TOP 12 best eye monitors according to customer reviews

What is a computer, today, even small children know. The whole family, anyway, spends a certain amount of time in front of the monitor, which means, important, so that it is safe for vision. Moreover, not only the preservation of vision depends on the quality of the monitor, but also comfort when working with the machine. Experts say: you will save on the screen - later lost vision and nerves, you can’t buy it for any money.

Philips 243V7QDSB

Opens the rating monitor with a diagonal of 23.8 inches, thin frames and with a matte anti-glare screen coating. The stand is made in the shape of an oval on a thick leg, without height adjustment. Like all rating models, equipped with technologies to protect the eyes from negative effects: dimming the flicker of the backlight (Flicker-Free), attenuation of blue radiation (Low Blue Light). Monitor on an 8-bit IPS matrix with wide viewing angles (178°). Brightness sufficient for a budget sample (250 cd/m2), as is the contrast ratio (1000:1). Thanks to the 76 Hz frame rate and fast response time (5 ms), it is suitable for gaming. It also provides a clear image without loops when watching movies. There are three connectors for connection: DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, as well as headphone output. Low power consumption – only 14 watts (in sleep mode - 0.5 watts). A wall mount is provided at the back. Wall mounting facilitates the integrated location of the power supply. This monitor is equipped with all the necessary functions to maintain eye health.


  1. Great design.
  2. Practically frameless.
  3. Good viewing angle.
  4. Simple settings.
  5. Bright colors.
  6. It doesn’t strain your eyes.
  7. Good image quality.
  8. Low price.


  1. There is no HDMI cable included.
  2. The leg is not quite stable, without height adjustment.

Philips 243V7QDSB monitor, although it costs only 7,500 rubles, equipped with everything necessary for everyday use in the office or at home for a long time thanks to protective technologies, neutralizing harmful effects on vision. It is suitable for working with documents, watching movies, computer games. The monitor produces a high-quality bright image. 92% of users are satisfied with the work of the model.

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Viewing angle

Which matrix is better for the monitor as a whole? Of course, that, which has good viewing angles. What are they? In order to understand, what is it about, it is recommended to look at the monitor from the side. For an ideal product, the picture will be visible from everywhere. A cheap unit will not be able to please with such convenience. The picture is faded, blurry and fuzzy. Which monitor matrix is better for the eyes? Of course, that, where you can view the image from any angle. In addition, when working with such a monitor, the eyes get tired much less.

Samsung C24F390FHI

Samsung C24F390FHI with curved screen (1800R) and matte finish, which has become the main ‘chip’ of the manufacturer. The 23.5” monitor produces a smooth image without glare. His leg is round, the housing can be tilted from 2 to 20°. In addition to the standard set of technologies, AMD FreeSync is also provided, providing a smoother image without overlapping frames and breaks. The Philips 243V7QDSB differs from the matrix type - VA, which gives a higher contrast (3000:1). Color rendering (NTSC) is 72%. Shorter response time – 4 ms. There are only two ports for connecting the signal (HDMI, VGA), but this is enough to connect to a laptop or computer. It has an external power supply, which some users find inconvenient. Less energy-efficient model (consumes 25 watts, in sleep mode - 0.3 W).


  1. The curved screen with a curvature of 1800R relieves eye strain by maintaining a constant distance when shifting the gaze from the center to the periphery.
  2. The VA panel with vertically oriented liquid crystals blocks reflection from external light sources by 45-50% more efficiently, than in the BenQ GW2480 or LG 24MK600M ISP panel. Distributes shades of black more evenly over the entire area of the monitor.
  3. The best-in-class contrast ratio is 3000:1.
  4. Reduced light leakage from the ends of the screen, the uniformity of the transmission of shades of black has been increased.
  5. Synchronization of the update frequency with the frame-by-frame frequency of the PC using AMD FreeSync technology. Reduced effects of overlapping frames or hanging in games.
  6. Elegant design - curved screen on a round stand.
  7. Proprietary eco-technology to save energy consumption by 10%. Automatic brightness adjustment of dark fragments of the screen.
  8. Flicker reduction technology Flicker Free. Eye protection mode.


  1. There is no adjustment of the angle of inclination and height.
  2. No built-in speakers, as in the BenQ GW2480.

The price of Samsung C24F390FHI is 8600 rubles. The monitor wins over analogues from this price segment in appearance – a stylish curved screen. This also solves the problem with corner lights, creates a deeper ‘immersion’ effect. The stand can adjust the tilt of the screen. Modern technologies protect the eyes from harmful effects, they help to reproduce a high-quality smooth image with good brightness and color reproduction.

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Monitor resolution

Traditionally , it turned out like this, that to use a computer, they often buy a monitor with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, however, a product with higher indicators is also found. Some ordinary people start to ‘dig’ too deep, asking sellers for brightness and contrast parameters, but in fact there is no significant difference, after all, each manufacturer carries out measurements of these properties using its own technology.

Before you buy a monitor, turn it with the back panel to yourself and check, what type of connector is built into the screen. DVI HDMI is considered modern, it is better in quality, the old equipment has the VGA type installed.


ASUS VP249HR is similar to Philips 243V7QDSB in almost all technical characteristics. Different refresh rate (75 Hz), and also a smaller number of connectors (HDMI, VGA). The main difference is the built-in columns with a power of 3 watts (2 by 1.5 watts). It has a large power consumption – 25 watts.


  1. Very bright image.
  2. Built-in speakers.
  3. The eyes don’t get tired at all.
  4. There are no lights on the edges of the screen.


  1. There is no HDMI cable included in the package.
  2. In some modes, half of the settings are not available.
  3. The speakers are very hoarse, there is no bass in them at all.

ASUS VP249HR for 9090 rubles is also a good monitor option for universal use. It reproduces a bright picture, the image is of sufficient high quality, easily connects to devices. All the necessary technologies for eye protection are provided. Truth, you can’t expect deep and loud sound from low-power speakers, but it is enough to watch movies or listen to audio.

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27′ monitor with glossy anti-glare coating on a rectangular stand with tilt adjustment. Unlike all the models described in the rating, it supports HDR 10. The model is equipped with the Brightness intelligence Plus system, which determines the indicators of external lighting and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display depending on it, color temperature. Matrix - VA with higher peak brightness (300 cd/m2), excellent contrast ratio (3000:1) and color gamut (sRGB - 100%). Response time is less, than in ASUS VP249HR (4 ms), which is noticeable in games. Standard number of connectors: 2 HDMI, VGA and headphone output. It differs in the absence of wall mounting and the external design of the power supply. It has even greater power consumption – 40 watts.


  1. Thin frames.
  2. Stable leg.
  3. Simple assembly.
  4. Excellent matrix.
  5. Quick response.
  6. Good color reproduction.
  7. A lot of settings and installations.
  8. Eye protection system.
  9. Headphone output.


  1. Weak built-in speakers.
  2. There is no wall mount.
  3. External power supply.
  4. Low functionality of the stand.

The BenQ EW277HDR costs 11900 rubles. A good choice for use at home and for professional work with graphics and video. Monitor Features - HDR support, the presence of an external light sensor, since automatic brightness adjustment of the display reduces visual load and improves image quality. 81% of users are satisfied with the monitor’s capabilities, although many people do not like the lack of adjustment of its height position.

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How to test the monitor at the purchase stage

Check, are the characteristics of the monitor suitable for you to work or view images, video, it should still be in the store. Information, stated in the passport is of course good, but the main thing is, to make the picture comfortable for the eyes. Ask the seller to turn on the screen and slightly move away from it, then get closer. Turn on the video, assuming dynamic scenes.

Do not rush to draw conclusions, clarity, is this type of product suitable or not, he’ll be here in a couple of minutes. Something does not suit – tell the seller, perhaps, he will select a different type of monitor, with better contrast, high brightness, color rendering. Voicing your criteria, speak clearly, what do you want to avoid, don’t be afraid to enlist the support of a professional, who will personally test the screen.

LG 29UM69G

A 29” monitor with thin frames on a corner stand. The manufacturer has implemented FreeSync technology for a smoother, smooth image, as well as Motion Blur Reduction to increase clarity in dynamic scenes. Despite the longer response time, than the BenQ EW277HDR (5 ms), in games and when watching movies, the image is as smooth as possible, without jerks. The IPS-matrix model has an average brightness (250 cd/m2) and contrast (1000:1), optimal color reproduction (99%). There is a headphone output, Three connectors: HDMI, DisplayPort, USB. The built-in speakers have much more power, than the models described in the rating – 10 watts. A model with the possibility of wall mounting.


  • price,
  • design,
  • image quality,
  • viewing angles,
  • 2 years full manufacturer’s warranty,
  • good sound of the built-in acoustics,
  • you can work with several open windows at once, large tables,
  • the connector is USB type C.


  • the stand is unstable, adjusts the position of the monitor only by the angle of inclination,
  • glossy case,
  • the refresh rate is 75 Hz,
  • image loop in dynamic scenes,
  • matrix highlights,
  • uneven screen illumination.

LG 29UM69G costs 16 thousand rubles. This is an attractive-looking and well-equipped monitor, providing a high-quality image, which is especially noticeable when watching videos and in games. Although in many characteristics the model is inferior to the BenQ EW277HDR. Built-in speakers give a normal sound.

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Numerous user complaints have pushed manufacturers to the need to study the new technology ‘monitor matrix type’, which is better and more productive than its predecessors.

The latest development is called IPS (In-Plane Switching). Hitachi produced a matrix of this type. What is its essential difference from TN? First of all, it is the transfer of color. No matter how much users love their huge monitors with a cathode ray tube, they conveyed the shades very accurately. And now there is an opportunity to enjoy bright and juicy colors again.

The viewing angles have also increased significantly compared to their predecessors.

The disadvantages of the technology is the change of black color to purple when viewed from the side. Also, the first models had a relatively low response time – 60 ms. There were a lot of complaints about low contrast. The black color seemed gray, which made typing difficult and almost impossible to work in applications, in which it was necessary to develop small details.

However, the manufacturers were aware of the shortcomings and after a while the S-IPS (Super IPS) technology saw the world, in which many flaws were eliminated. First of all, the novelty pleased gamers. The response time has decreased by almost five times, up to 16 ms. This value is great for solving the vast majority of everyday tasks.

The main manufacturers of IPS matrices - Hitachi, LG, Phillips, NEC.


Monitor 23.8” on a rectangular stand with height adjustment, tilt up to an angle of 90 ° with rotation to the portrait plane. Feature of the model - Overdrive technology, improves picture quality during fast game scenes. Has a large peak brightness, than LG 29UM69G - 300 cd/m2. 4 USB ports. This is a more energy-efficient model with a consumption of 20 watts (0.3 watts in sleep mode).


  1. High-quality assembly.
  2. Reliable adjustable stand.
  3. Excellent matrix.
  4. Uniform illumination.
  5. High-quality picture.
  6. Plays action scenes well.
  7. Excellent color reproduction.
  8. Additional USB ports.


  1. Small height adjustment range.
  2. No HDMI cable included.
  3. High price.

DELL P2418D costs 17,850 rubles. A good example of a monitor for watching movies, works with graphics and for computer games. Surpasses LG 29UM69G by the ability to adjust the screen position. In terms of image quality , it is almost similar to it, although manufacturers used different technologies, to achieve maximum smoothness of the image. 93% of buyers highly appreciated the capabilities of the monitor.

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The AOC C27G1 has a 27” screen with a curved design. Equipped with a round corner stand, adjustable in slope and height. Equipped with FreeSync to provide an eye-pleasing image with good frame synchronization. Matrix - VA with medium brightness (250 cd/m2) and high contrast (3000:1). It has a much higher frame refresh rate (144 Hz) and a shorter response time (4 ms). These characteristics make the monitor a godsend for gamers. Built-in speakers of 2 watts give out a medium-level sound.


  1. Beautiful design.
  2. Curved screen.
  3. Built-in power supply.
  4. Stable leg with height adjustment.
  5. A variety of ports to connect.
  6. Unobtrusive operation indicator.
  7. Smoothness of the frame change.
  8. Excellent brightness, contrast.
  9. A matrix with a fast response.


  1. The legs of the stand are large.
  2. There are flashes.
  3. Overpriced.

The price of AOC C27G1 is 18,500 rubles. The monitor has good characteristics and fast frame rate, what makes it stand out among its analogues. It reproduces a great smooth clear image, has no problems connecting to the signal source, since it is equipped with everything necessary.

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Iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-1

Monitor on a rectangular adjustable stand with higher resolution and IPS matrix. This provides higher peak brightness values (350 cd/m2), average contrast ratio (1000:1). It is inferior to the AOC C27G1 in response time (5 ms) and refresh rate (up to 75 Hz). Equipped with speakers and a large number of connectors: DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort, 2 USB.


  1. Very fine lines.
  2. A stand with position adjustment capabilities.
  3. Very high maximum brightness.
  4. Built-in speakers.


  1. Insufficient set of modes and technologies.
  2. Very high minimum brightness.
  3. Low sound quality.
  4. Black is not black enough.

Iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-1 costs 19350 rubles. The model is similar to AOC C27G1, surpasses it in brightness, but it is inferior in the clarity of the image. Reproduces an excellent picture with good brightness, natural color, but in games and when playing action scenes, it shows itself worse.

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Important characteristics of the monitor

To choose a good screen, necessary, first of all, pay attention to its characteristics, where the main parameter is the matrix type, on the basis of which the monitor is assembled. It is impossible to say, that one type of matrix is suitable for all types of work with a computer - it is worth evaluating each case individually.

Also ask the seller about such data:

  1. The diagonal of the screen – the bigger it is, the more comfortable it is to watch movies and play games. But in a small room, a bulky unit is unlikely to be installed – it will take up the entire desk and you will have to constantly move the screen, which is completely inconvenient. The screen is too small, on the contrary, will harm your eyesight, squint constantly, to see the details of the image, harmfully.
  2. Manufacturer - experienced manufacturers often overestimate the price of the device, making a big mark-up for the brand. Beginners, in turn, adequately assess the cost of the monitor, but you can get on a low-quality product, branded products in this sense are better and cause more trust.

HP EliteDisplay E273q

In most parameters, the model is similar to the Iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-1. It has a low frame rate (60 Hz), and instead of a DVI-D connector, it has VGA, what users are not satisfied with. This is a less energy efficient model, consuming 47 watts.


  • Good color reproduction.
  • There are no highlights on a black background (at least in my copy).
  • Convenient and reliable stand, convenient height adjustment.
  • Narrow frames on top and sides.
  • Sufficient illumination brightness.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Switchable operation indicator (if it bothers anyone).
  • Both the HDMI cord and DisplayPort are included, both are quite long enough (my system unit is not very close to the screen).


  • Framelessness is quite conditional, it’s still about 6 mm from the edge of the image to the outer edge, but this is almost all monitors of this type.
  • The crystal effect is still there, but it is true that it can only be seen from a very close distance with a strong desire, in general, not in working mode.

HP EliteDisplay E273q costs 23750 rubles, but in appearance and technical data, it does not differ much from cheaper models. It is inferior to AOC C27G1 in terms of smoothness of the image. Although the picture on it is of excellent quality with natural colors.

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What is necessary to minimize the negative impact

So, after that, how did you purchase a computer monitor, following all the recommendations listed above - its negative impact can be reduced even more. To do this, you need to set the screen at a certain distance.

Diagonal (in inches) Minimum distance (at least one meter from the eyes) The maximum distance (no more than a meter from the eyes)
26 1 2
30 1,2 2,3
34 1,3 2,6
42 1,6 3,2
47 1,8 3,6
50 1,9 3,8
55 2,1 3,9
60 2,3 4,6
65 2,5 5

Don’t sit too close to the monitor!

Viewsonic VX3211-4K-mhd

A larger diagonal monitor (31.5”) with high resolution (3840×2160) and support for HDR. A stand in the shape of a corner. Equipped with AMD FreeSync for smoothing frame changes. The feature is the ability to show data from different sources (picture in picture). It works on a VA matrix. Brightness (300 cd/m2) and contrast (3000:1) excellent. Color rendering (NTSC) - 95%. It has standard ports: headphone output, 2 HDMI, DisplayPort. Two built-in speakers with a total power of 5 watts. Power consumption is more than 50 watts.


  1. Beautiful view.
  2. Not a bad build.
  3. The backlight does not flicker.
  4. Permission.
  5. Quick response.
  6. Excellent color reproduction.
  7. Good functionality.
  8. There are enough ports.


  1. The sound quality of the speakers is mediocre.
  2. Inconvenient control in the menu.
  3. The stand takes up a lot of space, height is not adjustable.

The price of Viewsonic VX3211-4K-mhd is 24,500 rubles. The monitor is equipped with sufficient options to ensure high-quality images and eye protection during long-term operation. Surpasses HP EliteDisplay E273q in color rendering, brightness, but it is inferior to him in the functionality of the stand. 83% of buyers recommend it for purchase.

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MVA (PVA) of the matrix

A little later, a new matrix was introduced to the world, which took into account the numerous wishes of both gamers, so are office workers - MVA.

The only drawback of such monitors was the curvature of some shades. But the opponents of the TN matrix noted the color rendering as quite tolerable and suitable for most tasks.

Of course, not everything immediately became smooth and perfect. The first models were quite slow, even compared to TN-predecessors. Sometimes, with a quick change of frames, the user could notice a picture that was not replaceable for a few moments. This problem was solved somewhat later, when accelerated matrices of this type entered the market.

But such monitors have everything in order with contrast and viewing angles. Black is black, and the details are visible even in their smallest variations. No wonder, that professional designers choose MVA.

There is another kind of matrix of this type. Its name is PVA. It was developed by the Korean corporation Samsung. PVA is much faster and more contrasting.

It’s a pleasure to work on such a matrix, therefore, it has taken its rightful place in the niche for professionals.

Acer Nitro VG270UPbmiipx

A 27” monitor with an unregulated corner stand on an IPS matrix. It has the best color rendering, greater peak brightness, than Viewsonic VX3211-4K-mhd (350 cd/m2), but with a lower contrast (1000:1). The model has the best indicators of smooth frame change in the rating: the refresh rate is 144 Hz, the pixel response is 1 ms. Equipped with built-in speakers with a total power of 4 watts. It is characterized by energy efficiency, consumes 37 watts (0.35 watts - in sleep mode).


  • design,
  • price,
  • IPS matrix,
  • image quality,
  • resolution - from Full HD to 2K,
  • quick response,
  • refresh rate,
  • viewing angles,
  • a large margin of brightness.


  • matrix highlights,
  • the stand is unstable, not adjustable in height, it has a modest adjustment in the level of inclination,
  • loops in dynamic scenes,
  • the minimum brightness level is high,
  • sound quality.

Acer Nitro VG270UPbmiipx costs 29900 rubles. This is an ideal gaming monitor with excellent technical equipment, with high resolution and good color reproduction. Despite the simple appearance and unregulated stand, it can be recommended for purchase.

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Rating of the TOP 7 best monitors for eyes

Location Model Price
#1 Acer Nitro VG270Ubmiipx 27″
#2 Philips 242B9T 23.8″
#3 ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q 27″
#4 Aopen 24ML2Ybix 24″
#5 Acer Nitro VG270bmipx 27″
#7 Acer XR382CQKbmijqphuzx 37.5″

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