How to Print Powerpoint Presentation Slides without margins

When you print Power Point Presentation Slides, more or less wide margins appear on the paper. will tell you, how to minimize them.

To minimize the white fields, the following will help you: go to the ‘File’ menu Print’ to the item ‘Printer Properties’. Click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and activate the ‘Borderless Printing’ option.

Print borderless slides. When working with Power Point slides, you can configure their printing with almost no margins

Doing just this action will not get rid of the fields completely, therefore, now open the ‘View’ tab and go to the ‘Sample notes’ item, where you can uncheck the boxes in the ‘Placeholders’ group, such as ‘Page Number’, ‘Header’, ‘Date’.

Now you can stretch the slide across the page, and the margins will be noticeably smaller when printing.

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