10 Best Cases for Galaxy S10 that you can buy

Samsung has recently released a new line of Galaxy S10 smartphones, and they are damn good. The Galaxy S10 comes with a new perforated display, reverse wireless charging, triple rear cameras (including an ultra-wide lens), and also has plenty of features to boot. So, if you’ve just pre-ordered your Galaxy S10, chances are you’re looking for a glass protection case and an extensive display of your new smartphone, and if you’re worried about finding the best one to suit your needs, here are the 10 best Galaxy S10 cases you can buy:

1. Samsung LED back cover

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the Samsung world with your S10, you might want to consider a Samsung case for your phone, and luckily Samsung makes a whole bunch of cases for the Galaxy S10. The LED back cover we are showing here is especially good because it does much more than just protect your phone. LEDs are used on the back cover, which are light up when a notification arrivesuse custom icons

Moreover, the case uses a case design that provides full protection for your phone, as well as fabric material for additional grip. The case even uses sensor for setting the brightness of the LEDs depending on the amount of remaining battery charge

In addition to the LED back cover, you can also take advantage of the S-View flip cover ($59.99), which allows you to view notifications and interact with them even with the lid closed. There’s also a leather back cover ($49.99), a durable protective cover (not yet available for pre-order) and a silicone cover for those who like simplicity ($29.99).

. Buy Samsung LED Back Cover for Galaxy S10 ($54.99).

2. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case

If you want to take a swipe at your new S10, which doesn’t add much bulk to your gorgeous smartphone, but which will still protect it from clumsy handling, you’ll need the Spigen Liquid Air Armor. to consider. The case has a light frame so as not to increase the weight of your phone, as well as shock absorberit looks good, thanks to the minimal geometric pattern on the back, as well as the matte finishcompatible with wireless charging

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. Buy Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case for Galaxy S10 ($11.99).

3. Ringke Fusion Bumper Case

If you like bumper covers, then Ringke is definitely a brand you’ve heard of. The Ringke Fusion bumper case for Galaxy S10 is exactly what you imagine. The case has reliable fall protectionMatrix design with anti-stickingcompatible with wireless chargingraised lip design, so you can confidently put your phone face down.

. Buy Ringke Fusion Protective Case for Galaxy S10 ($12.99).

4. Otterbox Defender Series case

If you are looking for a case that will fully protect your phone with a thick and thin case, you should definitely use the Otterbox Defender Series case. The case comes with multiple levels of protection for your phone. The case has the inner cover is made of synthetic rubber, as well as the outer shell is made of polycarbonatebuilt-in holsterport covers that protect the phone ports from dust

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. Buy Otterbox Protective Case for Galaxy S10 ($59.95).

5. Incipio NGP Translucent case

Hey, remember the Pixel? or pixel 2? or pixel 3? I’m sure you like it, and if you like this two-tone back, you should check out the Incipio NGP translucent case for your new single-color Galaxy S10. It comes with the upper two-thirds, which is translucentadds a very stylish look to your phoneresistant to scratches and scratches

Alternatively, if you don’t really like the translucent Incipio case, you can also check out the Incipio Holden Slim case ($34.99).

. Buy Incipio Transparent Case for Galaxy S10 ($19.99).

6. UniqueMe Ultra-thin soft case

If you are just looking for something that will protect your phone from scratches without increasing the volume, then the ultra-thin UniqueMe case is perfect for you. This is an obvious case, so it will not interfere with the beautiful colors of your new phone, and although it is very thin and lightweight, it is made of TPUPerfect for Galaxy S1030-day warranty

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. Buy the Ultra-thin Soft Case of UniqueMe for Galaxy S10 ($9.99).

7. Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen makes some of the best smartphone cases in the world, and Slim Armor CS is no different. This case for Galaxy S10 comes with two levels of protection, including TPU interior for shock and shock absorptiona dedicated slot on the back that can hold two credit cards

. Buy Spigen Slim Armor CS for Galaxy S10 ($15.99).

8. J

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep your phone idle, but you’d still like to have extra protection when traveling or on the subway, maybe a holster will suit you best, and this J To close, the case uses magnetstwo additional pockets for cards

. Buy A Leather Holster J

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9. Poetic durable case with stand

I don’t quite understand how poetic this case is, but if you’re looking for a durable case that will protect your phone, no matter how bad you feel about it, it’s definitely worth checking out. This case will protect your Galaxy S10 from all sides, and even though it doesn’t come with a screen protector, it has a polycarbonate front case that will definitely keep your phone in good condition. The thing is,fully shockproofhigh-quality, durable polycarbonate, with TPU lining and bumpers

. Buy a strong, durable Poetic Case for Galaxy S10 ($16.95).

10. Caka Glitter Case

If you want to add some noise to your phone, a sequin case might be exactly what you’re looking for. The case of Caka Glitter for Galaxy S10 is made of soft TPU materialthe shine inside the case floats in white mineral oila bouquet of different colors, including pink, gold, blue, silver180-day warranty on the case

. Buy Caka Glitter Case for Galaxy S10 ($8.99).

Use these Galaxy S10 cases to protect your phone

This concludes the list of the best cases for Galaxy S10 that you can buy to protect your phone. No matter what kind of case you are looking for, be it a light case, a case with a pocket for your cards, or even something unusual, such as glitter, we have included all types of cases in this list. However, if you think we missed a good opportunity, you can let us know in the comments below.

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