How to restore contacts from your phone if it is lost or stolen

Good afternoon. How to restore accidentally deleted contacts on Android? I think, many people have, using phones on Android OS, there have been cases, when they accidentally deleted valuable information from the phone. Especially offensive, if it was unique photos from trips and numerous phone numbers. In this article, we will look at recovery methods using third-party programs, Google and restore with a backup.

A couple of times I also lost information from my smartphone. Well, that I have a habit of writing down the most important phone numbers in ordinary notebooks. Truth, then they have to be inserted into the ‘Contacts’. The more rooms there are, the more time it takes. And if there is no hard copy? This is much worse. In this case, you have to re-find out the numbers from the owners of the phones or resort to other solutions.

Is it possible to restore deleted contacts

Answer, definitely, positive.

Below we will discuss the most common and convenient ways. But please note in advance: a successful recovery is possible only in the case of, if the numbers disappeared no later than, than a few weeks ago.

But it will be possible to restore a long-deleted contact only with the use of paid and hard-to-access programs.

Overview of possible ways

The Android operating system has a built-in module, which allows you to restore contacts from the cloud, there are also specialized programs for Windows, with the help of which it will be possible to ‘return’ not only contacts, but also any other data. We will tell you about each method in detail, so that you have fewer questions when performing the described actions.

Here is a list of possible recovery methods:

  1. Recovery via phone settings
  2. Recovery by EaseUS Mobisaver for Android
  3. Recovery by Android Data Recovery
  4. Recovery by Super Backup Pro

It’s worth noting right away, that contacts can be restored not only in case of a phone glitch or unexpected formatting. Very often users reset the settings to factory settings, at the same time they forget, that contacts are also being deleted, because the phone completely returns to its original state with clean memory and standard applications.

How to restore contacts after a complete reset on Android 7, 8, 9

Updated, have you switched to a later version of the software? Or did you spend vypes because of incorrect operation of the device? In any of these situations, all information is most often erased, including the phone book.

Via Google account



Developer: Google LLC

Price: Free

This is the most common and effective option.the data is automatically saved in the emailGoogle Contact,

We run this program on the phone, we are going through authorization, if the system requires. Nextby moving to the right, we open the side menu ‘Settings’

The main screen of the application

Go to ‘Settings’

We go down to the point. ‘Managing contacts’‘Restore’

Item ‘Contact Management’

Selecting the recovery function

If you have multiple accounts, then we select one specific one and get into a new window. Pay attention to the graph called ‘Device backup’.

Account selection

Recovery partition

Click on a specific backup copy ‘Restore’Recovery takes place in the background

Selecting a backup

The recovery process

Via Viber


Viber messenger: free video calls and chat

Developer: Viber Media S.à r.l.

Price: Free

This messenger can easily create backups, so, it would seem, the recovery process should go smoothly. But pay attention to an important detail:backup is done only from text messages, but it does not affect the phone book in any way.

Have the contacts completely disappeared on the Android device? In that case, Viber won’t help.You can only restore the correspondence

  1. Opening the messenger, calling the sidebar, in which we click ‘Settings’‘Account’

    Go to the ‘Settings’ section

    Go to the ‘Account’ item

  2. We get to a new page, where are such sub-items located. ‘Backup’, ‘Computers and tablets’, ‘Change phone number’, ‘Disable account’.‘Restore’‘Restore now’

    Opening the sub-item ‘Backup’

    Start of recovery

    Consent to restoration

Copies will be saved to Google Drive by default, from where you can download them without any problems.

Using the EaseUS MobiSaver



EaseUS MobiSaver - Recover Video, Photo

Developer: EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Price: Free

There are a huge number of paid utilities, offering to recover lost information in a matter of minutes. Of course, they are coping with their task perfectly, butif you don’t want to spend money

This software restores not only phone contacts, but also video, Photo, text messages and even a call log.or a quick scan, or in-depth

Quick recognizes materials, deleted mostly about a week ago, and it does not always accurately find the necessary file. The expanded search succeeds many times,but it requires .this is a great free solution.

Restoring contacts with the EaseUS Mobisaver for Android


With this utility, you can restore not only contacts, but also any other data from the phone. Download the installation file from the official portal of the company (provided for free) and install on your computer. Attention! Interface in a foreign language, however, this does not complicate the process much.

To work with this software, you must have root rights on your phone. Also additionally enable the ‘For Developer’ mode, which is located in the ‘Settings’ item.

  1. Connect the device via USB, allow access (usually requested 2 times for different actions).
  2. Open the program on the desktop of your computer.
  3. Click the Start button in the utility window and wait, until the file search ends. The system automatically divides them into types.
  4. To quickly go to contacts, click the Contacts tab on the left side of the window. Select the necessary files or data and click Recover.

Restoring contacts without a backup

Agree, almost every user has had such an unpleasant situation, when the backup was not performed in time, and important information was erased from the device.

Via Google Contact (only for 30 days)

This option will only help if if you synced your contacts anyway.synchronization with servicesGooglepasses automatically

You can use the application for the procedure (link above), but we recommend the web version, since it is easier to use. Starting:

  1. Click on the link . On the main page we see a list of our numbers. If there was no synchronization –you will see just a white screen,

Google Contact home page

  1. If synchronization occurred, but you aredeleted subscribers manually - you can fix everything.‘More’

Opening the item for expanded settings ‘More’

  1. Now click ‘Undo changes’

Undo changes

  1. Then a small menu is displayed, in which the system asks you to specify a period of time, for which you need to cancel the changes that are taking place

We select and confirm. After some time, the contacts will be restored, which you will definitely be notified about.

Via Tenorshare Data Recovery (paid version only)

A very popular program,which easily restores most types of information regardless of the past tensea very useful and effective tool

  • Restoring deleted contacts in the phone
  • Restoring erasedSMS, images, video recordings, archives and documents,
  • Deep search for materials, which is99% ends successfully.

Of the advantages:

  • Relative to low price
  • Supportalmost all phones
  • Intuitive and easy interfaceSuperuser mode is not required.

The recovery procedure is as simple as possible:

  1. Enabling USB debugging on the mobile device
  2. Installing the program itself
  3. Connecting the phonefast, or deep mode
  4. The search begins, followed by can be observed in real timeContacts can easily be returned back to the phone book

Restoring the sql database of contacts (for experienced users)

Finally, a recovery method for advanced or… the most desperate users, who have lost contacts on Android.

You can get contacts from the contacts2.db database, which is stored among the system files. You can’t get access to the database just like that, to do this, you need a special file manager.

The sequence of actions

  1. We get Root access.
  2. Install Root Explorer, opening it.
  3. Copy the /data/data/android.providers.contacts/databases folder to the sd card (or to any folder in the phone’s memory, which has access without root).
  4. We connect the phone to the computer and copy the databases folder to the hard disk
  5. Download and install Firefox addon of SQLite manager.
  6. Open the contacts2.db (Database) file
  7. All information about contacts will be available in the Data tab.

This method is not always applicable due to file system limitations. If you are working with the current contacts2.db database, then there will be only fresh data. To restore the old database, you need to take a snapshot of the phone’s internal memory or use backup, made by the nandroid program.

In other words, the probability of restoring deleted contacts depends on, were you able to find the old version of the contacts2.db file or not.

How to restore deleted contacts on Android Samsung

Despite the wide range of Samsung smartphones,they are not distinguished by special functionsoccurs according to the standard scheme

Via Samsung Cloud

If you synchronize with such a cloud storage and regularly make backups -it will not be difficult to return the lost numbers.15 GBvideo, Photo, important notes, archives, documents, music

Moreover, you get access to your data at any time and from any gadget. Thereforewe recommend never neglecting the use of cloud services and always synchronize information.

Via computer

And now consider the standard option is to use a personal computer.

Yes, the program is not cheap, taking into account, that for the full version you will have to pay about 50 dollarsa reliable and very effective tool


dr.fone - Recovery


Price: Free

Next, the procedure is as simple as possible: turn on debugging, connecting a smartphone to a computer, we provide the utility with root rights(yes, this is a mandatory step)restores the necessary contacts

The main ways to restore phone numbers

1. Restore the backup.

Those of us, who has ever lost a phone and faced a data loss situation, regularly makes a backup copy of contacts. The numbers can be saved on a computer or on a virtual cloud.

If you’ve never done it, think about it, can, have the numbers you need saved on your last phone and can you just rewrite them?

2. Google search engine help

Many phone owners do not save numbers on the SIM card or in the phone’s memory card, and in the Google account. If you add contacts there regularly, then there will be no recovery problems.

3. Special recovery programs

Such programs are mainly designed for PC, but there are also programs for phones: mobile applications. The most popular program of all available is Data Doctor Recovery - SIM Card, which works to restore data from the sim card.

4. Contact specialists

Of course, specialists in the field of mobile phone repair will be able to restore lost contacts, but it will cost a lot of money. We recommend resorting to this method at the very last turn.

5. Call details using a mobile network operator

To do this, you can call the operator and request an SMS detailing calls for the past month or last week. You, of course, you will see just phone numbers, but that’s something.

How to restore contacts from a lost phone

Here, unfortunately, there are few options. If you have lost your phone or simply do not have access to it at the moment -go to your computer and view the synchronized contacts in the web version of the repository.

Recovery is also possible,in vCard format

Answers to popular questions

Is it possible to restore contacts on a broken phone?

If there is no way to restore the device, and important contacts are present on it – do not despair. There are several ways to solve this problem.The first situation: the numbers are stored on the SIM cardThe second situation: the phone book is located on an external medium.The third situation: contacts are listed in Google account.

How to restore contacts after Android update?

If you performed a backup before reinstalling, then on the new version, all data will be returned automatically. You only need to specify this when you first start the device after the update.

How to restore contacts from sql database?

This is not an easy procedure, and we recommend it only to experienced users. You will definitely need root rights, computer access and file manager (a good option would be ES Explorer
As you can see, it is quite possible to restore accidentally deleted contacts on Android devices

Recovery in the standard way (via Google Contacts)

The full version of the instructions for Google Contacts is available here.

Google Contacts - a convenient address book, it stores contacts from Gmail, Google Plus, Calendar, Disk, Android and other services. With the help of the service, it is convenient to manage all contacts: add, delete, search for duplicates, combine them.

The most valuable feature of Google Contacts is synchronization with mobile devices. As soon as you specify your Google account, contacts are imported to an android phone.

If the Android account is assigned to a Google account (in most cases it is), you will easily recover lost records. Even if you delete all the data on your phone, contacts will be available through the Google Contacts service.


How to restore contacts on Android, using the


  1. Log in to the Google Contacts website under your account.
  2. In the sidebar on the left, select Settings menuUndo changes

  3. In the window, select Its own version
  4. Set the recovery interval (you can choose any date until the address book items disappear from the phone).

  5. To apply the changes, click on the button. Confirm

As a result, all deleted contacts will be available on the service and, when syncing a Google account, will be added to the phone again.

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