How to reset the password on TP-Link routers

The main methods of password recovery to the router are hardware and software. In the first case, the parameters are checked on the device’s home page, whereas a software method needs a registry, special applications, with the help of which it is possible to scan information on the computer. The following is described, how to proceed, if you forgot the router password. We will give all possible methods, as well as instructions for restoring access to the router. Here are proven ways to find out the password from wifi, which we suggest to read below.

Restoring the password from the router

Before, how to find out, what should the user do, if he forgot the router password, you will need to perform several simple sequential steps to restore the data.

Data recovery using a computer

1. In the right corner of the screen at the bottom there is a Wi-Fi icon. Right-click on it,

2. Next, the ‘Network and Sharing Management Center’ section will appear. Now you will need the item ‘Wireless Network management’, which one you need to choose,

3. Then another window will appear on the screen, which you will need to right-click on. Select ‘Properties’,

4. Now a ‘Network Security Key’ is needed, located inside the ‘Security’ tab, where you will be presented with a hidden password. Put about, the password will become available.

There is another way to solve the problem, if you forgot the password from the Wi-Fi router. To implement it, you will need a router.

We use the router

1. Connect the hardware to your computer, using the power cord (supplied),

2. Enter the set of digits in the browser address bar, then enter the data in the login and password column. This way you will be able to access the hardware settings. By default, most hardware models have an admin password and login,

3. Next, you should be interested in the Wireless and Wireless Security tabs. Then you will need the PSK Password column, in which you will see your password.



It makes sense to use this method, only if you saved the device configuration file in advance. After buying and configuring the router, it should be done first of all, because this file will help in case of something to recover not only the password, but also all other router settings, if they suddenly reset for one reason or another.

You can save the configuration file in the router settings. You can find it in different settings menu items, depending on the router model you are using. So, for Huawei HG8245H, this path looks like this: the System Tools tab at the top – the Configuration File line on the left - the Save button.

If you have a device configuration file saved in advance, download the RouterPassView program, which will help to pull out the login and password from the web interface of your router from the data encrypted in the file.

  • Forgot the router password - what to do?

Using it is simple: select the File menu item, then click on the Open label and select the configuration file or use the mouse to drag it into the program window.

The more common your model is, the faster you will be able to recover the necessary information. Truth, the list of supported routers is limited to only a few dozen models, most of which are accounted for by TP-Link and D-Link manufacturers.

Password reset

Resetting the factory settings in most cases solves the problem with the password, however, it is considered the most radical. We will tell you below, how to reset the password from the Wi-Fi router correctly. If the factory settings are not suitable, it is recommended to reset the settings. It’s worth noting, that it is not difficult to do this:

1. All routers are equipped with a small button, located next to the power button. Press the button for 10 seconds,

2. Next, all the data, including login and password, will be removed and replaced with the standard factory settings,

3. Enter the hardware settings, where do you re-enter your personal data in order to, to use the device again.

Regardless of, which routers (Asus, Tp-Link, etc.) are used by you, the principle of resetting the settings for different models is the same. Changing the Wi-Fi password is simple: just follow a clear sequence of actions.

How to reset the password on the D-Link router

The program reset does not differ from the method, considered above. Write in the browser. Then go to ‘System’-'Configuration’-'Factory settings’.

Hard hardware reset

There are situations, what’s in the router’s memory, fragments of code remain. The device is not working properly. Then pressing the Reset button ‘Reset’ will not help. What should I do? Perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Press ‘Reset’ and hold while you perform the following actions,
  2. After 30 seconds, turn off the power to the router,
  3. Hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

Password recovery using the program

There are various effective programs, helping to restore the password on the router. The software method for resetting the password on the router or restoring forgotten data helps to solve the problem using the following programs:

  • RouterPassView,
  • Wireless Password Recovery,
  • Dialupass,
  • WirelessKeyView,
  • Remote Desktop PassView.

Not all programs are listed above, used to, how to view the password on the router. Such products are developed by amateurs and often contain links to resources with viral software.

Important! Since the use of amateur programs poses a threat to computer security, it is advisable to use an antivirus program throughout the entire identification data recovery process!

The RouterPassView program is very popular in solving such problems, the principle of operation of which is as follows: all passwords and logins are stored in a saved hardware configuration file. But getting to this data is not easy, because they are encrypted. It is this file that serves the user’s interests. To use the program, take a few steps:

1. Run the program,

2. Click the ‘Open File’ icon,

3. Specify the path to the file or drag the file into the program window, using the mouse.

The program is available in English, and therefore you will need a russifier.

It’s useful!

Router Password Kracker utility

The beauty of this software product is that, that it does not require a saved router configuration file, which can be obtained, only knowing the password from the device. It is enough to have only a connection to the router (Wi-Fi or wired - it does not matter) and that’s it. Just enter the router’s IP in the required fields in the program window, login and click on the Start Crack button.

However, this utility has a disadvantage: it uses the brute force method, so the password search can take a long time. But if in another way it is not possible to recover the data you forgot, we’ll have to be patient.

Wi-Fi is installed in almost every home. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a person, who lives without the Internet. People connect to the network in cafes and public places, having a password or unhindered. But the home network is more often closed from outsiders. Therefore, to connect another device, you need to enter a password. If this letter or number designation is forgotten, problems may start. If the password on the router is forgotten, there may be no internet access.

How to find out your Wi-Fi password without resetting settings, it is described in the following video:

Error 651 miniport wan

Password recovery on the router may be accompanied by an error message. It’s worth saying right away, that this failure is insignificant and the way to eliminate it is often simple. Such a message signals a problem with the modem or router. The reason may be incorrect interaction of the computer and auxiliary equipment. No physical connections via miniport wan, on Windows OS, technical work on the part of the service provider, incorrect network connection settings - all this can cause an error message to appear. However, in the vast majority of cases, the root of the problem lies in the wrong actions of the user. The error correction path is as follows:

1. First of all, you should restart the computer,

2. The next step will be to disconnect the router from the network for 10 minutes. Turn it on again after the specified time,

3. Now you will be required to check the network cable for integrity. Also check, whether it is connected to the network card correctly,

4. If you have several network cards, try connecting to each of them in turn,

5. Internet connection is of great importance, therefore, check the connection signal when using a device other than your computer,

6. Then you will need a ‘Control Panel’. Go to the section and remove the drivers for the network card, then install the latest software version.

Often the instruction, the above, helps to solve the problem of error correction. In rare cases, users have to go to the service specialists.

Standard passwords for routers

The standard router password can be useful in solving the problem under consideration. Most often, in the standard hardware settings, the admin login is set by default, as well as the corresponding password.However, it is worth understanding, that not all manufacturers adhere to standard names, and therefore there may be some differences