How to download games from the Internet to your computer simply and without problems

Installing the game from disk to computer

Discs with computer games are still very popular now. They are purchased in special stores or ordered online. Installing them on a PC is not something difficult, however, it often raises questions from inexperienced users. In this article, we will analyze the installation process step by step and try to explain each action, so that you can install any game without any problems.

What games can be found in the Zone


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The advantage of Zona is, that the user is viewing the games catalog, each of which has a detailed description. The gamer does not pay for using the application or downloading products to the computer.

Now the Zone offers to download more than 1400 games of various genres:

  • tactical,
  • sports,
  • racing,
  • role-playing,
  • action,
  • browser-based and so on.

Free access is open to gamers as to new toys, and to those released in 1991. Fans of old strategies or races will like the Zona program, after all, this place, where can I get nostalgic, without leaving the house. Download the game after the announcement will not work. Zona provides the opportunity to use only hacked versions, accessible to gamers, those who want to evaluate the software before buying.

Attention! Downloading game content from the Zone’s website or in the Android app is not provided. The installation of games is only possible in the Zona application for Windows, which can be installed for free on a separate page.

Installing games from disk to computer

The installer of each game has its own unique interface, however , manipulation, performed in it, practically no different. Therefore, we will take Need For Speed: Underground as an example, and you, based on our instructions, install your game. Let’s get to the first step.

Step 1: Disable antivirus

This step is optional, however, some manufacturers ask you to disable the antivirus before installing a video game. We cannot recommend doing this, however, if you want, pay attention to the article at the link below. It is written in detail, how popular antivirus programs are deactivated.

Step 2: Install the game

Now you can proceed directly to the installation process itself. To do this, you will only need the game disk itself and a working disk drive on your computer and laptop. Unpack the package, make sure, that the CD or DVD has no external damage, turn on the PC and do the following:

  1. Open the drive and insert the disk there.
  2. Wait, while it is loaded and displayed in the operating system.
  3. Usually the disk is displayed in the autorun window, from here you can immediately click on ‘Execute Setup.exe ‘, to open the installer.

However, in some cases, autorun does not appear. Then go to ‘My Computer’ and find the required removable media. Click on it with the left mouse button, to launch.

Sometimes, instead of starting the installer, the root folder with the video game opens. Here you should find the ‘Setup’ or ‘Install’ file and run it.

In most cases, there is an activation code on the box, which is a protection against counterfeiting. Find it and enter it in a special line, then proceed to the next step.

Specify the user type, which you belong to, to assign automatic parameter settings or to do it yourself.

If you have switched to manual configuration, you should specify the type of installation. Each option differs in certain parameters. Read them and choose an acceptable one. In addition, specify the location where the files are saved on one of the hard disk partitions.

Now it remains to wait, while the game is being installed. Do not pull out the disk during this process, do not turn off or restart the computer.

Applications, having a large size, often stored on multiple DVDs. In this case, use the first one first, wait for the installation to finish and, without turning off the installer, insert the second disk, after that, the unpacking of the files will continue automatically.

Step 3: Install additional components

For the game to work correctly, additional components must be installed on the computer, these include – DirectX, .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C . They are usually installed independently along with the game, however, this does not always happen. Therefore, we recommend doing this manually. First, check the game directory for the necessary components. You can do this as follows:

    Open ‘My Computer’, right-click on the disk and select ‘Open’.

Find the DirectX folders, .NET Framework and Visual C . It’s worth noting, that some of the listed components may be missing, since they are not required for the game.

In the directory, find the executable file, run it and follow the instructions, displayed in the window.

If there are no embedded component files on the disk and the game does not start, we recommend downloading everything you need from the Internet. Detailed instructions on this topic can be found in our other articles at the links below.

More detailed: How to install DirectX, .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C on the computer.

If there are other problems with the launch, we advise you to read our other material below, to find a suitable solution.

Today we have tried to describe the entire process of installing the game in the most detailed and understandable way, dividing it into three steps. We hope, that our guide has helped you, the installation was successful and the game is functioning normally.

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Download the game via torrent

We figured it out, what is a torrent and how it works. Even superficially, but that’s enough for us. They go deeper and do not need to, if you’re only going to download. Plus, we downloaded the client program and installed it. If not, then download and install. Now we will find the necessary game and download it to your computer.

In order to, to download the game via torrent, you need:

  1. Launch the Bittorrent client,
  2. Find the game on the Internet with a search query. For example: download ‘game name’ via torrent,
  3. Go to the site you like with the game,
  4. Find the ‘Download’ button and click on it,
  5. Run the downloaded file with the extension .torrent using the Bittorrent client,
  6. Select a directory, where the game will be downloaded,
  7. Click ‘Ok’ and wait for the download to finish.

And now let’s go through these points in a little more detail. Let’s start with the search. We drive the necessary phrase into the search engine. Example below.

Choose any link and click. As soon as you visit the selected site, look for the following information presented in the screenshot below Screenshot 2. And this is the 1st thing to pay attention to.

The game you download must have a so-called tablet.

Pill, medicine, crack, keygen is all the same in its essence. This is the activation of something to unlock. In this case, games.

If you found this information on the website and it says something like ‘Sewn in’, ‘Activated’, ‘Present’ - congratulations. You can download, install and most importantly run the game absolutely for free.

2 Second, what you need to pay attention to, so this is for the system requirements of the game Screenshot 3. If your computer is weak in characteristics, and the system requirements are high, then unfortunately the game will slow down.

Although if the characteristics of the computer are not particularly lagging behind, then you can try to play on the minimum settings of the game. But all this, that’s another topic. A topic for a separate article. Someday I will definitely write about it. So subscribe, so as not to miss.

And the last 3 things to pay attention to, this is on the comment Screenshot 4. If you are not lazy, you can read everything. Sometimes some may write, that the game doesn’t start or something like that. And there may be those, who solved this problem.

In general, comments are a useful thing. They will help answer your internal question - whether it is worth downloading this game or not.

So. You have entered the site. There is a description there, which contains information about the tablet and the system requirement. And they are completely suitable for your conditions. The comments are perfect. You decide to download the game. To do this, look at Screenshot 5 below.

On the website you need to find the button, which is responsible for downloading the torrent file of the game. Usually it’s a green button at the end, which says ‘Download torrent’ or something like that.

If found, then click on it. You will download an incomprehensible file with the extension .torrent. Now you need to run it.

As I wrote above. The files with this extension contain the information necessary to download the game. It is these files that we open using Bittorrent clients. But since you have already installed the necessary program, then when you double-click on the file, you will launch uTorrent or MediaGet (depending on what you downloaded and installed).

In the screenshot above you can see the result of opening such a file in the uTorrent program. In principle, you can not change anything. Just click on ‘Ok’. Then the game will start downloading. At first, maybe not so fast. But we have to wait.

In general, this is the way. Maybe a little dreary, but he’s worth it. If you figure it out once, remember it for the rest of your life. Reread the article if, something is not clear. Or write your question in the comments. I’ll help you! I will definitely answer!

Let’s install the game now. There are also nuances here. You will learn about them below. I will answer briefly, that they consist of downloaded files. But it’s easy to figure out.

Installing a PC game from a disk manually

If the game is already installed and linked to a Steam account, follow these instructions.

In order to, to install the game from disk manually, follow the steps, described below.


Step A: Temporarily disable antivirus and software, ensuring the security of the system:

  1. While on the desktop, press and hold press Windowspress ‘RExecute
  2. Type ‘msconfigOK
  3. Open the ‘ tab. Services
  4. Uncheck all the items, which are related to system protection/antivirus,
  5. Open the ‘ tab. Auto-upload
  6. Uncheck all the items, which are related to system protection/antivirus,
  7. Restart your PC.

Step B: Perform ‘Installation from the desktop’

See also:Tool ribbon and quick access toolbar in Excel 2010

  1. Create a new folder on the desktop (right-click on the free space on the desktop, select ‘Create’, and then select ‘Folder’),
  2. Insert the disc into the CD/DVD drive (close all the windows that appear),
  3. Open ‘My Computer’ (Windows key E in Windows and select the icon of your CD/DVD drive,
  4. Right-click on it and select ‘Open’.
  5. Left-click the window that opens, and then alternately press the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl A and Ctrl C, to copy the contents of the disk.
  6. Open the folder, which you created on the desktop, and press Ctrl V, to insert the copied disk contents into it.
  7. If you have multiple disks, copy their contents to the same folder.
  8. Remove the disks.
  9. Find the installation file, it is usually called ‘run.exe ‘ or ‘install.exe ‘
  10. Right-click on the file, select ‘Run as Administrator’ and follow the prompts of the installation wizard.
  11. After the installation is complete, delete the file folder, copied from disk.

Step B: Enable antivirus and software, ensuring the security of the system:

  1. While on the desktop, press and hold press Windowspress ‘RExecute
  2. Type ‘msconfigOK
  3. Open the ‘ tab. Services
  4. Check all the items, which are related to system protection/antivirus,
  5. Open the ‘ tab. Auto-upload
  6. Check all the items, which are related to system protection/antivirus,
  7. Restart your PC.


Advantages and disadvantages of downloading games via torrent

To the future word. I’ll tell you right away, that these pros and cons, in principle, can be attributed to downloading files from the Internet via torrent in general. That is, it can be not only games, but also programs, archives, movies, various images and courses. In general, all kinds of files. Well, folders too. Yes. Torrent allows you to download folders with files.


At the moment, I have found the following advantages and disadvantages in all this:


  • Make it paid - free,
  • High download speed,
  • Survivability of downloaded files,
  • Downloading files,
  • Availability,


  • Sometimes it’s not quite right,
  • There is a possibility of a low download speed,
  • You need to install a third-party program,
  • The probability of catching a virus.

Here are the pros and cons. I will analyze them in more detail, so that you have a complete understanding of the torrent.

Make it from paid – free

Surely you have met information on the Internet, for which you need to pay, and then use it. Let’s assume some kind of course. But you don’t want to pay for it, and the information, the information provided in the course is useful for you. Torrent solves this problem.

If the course is very popular, then there will be a person, who will buy it and start distributing it via torrent. And you, in turn, download. This is the main advantage of the torrent. But for ordinary users. For entrepreneurs, who sell information - not really. Because of this, they incur losses. From here follows the disadvantage, that this is not quite right. But this is a completely different story.

All this also applies to downloading games via torrent. Developers of paid games incur financial losses due to, that their paid games can become free.

In the end, it becomes so. Especially if the game is popular and expected by everyone. In case this is really the case, then it appears just a couple of days later on torrent trackers after its release. However, often without a pill (more on that later). We have to wait at least another week.

High download speed

At the expense of what? It’s very simple. You can download the game, and then start handing it out. Other users will be able to download it from your computer. And the speed of downloading them will depend on, what is the maximum recoil rate you will set up.

Why am I doing this? And to that, what when you downloaded the game, you downloaded it from more than one computer, and with several. Since, who distributed this game. It’s very simple.

But there is also a minus. Little distributing people - low speed. It happens, when the downloaded game is not popular or has long been forgotten. As a result, this is not a high download speed.

Survivability of files

Survivability stems from those very people, which distribute the file. As long as there are such people– you can download and install the game.

Moreover, if you download a file from the Internet directly (without a torrent) directly in the browser. That is, via the http protocol, then you download from 1 computer (server). The download may be interrupted and you will have to start downloading again. Although there is a special program (Download Master), which solves this problem. But more on that later.

This is the disadvantage of direct download, and plus a torrent. Since the torrent has a file download. And even if the person distributing the file turns off the computer, then you will be able to download from another computer from another user. In case of downloading the game directly via the Internet (via a browser) you won’t have that opportunity. The server will crash, from which you are downloading - the download will be interrupted. Turn off the computer without completing the download - it will be interrupted. With a bittorrent client, you can not be afraid of this.

The ability to catch the virus

The most important disadvantage, which let ’s say so, symmetrically equal to all the pluses, is that, that there is a chance to catch the virus. If the attacker sees, that the game is popular, he can create his own torrent distribution and start distributing this game. You will download it through the distribution and when you start the installation, your computer will be infected.

Yes. It happens. But! For all the time, That I used a torrent, I haven’t caught a virus yet. It’s a long time to explain and probably, not interesting. So to put it briefly, then choose the first search results in the search engine. If you want details, then write in the comments to the article.

Now, when you have read all of the above and understood, that torrent is more a plus than a minus, It’s time to start downloading the game! But before you do that, there’s something else you should know.

Installing games on a computer

Depending on, what game and where did you download it from, it can be represented by a different set of files:

  • ISO Disk image files, MDF (MDS) See: How to open ISO and How to open MDF
  • Separate EXE file (large, without additional folders)
  • A set of folders and files
  • RAR archive file, ZIP, 7z and other formats

Depending on, in what format was the game downloaded, actions, necessary for its successful installation, may differ slightly.

If you want a new game

Are you tired of the game, have you passed it or, on the contrary, you can’t beat her, and do you want something new? By logging into the network, you can immediately stumble upon a variety of offers to download the game for free. However, when you try to download the game, you come across a message, in which they offer to send you a short SMS number, and after that, supposedly the game will be available for download. In one case it really is, but most often it is a simple deception, common among scammers, you will just lose money, without getting anything in return. You can really download Internet games to your computer for free, but it all depends on the format and quality of the game. If these are the simplest flash games, then you can how to play directly online, so install them on your computer directly from the site, by clicking the appropriate button. The download will start automatically, then you need to find the appropriate file and just run it – and the game will appear on your device. As a rule, such games take up little space on the hard drive and do not cause installation problems. More serious games require the same approach.

Installation from a disk image

If the game was downloaded from the Internet as a disk image (as a rule, ISO and MDF files), then to install it, you will need to mount this image as a disk in the system. You can mount ISO images in Windows 8 without any additional programs: just right-click on the file and select the ‘Connect’ menu item. You can also just double-click on the file. For MDF images and for other versions of the Windows operating system, a third-party program will be required.

From free programs, which can easily connect the disk image with the game for subsequent installation, I would recommend Daemon Tools Lite, download the Russian version of which is available on the official website of the program . After installing and running the program, You can select the downloaded disk image with the game in its interface and mount it into a virtual drive.

After mounting, depending on Windows settings and disk contents, there will either be an autorun of the game installation program, or just a disk with this game will appear in ‘My Computer’. Open this disk and either click ‘Install’ on the installation screen, if he shows up, or find the Setup file.exe, Install.exe, usually located in the root folder of the disk and run it (the file may be called differently, however, it is usually intuitive, what exactly to run).

After installing the game, You will be able to run it, using a desktop shortcut, or in my ‘Start’. Also, it can happen like this, that the game needs any drivers and libraries to work, I will write about this in the last part of this article.

Before downloading the game

Before downloading the game, you will need to download the Bittorren client and then install it. It will help you to read files with the extension .torrent, which contain information from where to download the necessary games.

In general, I single out 2 main torrent clients: uTorrent and MediaGet. You can download any one. I use uTorrent. I advise you too.

After that, how did you download one of the above programs, you need to install it. Below is shown, how and what needs to be done.

MediaGet installation instructions

1 Run the downloaded installer.

2 Uncheck the boxes. It’s up to you to decide which ones. I took everything off for myself.

3 Here we remove all the ticks for sure (this is an advertisement), for that, so that nothing superfluous is installed on the computer.

4 Click install. After that, the download will start.

5 Waiting for the full installation

6 Done. You can run.

7 Is that, what you should see as a result. Now you are ready to download games from the Internet. You can proceed to the next point.

Instructions for installing uTorrent

1 Run the installer.

2 We agree to the installation by clicking on Agree.

3 Disable advertising by clicking Decline.

4 Turn off advertising again in the same way.

5 Here is at your discretion. I advise you to leave all the boxes. Although the second one is questionable. If you don’t want to run the program together with windows startup, then take it down.

6 is also at your discretion. The last checkmark is responsible for creating a shortcut on the desktop. I left, to run the program later.

7 After all the steps have been completed, the installation will begin.

8 Done! You can run it. Click Finish, leaving the check mark active.

Installing the game from an EXE file, archive and folders with files

Another common option, in which the game can be downloaded - the only EXE file. In this case, this file is usually the installation file - just run it, then follow the instructions of the wizard.

In the following cases, when the game was received as an archive, then first of all it should be unpacked to some folder on your computer. This folder can contain either a file with an extension .exe, designed directly to launch the game and nothing else is required to do. Or, as an option, there may be a setup file.exe, designed to install the game on a computer. In the latter case, you need to run this file and follow the prompts of the program.

Download the game without a torrent

It is also possible to download games without a torrent. To do this, we also drive in the necessary phrase in the search, but without a torrent. For example: download ‘game name’ without torrent. And we are looking for a site that is interesting to us.

There are very, very few such sites. You will not download the game via torrent, and directly via http or https protocols. In other words, the download will take place directly in the browser.

The main thing, what you need to pay attention to, so it’s on the size of the game (you can see it in the download process). It should not weigh kilobytes, and at least 100 megabytes, I think. Otherwise, you will stumble upon some virus, which will install a bunch of unnecessary programs. The probability is high. Very large.

For those, who understands little about these kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. If you started downloading the game and it downloaded quickly, then most likely it’s not that, what we wanted. If it swings for a long time, this is that, what is needed. Most likely a game. Of course, the speed of your Internet directly affects the download speed.

I do not recommend downloading from such sites (without a torrent). If you are not an experienced internet surfer, then you may stumble upon viruses. It is better to download via torrent (I have already described above) or buy the game. Otherwise, you are acting at your own risk and may stumble into trouble.

For the convenience of downloads

For the convenience of direct downloading, I advise you to install the Download Master program.

It will help you download large-size games. If you download, say, a 40GB game through a browser, that is, the probability, that the download will be interrupted and you will have to download again. The program will help you avoid this. Especially useful for those, who has a low Internet speed. When you have to download something for several days, or even weeks.

Using the program is very simple. You need to copy the link of the game, from where it is downloaded and added to the program. To do this, start downloading it first in the browser. Then go to Downloads. You can use the keyboard shortcut in the browser Ctrl J.

As soon as we entered the downloads section, we copy the link as shown above. After that, go to the Download Master program and add the link by inserting it using Ctrl V.

After doing this, the program will be able to load the game constantly. Even if you log out or restart your computer. Then running the program again, you will see, that she will continue downloading.

Lesson 12. How to install the game correctly

In the last lesson we studiedinstall the program

to the computer. In this lesson you will learn, how to install the game correctly on your computer. Each of us has played games on the computer at least once. Installing the game is pretty easy.

Before installing the game, you need to create a folder, where you will install all the games. Remember, that everything in the computer needs to be stored in thematic folders. All games need to be stored in one folder (for example, ‘Games’), all movies in another (for example, ‘Cinema’), etc. All installed programs are stored on our ‘C’ drive in the “Program Files’ folder.

Store, in this way, files and folders are very convenient. It is easy to find the necessary data in such a catalog. Let’s create a folder, in which all the games will be located.

Determining the location, where all games will be installed

First you need to determine the disk (hard disk partition), on which all games will be stored.

Modern computer games take up quite a lot of disk space. Therefore, you need to install games on that disk, which has a lot of free space. Open the Start menu and select Computer. We see all existing disks (hard disk partitions) Your computer.

I have 3 disks on my computer. The most free space on disk “D”. That’s where I’ll install all the games. Double-click on this disk with the left mouse button, and you will see its contents.

You need to create a folder on this disk, in which all the games will be stored. I named this folder ‘Games’. We have already learned how to create and name folders. That is, you now need to create a new folder on the disk and name it ‘Games’. If someone doesn ‘t remember or doesn ‘t know, how it is done, do lesson 8 how to create a folder

So, You have created the “Games’ folder on one of the disks. Now let’s install the game there.

Where to get computer games

Computer games can be bought in the store (game disc) or downloaded on the Internet. You can download licensed free games or pirated copies of paid games on the Internet.

Buy disks only in special computer stores, and not on the market where there are a lot of fakes.

You can download free games from special sites. Enter ‘Free computer games’ in the browser and you will see many sites, which offer to download games for free.

If you want to download a pirated copy of a paid game from the Internet (no matter what you spend money on, and get the game for free), then download only from torrent trackers.

I recommend downloading games through the MediaGet program. This is a free torrent client, in the database, which has a huge number of games for every taste. You can download Media Get for free and without viruses here – /.

Moderators check all files on torrents, and the probability of catching the virus is extremely small. But catching a virus by downloading a paid game from a file sharing service or some kind of site is extremely high. Don’t forget that, downloading pirated copies of games, You violate copyrights and can be held responsible for it (although most of the population of our country is not afraid of it). You have downloaded or bought the game - let’s install it.

What is a torrent

Torrent is very popular in Russia. And he deserves his popularity ., which is described below.

Torrent (BitTorrent) is a protocol, which makes it possible to exchange files between users over the Internet.

There are also similar protocols, which are also intended for the exchange of information. This is FTP, HTTP and HTTPS. But the torrent, there are some advantages, but there are also disadvantages. In general, read on and you will find out everything.

Some definitions, which will be useful to you:

Sids are people who distribute files, which you download. And the point is, that people have the full version of the files. ie if you download the game, then the siders distributing it have a complete installer. They don’t need to pump anything. You can also become a sider, when you download the game and do not put a ban on the distribution.

Feasts are absolutely all people. Who download and have already downloaded (distributing files). When do you start downloading via torrent, then you automatically become a feast. You can download like a sider, so it is with another user, which has not fully downloaded the files (i.e. you can download from both sider and pir). But he has some of these files, therefore, you can download it.

Plus, there may be such a word on the description page, as a repack or repack. This word means - repacking. Ie, the game was repacked.

Using Titanium Backup (ROOT)

To transfer the game from one Android phone to another, you will need superuser rights. Obtaining these rights removes your device from the warranty period, so, do not use this method, if your phone is still under warranty. You need to install several applications for yourself, which are freely available in the Play Market or on the Internet.

The first program is ES Explorer. It can be downloaded via the Play Market, you only need to install it on the phone from which you will transfer the game. Only, what do you need from this program, this is to open the ‘Funds’ item, activate the ‘Root Explorer’ switch and confirm your actions. It is very important to note, before, how to continue the process of transferring a game with progress from one Android smartphone to another, you need to update the game in the Play Market to the latest version, so that there won’t be any problems with game versions later.

Further, you need to install two utilities:

  • Titanium Backup
  • Titanium Backup Patcher

The first program makes a backup of the application (saves) and with its help we will restore this application to its original appearance. But, since this program is paid and there are no free analogues of it, we will need a second program, which expands the capabilities of the demo version of the program to a full-fledged one.

Download and install these applications, starting Titanium Backup first, we open it and give it root access at startup. Then install the second program. In this program, we only need to click on one ‘Patch’ button and don’t touch anything else.

We wait a few seconds and open the first program. If everything is done correctly, then you will see green checkmarks in the center of the screen, when the program is fully started. Thereafter, in the upper right corner, click on the ‘Menu’ button. In the window that opens, select ‘Make a backup of all user software’ and click ‘Start’. A list of all smartphone apps will open, which can be archived. Here you need to select only your game and remove all third-party marks, after which, click on the green check mark in the upper right corner of the screen.

As soon as the process is completed, you will need to go to the folder where all backups are saved. By default, this is the ’sdcard 0′ folder. You can go to it using the previously installed ES Explorer, in the upper left corner. Open the ‘local storage’ tab and select sdcard 0. Here is the backup of the game. It consists of three files. To transfer the game to a second smartphone, you will need to transfer these files using a microSD card or a computer.

Then, repeat the installation of all programs on the second device in the same sequence, in which you did it for the first time and set root rights. By default, Titanium Backup creates a folder ’sdcard 0′ during installation. Transfer the backup of the game there, exactly, these three files.

The Google Play and Play Market account must be the same on both devices, otherwise you will not be able to transfer the game from Android to Android.

Download the game on your second smartphone, we launch it and immediately close it, then restart your phone. Open Tinatium Backup open the ‘Menu’ section (upper right corner). Scroll down the list to the column ‘Restore all software with data’. Go into it and see the number 1 with the name of the application (this is your backup). Tick the following items:

  • BY data
  • exclude system
  • the name of your game

And click on the green check mark in the upper right corner. We are waiting for the backup download to finish until the successful completion message is displayed. That’s it, open the game, wait for the moment of full loading and enjoy the game further from that place, where did you finish it on another smartphone with the same bonuses, achievements and other things.

Using Wi-Fi (without ROOT rights)

Another way to transfer the game from one device to another without losing progress. The TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer utility will help us. This is a free app and is suitable for all Android OS versions 4.0 and above. The application must be installed on two devices. On the donor device, it will open in the standard ‘Share Mode’. Select ‘Share files/folders’. Then select the file storage, in this program marked as ‘Folder’, in him, select the game file and click submit. On the second smartphone, click on ‘Get files/folders’. A security code of 6 characters will be generated on the first device, which you need to enter on the second device and click on ‘Get files’. At the end, the files will be saved on the SD card or in the memory of the second phone.

This is not the end of the ways to transfer the game from Android to Android, there are countless of them. The main thing, so that you can do it exactly in those conditions, in which you found yourself. In the presence of the Internet, in its absence or without using third-party software at all.