What should be the power of a good grass trimmer?

The more powerful the device, the more expensive it is. Therefore, you need to understand, what power will be enough for you, so as not to overpay.

The characteristics of trimmers and lawn mowers necessarily include engine power. Note, this is the power consumption, and not the power on the shaft, but you can also navigate by it. Exactly how many watts or horsepower should be in the device, so that you can work with them without problems? Let’s figure it out. We told you more about the right choice of trimmers in another article. 

Trimmer power: what depends on it?

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If the engine power is insufficient, the revolutions of its rotation under load will fall, at the same time, the cooling quality will sharply decrease (it is usually air) and overheating will occur. In the best case, the lock will work, and the device will turn off. But powerful motors will work at the same speed without any problems, so they can easily cope with dense thickets. 

There is another important point. Low-power models, for first, they will work only with fishing lines, they won’t be able to with knives. But even with fishing lines there will be restrictions: thick ones will not fit, because, again, they will create an additional load on the engine. 

Choosing the power of the trimmer correctly

Based on our own experience, we can advise specific values for different situations. 

Electric trimmers

250-400 watts.

400-800 watts.

More than 800 watts.

Petrol trimmers

The power of gasoline models is measured in horsepower. And even a basic model for most summer residents may be enough. 

Up to 1.5 hp

1.5 - 2.5 hp

You can take, for example, Huter GGT-1300T

More than 2.5 hp

Of course, you can take trimmers on the principle of ‘the more power the better’, but at the same time you overpay not unnecessary watts or horsepower and get heavier, bulky device. We hope, now you can choose the best model for you. 

By the way, we also talked about fishing lines, what they are, how they differ. And they also compared the pros and cons of trimmers and lawn mowers.