How to create a newsletter in Word, for example, beautiful birthday invitations

With Word, you can easily create email newsletters. These can be beautifully decorated postcards or invitations to a family holiday Birthday, Anniversary or wedding. From our workshop you will learn, how to do it yourself without the help of a pro.

To send letters to several recipients at once by e-mail, many use the text editor built into the online mail service. But its graphic and design capabilities are very limited. We will tell you, how to make a newsletter directly from the Word text editor. Below you will see, how to configure the editor step by step and carry out the mailing itself. We will perform all actions in the Word 2010 program, but in other versions, the operations are performed similarly.

  • Launch Word and open a new document.
  • Go to the ‘Page Layout’ tab in the top menu and in the ‘Size’ section select the desired page parameters for mailing. We recommend choosing ‘Legal 21.59 x 35.56 cm’.
  • After that, click ‘Orientation’ and select ‘Landscape orientation’.
  • Now click ‘Columns’ and select ‘Two’. This will make your newsletter more organized.
  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the document and enter the command ‘=Rand(30.6)’ there. Confirm the action by pressing [Enter].
  • So you Figure 30 means the number of paragraphs in the newsletter, and 6 is the number of sentences per paragraph. After executing the command, activate filling in the fields of the template you created with random text. Instead, you can create your own text or insert images, tables or charts.
  • Alas, but Word does not allow you to adapt the newsletter to the receiving devices. Truth, professional newsletter implies adaptive design. Here we can recommend you to use the appropriate software, specializing in the creation of newsletters.
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How to send a Word newsletter via Outlook

After that, how did you design and create your newsletter in Word, you can send it using Outlook. 
To send the letter to all recipients, first, create a mailing list.

  • Save the Word newsletter as an HTML document. To do this, select the format ‘Web page with filter’.
  • Open Outlook and create a new email message.
  • Click ‘Insert a file’ and select an HTML document.
  • In the lower right corner next to the button ‘Insert’ click on the small arrow and select ‘Paste as text’.
  • Now your newsletter will be inserted into the Outlook window and you can send it.

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