7 Main Features We Want to See in the Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch has been a huge success for Apple. It is currently the most popular watch in the world. Until now, Apple has released a new Apple Watch model every year since its initial introduction. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are waiting for a new one very soon.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is ready to replace the current Apple Watch Series 6 in the coming months, but how can Apple improve what is already almost perfect? So here are the seven main features we’d like to see in the Apple Watch Series 7.

1. New design

The Apple Watch already looks great, but the design has basically remained the same since their initial release in 2015. Of course, the screen has become a little bigger and the faceplates have shrunk, but it’s still the same old square-shaped smartwatch that everyone is familiar with. Therefore, we believe that the next iteration of the Apple Watch should radically change the design.

We’re sure a lot of people would like to see a round Apple Watch, but that seems unlikely given how watchOS need to be redesigned to fit the screen. However, a flat design similar to the iPhone 12 or iPad Pro would also be good for a change. Apple Watch Series 7 should look fresh so that they can be sold like hot cakes.

2. More storage space and RAM

Apple hasn’t changed anything in the last couple of years when it comes to storage. The Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 6 models have 32 GB of memory. Of course, smartwatches don’t need a ton of memory like a smartphone, but anyone who stores photos or music locally on an Apple Watch will surely appreciate the bump in this department.

RAM has not changed since the Apple Watch Series 4, and now is the time to upgrade. Apple can easily double the amount of RAM in the Apple Watch Series 7 to enable multitasking without slowing down. Nowadays, 1 GB of RAM is not enough even by smartwatch standards.

3. Quad-core processor

With the exception of the original Apple Watch, all other models used a dual-core processor for their work. So far, the processor has been on top, but we think it’s time for major changes in the processor department. Of course, the current Apple S6 chip in the Apple Watch Series 6 is good enough for the next few years, but instead of increasing the clock speed, we would like Apple to add more cores.

More cores will allow it to work exceptionally well, especially when you’re dealing with multiple apps on an Apple Watch. After all, who doesn’t need a faster and smoother Apple Watch?

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4. Apple Watch Series 7 must support 5G.

To be honest, the Apple Watch Series 7 is not. necessity.

Theoretically, a 5G connection can give you download speeds of up to 3.5Gbps under ideal conditions, but you shouldn’t expect anything close to that number in practical use cases. However, in real-world scenarios, you can still expect twice the 4G LTE connection speed. 5G support may be redundant, but it will certainly make the Apple Watch Series 7 the smartwatch of the future.

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5. Monitoring of blood glucose levels.

In the last few generations of the Apple Watch, Apple has introduced two new health-focused features: blood oxygen measurement and a dedicated ECG app. In particular, the measurement of oxygen in the blood proved to be very useful for the early detection of COVID-19 symptoms. This time we want Apple to shift its focus to monitoring blood glucose levels.

Millions of people around the world today suffer from diabetes, and a non-invasive way to measure blood glucose levels can change the rules of the game. At this point, you will usually have to prick your fingers and take blood for an accurate measurement. We hope that the Apple Watch Series 7 sensors will present a surface monitoring solution that does not require blood at all.

In addition to the blood glucose monitor, we would like to see a body temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 7 to eliminate the need for a thermometer to quickly check the temperature. In fact, it should be much easier to implement than a blood glucose monitor, but we’ll see how Apple plays it out.

6. Support Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6.

Did you know that the Apple Watch Series 6 doesn’t even support Wi-Fi 802.11ac? In the Wi-Fi department, it is seriously lacking, given that even the iPhone 11, which was released last year, supports Wi-Fi 6. Of course, Wi-Fi speed is not a top priority for smartwatches, but we want Apple to watch the Series 7 to support modern wireless standards.

Bluetooth 5.2 support is another feature we would like to see. This Bluetooth standard introduces support for LE (low-power) audio, which basically means high-quality audio at lower data rates.

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7. Better battery life

Battery life is one of the areas where smartwatches like the Apple Watch have a lot to improve. The current Apple Watch Series 6 is designed for 18 hours of mixed use, which is pretty decent for a device with a constantly on display. However, when connected to LTE, you get a maximum of 1.5 hours of talk time.

We believe that Apple can increase battery life by adding a slightly larger battery or by increasing the efficiency of the processor on which the Apple Watch runs. Ideally, we would like to see a 24-hour battery life of the Apple Watch Series 7 with a doubling of talk time compared to the previous generation.

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Apple Watch Series 7 should undergo major changes

Over the years, the Apple Watch has received gradual updates, but this time it’s time to see a noticeable update. A fresh new look is at the top of our list, followed by other hardware-related changes. If Apple manages to add at least half of the features listed here, the Apple Watch Series 7 will easily be worth the upgrade.