How to remove DirectX on Windows 10 from a computer completely

Windows Developer, Microsoft company, in the recommendations for setting up the system , it indicates that, what to uninstall DirectX, in principle, impossible. At least, with the help of standard functions.

However, the need to perform this task still arises for users. For example, when you need to replace the version of Direct X (with a new one or, on the contrary, the old one), perform a clean install (due to errors, file damage), etc. This article will tell you about, how to remove DirectX correctly from the OS, using various methods.

Solution #1: using third-party utilities

Directx Eradicator.

DirectX Killer.

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DirectX Happy Uninstall.


To remove DirectX 11 using this utility, follow these steps:

1. Download the installer on the off-site ( ): Click on the ‘Download Now’ button.

2. Install and run the software.

3. Go to the ‘Uninstall’ section of the vertical menu , and then in the next panel, click the button with the same name.

The utility can also perform other operations, related to Direct X:

  1. General
  2. Backup
  3. Restore
  4. Install

Checking the DirectX version on Windows 10

To check, required:

  • open the ‘Execute’ item by pressing Win R . In the window that opens, enter dxdiag
  • click ‘OK’, to make another window appear, which offers to check the digital signature of the installed drivers. It won’t be required, so you should tap ‘No’,
  • you can check the version here.

DirectX 12 is the latest prog for Windows 10. If you have this utility on Windows, there is no need to update it. If Directrix 11 or 10 works, we’ll have to update it.

It is very important to check the capabilities of the video card, can it support later releases. This can be done using two methods:

  • view the information in the documents or on the packaging of the equipment,
  • using specialized software.

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Solution #2: Windows update

This ‘recipe’ is especially effective in those cases, when you need to install the ‘older’ version of the system add-on. (That is, there is no urgent need to completely delete all multimedia libraries from the computer). During the update, the full DirectX package is installed into the system (including the latest changes and additions).

1. Open the Start system panel (left-click on the Windows icon).

2. Go to the ‘Control Panel’ section.

3. In the drop-down menu ‘View’ select the ‘Category’ mode.

4. Click on the name of the first block - ‘System and Security’.

5. In the Windows Update Center subsection, activate the Check for Updates option.

6. Wait for the system analysis to complete and check for available updates. And then click ‘Install now’.


7. Restart the PC.

How to completely remove Directx from a computer using DX Eradicator

There are different ways, allowing you to cope with the task. To begin with, consider the option using the above application.

This is the simplest software, allowing you to completely remove DX, the weight of which is only 200 kilobytes. But it can only handle up to the ninth version of Directrix.

  • Run the downloaded file, click ‘Yes’ in the window that appears.
  • The deletion will start. A notification should appear that, that the operation is completed.

The program does not interact with all editions of the library, so sometimes an error may come out.

Solution #3: rollback the system

Rolling back the operating system to the saved restore point is advisable to use in case of an unsuccessful DirectX installation or if the new version of the package (after the update) does not suit for some reason.

1. Click Start in the taskbar.

2. Type ‘System Restore’ in the search box.

3. Click on the utility with the same name in the ‘Programs’ list.

4. In the OS Recovery Wizard window, click Next.

5. In the list, select the most appropriate point to perform a rollback (right-click on it). Be guided by the date of its creation and description (after which operations it was created).


6. Click ‘Next’ again, and then in a new window - ‘Done’.

7. Confirm the start of recovery: click ‘Yes’.

After completing the procedure and restarting the OS, you will be able to start working on a PC (with the old DirectX).

How to remove DirectX on Windows 10 completely: preparation

If you decide to use drastic measures, then a little preparation is needed. To do this, it is good to create a system recovery option, so that everything can be returned, if something goes wrong. To do this:

  • make a right mouse click on the tab ‘My computer’, select ‘Properties’,
  • click ‘System Protection’,
  • go to the ‘Configure’ tab,
  • tap enabling OS protection.

After that, the recovery copy creation key is activated. You should click on it.

Loading the library

Next, download the necessary release of the package to replace the remote one. It is best to download from the official Microsoft resource.

Deactivation of protection

At the last stage, you need to deactivate the Internet and system security. The network connection should be disconnected in order to, so that the operating system does not automatically start installing the missing elements.

But the protection, included in advance, it is necessary to remove in order, so that the OS does not create another restore point and does not stop changing components.

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Useful tips for working with Direct X

1. During the installation of the package, a large number of temporary files are stored in the Temp folder. Be sure to clean it.

2. Update the graphics card and processor drivers. Sometimes this action helps to get DirectX working (without removing and reinstalling it).

3. To find out the version of the used Direct X, get acquainted with the information about the system, data about the components of the computer configuration, use the integrated DXIAG utility. To launch it, enter a name in the Start menu bar and press Enter. All the necessary information is on the tabs ‘System’ and ‘Screen’.

Let DirectX on your PC always work without failures and errors!

DirectX - what is it and why?

DirectX is a large set of functions, which are used when developing in the Microsoft Windows environment. Most often, these functions are used in the development of all kinds of games.

Accordingly, if the game was developed for a specific DirectX version, then the same version (or newer) must be installed on the computer, on which it will be launched. Usually, game developers, always included in the kit along with the game, the desired DirectX version. Sometimes, truth, there are overlays, and users have to manually search for the necessary versions and install them.

As a rule, a newer version of DirectX provides a better and better picture* (provided that the game and the video card support this version). I.e. if the game was developed for the 9th version of DirectX, and you will update the 9th version of DirectX to the 10th on your computer - you will not see the difference!

DX Happy Uninstall

A reliable and proven removal utility, after all, it is regularly updated and has excellent functionality. Different versions are installed for Windows x32 bit and x64 bit. That, what is needed, detected in automatic mode:

after launching, tabs will appear on the left side of the program. Using the second – ‘Backup’, you can make a backup of the libraries being liquidated. Don’t skip this step,

  • click ‘Start Backup’. After completion, go to the ‘Uninstall’ section,
  • registered users can use this feature. You can use the unofficial version, but it is better to do this only last.

Now you know, how to remove DirectX on Windows 10 completely. It is quite simple to do this, it is only necessary to follow the instructions clearly. Use only proven software.

How to determine the installed version

Standard, to the operating system, initially, specific modifications of have already been integrated. The most famous of them are:

In the window that appears, in the last paragraphinstalled version

To get more detailed information about the version of the installed direct, you need to use special programs. The most popular among those:EverestAida 64

What is installed in Windows?

The proverb: ‘Measure seven times, cut it off once’, - reflects the sequence of actions as well as possible. So, let’s start by checking the installed set of API components, to do this:

  • press the keyboard shortcut [Win] [R],

  • in the dialog box that appears, at your discretion, choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,

  • next, the ‘DirectX Diagnostic Tool’ will open, which will indicate the current version.

Deletion: unavoidable or the only way out?

As mentioned above, the task of deleting can stand then, when it is not possible to install the desired version. I would like to remind you about the safe options for changing the version to an older one.

  1. Download the installation package from the official resource and install it automatically.
  2. Updating the operating system using the ‘Update Center’ or manual download with further installation.

If none of these options helped, let’s proceed with the deletion. We always recommend downloading software only from trusted resources and preferably from developer sites. Briefly about the software tools for different assemblies.

installation takes place in a few clicks and does not require special preparation,