generally, frankly, I do not recommend splitting hard drives into logical partitions).

After that, how do you press the ‘Compress’ button, you will have to wait a while and you will see in Disk Management, that the hard disk has been partitioned and a new partition has appeared on it with the status ‘Not distributed’

So, we managed to break the disk, the last step left is to do so, so that Windows 8 can see it and the new logical disk can be used.

To do this:

  1. Right-click on the unallocated section
  2. In the menu, select ‘Create a Simple Volume’, the wizard for creating a simple volume
  3. will start.

  4. Specify the desired volume partition (maximum, unless you plan to create multiple logical disks)
  5. Assign the desired drive letter
  6. Specify the label of the volume and in which file system it should be formatted, for example, NTFS.
  7. Click ‘Done’

Done! We were able to split the disk in Windows 8.

That’s all, after formatting, the new volume is automatically mounted in the system: thus, we managed to split the disk in Windows 8, using only standard operating system tools. Nothing complicated, agree.