5 tips to fix the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ error on iPhone and iPad (2021)

Mistake The ‘accessory may not be supported’ on the iPhone has been around for a long time. Most of us have come across this at some point. As the name suggests, the problem here is related to iPhone accessories. However, there are cases when this problem occurs unexpectedly, making you wonder what suddenly went wrong. If you encounter the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ error on your iPhone or iPad and are looking for a solution, this troubleshooting guide is what you need.

Fix the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ error on iPhone and iPad

So, what could be the reason that the warning ‘Accessory may not be supported’ constantly appears on the iPhone or iPad? As far as I can tell, based on my several encounters with the problem, it usually occurs due to a poorly functioning charger. Yes, you read it right! A fake or faulty charger is the main culprit of this error.

But what if there is no malfunction in your charger? Well, this is where the warning about unsupported accessories on iOS, as a rule, leads us to complete bewilderment. Fortunately, some reliable solutions often help fix pop-ups, so let’s talk about them without further ado!

Make sure your accessory is MFi certified

To fix the annoying ‘Accessory may not be supported’ error in iOS 14, first make sure your accessory is MFi certified (aka ‘Made for iPhone and iPad’). If your accessory is not MFi certified, there is a high probability that the problem is in it.

What if you’re dealing with a USB-C port on your iPad Pro or Air? Well, you have to make sure that the accessories are fully compatible with the iPad. The best way not to fall victim to fake accessories is to buy them only from well-known brands such as Anker and Belkin. Instead of looking for cheap fakes and endangering the device, it’s always better to buy certified chargers and avoid slow charging speeds and pop-ups of unsupported accessories.

So, make sure your charger is designed for iPhone and iPad to avoid charging problems.

Make sure the Lightning port is clean

Another thing to check right away is the purity of your iPhone’s Lightning port. You won’t believe it, but tiny particles of dust and pollen tend to get inside and clog the ports. And if you don’t clean the ports often, the accumulation of garbage can start to create problems. This may prevent the accessories from establishing a stable connection, which will lead to the error ‘The accessory may not be supported’.

So, don’t forget to clean the charging port. Toothpicks are very useful for cleaning the port and help get rid of guns that could clog the port. Be sure to carefully remove the accumulated garbage.

Toothpicks are less likely to damage the charging port. However, I would recommend you to use flat toothpicks with rounded tips as they have no sharpness. In addition, it would be nice to put a tiny piece of cotton wool on the tip of a toothpick to soften the cleaning process a little.

Make sure that the accessory is not damaged.

Damaged accessories are equally responsible for the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ issue that occurs on iOS devices. Therefore, make sure that your accessories are in good condition and take a close look at the connectors, as they play a vital role in establishing a stable connection.

Try charging your device with another accessory. If your device starts charging, the problem is related to an existing accessory, not the device itself. Now you can buy a new charger or use the workaround listed below to get rid of the popup.

Force restart your iPhone

If the warning ‘The accessory may not be supported’ still appears on your iPhone or iPad, force restart the device. It often solves common or different problems, so be sure to try.

  • On iPhone 8 or later and iPad with Face ID: Press and quickly release the volume up button. Then press and quickly release the volume down button. After that, hold the side button/power button until the screen turns black and you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • On iPhone 6s or earlier or iPad with Touch ID: Simultaneously hold the Home button and the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

After restarting the iOS/iPadOS device, plug in the charger to see if you have finally solved the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ error.

Update your iPhone/iPad

Although faulty or damaged accessories are the main culprits of the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ warning, software errors can also be the cause of the problem. It is noteworthy that some accessories may require the latest version of iOS. Therefore, update the software on your device to the latest version to fix the problem.

To do this, launch the Settings app on your iOS/ iPadOS device, go to General ->’Software update’. If any update is available, be sure to download and install it. Keep in mind that to update the software, your device must have about 50% battery charge.

Fixed the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ bug on iOS and iPadOS

I hope one of these tips will help you get rid of the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ error and see the charge of your iPhone as usual. As mentioned above, the problem usually occurs due to faulty accessories. However, in some rare cases, this may occur due to a clogged charging port. In addition, the cause of the problem may be software errors, given that in the past they have caused common problems such as rapid battery discharge, unexpected cellular data consumption and unstable Wi-Fi connection. That’s why it’s better to consider every aspect.

By the way, which of these solutions helped you fix the error of an unsupported accessory on your iOS device? Let us know in the comments section below.