How to change the administrator in Windows 10

Oddly enough, but to change the administrator in Windows 10 or add a new admin, you will also need administrator rights and login with his password. We tell you in order, how to configure everything.

How to change the administrator in Windows 10

Each computer must have at least one administrator. If you are the only administrator yourself, then you will not be able to make yourself a standard user. Before that, you will need to appoint a second administrator. Here’s how to do it.

  • In the lower left corner, open the Start menu on Windows 10 and, by clicking on the gear icon, go to the Parameters.
  • In the ‘Accounts’ category you will find your personal user account. Your account type will be indicated under the profile picture: ’Administrator’ or ‘Standard User’.
  • Go to the ‘Family and other users’ category on the left, select the desired user and click the ‘Change Account type’ button. If there are no other accounts in the list, first you need to add them.
  • Choose between ‘Administrator’ or ‘Standard User’. Then confirm your choice, by clicking on ‘OK’. 

After that, the selected user will receive administrator rights. This process is only possible if, if you have logged in through an administrator account yourself.

  • Operation

Windows 10: how to change the administrator using system settings

You can also configure administrator rights through the Control Panel. The result will be the same.

  • Open the Control Panel (the application can be found by searching) and select the category ‘User Accounts’, and then click on ‘User Accounts’ again.
  • Click on the item ‘Manage another account’ and select the required profile.
  • Using the item ‘Change account type’ you can change the status from ‘Standard User’ to ‘Administrator’.
  • Click on ‘Change Account type’, and your new settings will be applied.

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