Microsoft releases album of holiday hits

Microsoft is releasing the only album you’ll need this holiday period: Microsoft Holiday Hits!

What are Microsoft’s holiday hits?

Microsoft Holiday Hits is ‘the largest selection of holiday songs EVER collected’.

At least, that would be the case if it were real. Microsoft’s official tweet revealing the fake album simultaneously inspired holiday hopes and dispelled them in an instant.


Reply All Records presents: Microsoft Holiday Hits. There is ALWAYS a large selection of festive songs. 🔈📺

Microsoft (@Microsoft) December 11, 2020.


Who wouldn’t want to hear such Microsoft classics as ‘Joy to the Word, spell check completed’ and ‘Please turn off the sound, merry gentlemen, are you talking too loud, we are trying to hold a meeting, are you yelling in the crowd?

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It also includes instant holiday hits such as ‘Windows Wonderland’, ‘Frosty, Windowsman’ and ‘The Most Wonderful Teams of the Year’, available on ‘four CDs or four long-play cassettes’.

Not forgetting about the chance to sound in 2021 to the classic tune of ‘Azure Lang Syne’.


Azure Lang Syne. I’m a dead man. I need it immediately.

Kristina Warren 🍑 (@film_girl) December 11, 2020


Of course, this is a fantastic holiday prank from Microsoft. But there is a small part of every Microsoft fan who would like it to be real, if only because of the ridiculous festive mood it will bring to any dining table or kitchen.

This isn’t the only way Microsoft is involved during the holiday period. Ugly Microsoft sweaters are one of the most coveted gifts for the holidays, which are constantly sold out in a matter of minutes.