PC software, the license for which is cheaper than you thought

Are you used to searching for pirated copies of popular software on torrents? In fact, licensed versions do not always cost space money. For example, here are the programs, which can be bought very inexpensively for example, Microsoft Office.

Antivirus: 378 rubles/year

What is the main ‘ambush’ when using a hacked version of the antivirus? The program will not be updated, and you will be defenseless against new threats (which, alas, arise every now and then). Exit? Buy a license for one of the antivirus programs. It doesn’t cost that much, as it seems: for example, Dr.Web 11 for one PC will cost only 300 rubles for a year!

Kaspersky Internet Security will cost about the same amount if you purchase a license, let’s say, for 3 devices. Updates throughout the year, naturally, free of charge.

Eset NOD32 antivirus for three PCs is offered even cheaper: for 1135 rubles. Accordingly, for one computer, an antivirus will cost about 378 rubles.

Modern games: Free

Everyone is looking forward to the premiere of the next best-selling game, and then with the same impatience - his ‘broken’ copies on torrents. Meanwhile, you can play for free and completely legally. For example, download one of the games on Steam: the legendary Dota 2, shooter Team Fortress 2, military simulator War Thunder … Next - you can invest money in the ‘pumping’ of characters, or you can not do it. 

If you can’t decide, what to play, check out our selection of free games for Windows.

Music services: 149 rubles/month

There are fewer and fewer pirated services with high-quality music. This is quite logical, taking into account, that there are many legal services, subscriptions to which are inexpensive. For example, for 149 rubles / month, you can subscribe to BOOM with an impressive collection. If you have never used such services, just register and get a free trial period (from one month to three). If you like it, pay. By the way. we recently compared the prices of various music service subscriptions. Look, which one is cheaper.

Alternative to Adobe Photoshop: free

Adobe Photoshop is an icon in the field of photo processing software. But an ordinary user (not a designer) will be able to use this expensive super program for 10 percent - the rest is too difficult. Therefore, is it worth looking for another pirated version? Obviously, which is not. After all, there are simple and free versions of photo editors. For example, Adobe Photoshop Express is a free lite version of ordinary Photoshop. You can read more about it and another free editor here.

Another interesting GIMP photo editor. Many people note, that in terms of functionality, it is slightly behind Adobe Photoshop. On the Internet, you can find a large number of lessons for him.

The interface of the Photo Pos Pro photo editor is very similar to the original editor, therefore , it will be clear to those, who has ever opened Photoshop. The program is able to work with layers and supports macros for fast work.

Microsoft Office: 680 rubles/year

It’s hard to imagine, that someone is doing without Microsoft Office today. Are you sure, most of them still have ‘pirates’ - because they don’t want to pay for licensed software. And he, meanwhile, it is not worth space money at all! For example, Microsoft has a profitable package for the whole family for 3399 rubles/year. It allows you to use the ‘office’ on five computers at the same time - that is, you get a license for one PC for only 680 rubles / year. If you chip in with friends to buy a package, it is quite possible to afford a licensed version!

If you are a Windows user, we tell you, how to reinstall it and not lose the license at the same time.

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