Error when launching the application esrv.exe - how to fix it?

One of the common mistakes after updating Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 or hardware upgrade - a message about, that an error occurred when launching the application esrv.exe with the code 0xc0000142 (you can also find the code 0xc0000135).

This instruction details about, what is this application and how to fix errors esrv.exe in two different ways in Windows. If the error is caused by another program, then about it here: How to fix error 0xc0000142 when launching the application.

Fixing an error when launching the application esrv.exe

To begin with , about, what is it esrv.exe . This application is part of Intel SUR (System Usage Report) services, which are installed together with Intel Driver utilities sometimes they are pre-installed on a company computer or laptop).

File esrv.exe located in C:Program FilesIntelSURQUEENCREEK

There are two ways to fix the error: delete the specified utilities (the services will also be deleted) or only disable the services, using esrv.exe for work. In the first version, after restarting the computer, you can reinstall Intel Driver most likely, the services will work again without errors.

Removing programs, causing a startup error esrv.exe

The steps when using the first method will look like this:

  1. Go to the Control Panel (in Windows 10, you can use the Taskbar search for this).
  2. Open ‘Programs and Components’ and find install Intel Driver in the list of installed programs
  3. If the Intel Computing Improvement Program is also present in the list, delete it too.
  4. Restart your computer.

After that errors esrv.exe it shouldn’t be. If necessary, you can reinstall the remote utility, with a high probability, after reinstalling it, it will work without errors.

Disabling services, using esrv.exe

The second method involves disabling services, which are used for work esrv.exe . The procedure in this case will be as follows:

  1. Press the Win R keys on the keyboard, enter services.msc
  2. Find the Intel System Usage Report Service in the list, double-click on it. 
  3. If the service is running, click ‘Stop’, and then change the startup type to ‘Disabled’ and click ‘Ok’.
  4. Repeat the same for Intel SUR QC Software Asset Manager and User Energy Server Service queencreek.

After the changes have been made, an error message when launching the application esrv.exe you shouldn’t be bothered.

I hope, the instruction was helpful. If something doesn’t work right, as expected, ask questions in the comments, I will try to help.