How to update Mac OS X via Terminal

The Terminal application is used to work with the command line in Mac OS X. You can use it to search for and install system updates. How to do it, we will tell you in this article.

So that the operating system for your Mac is always up to date, it is necessary to install updates regularly. Upgrades for Mac OS X can be found using the Terminal application.

How to find Mac updates via Terminal

Updating Mac OS X using Terminal

To get started with the Terminal application:

  • Open the menu ‘Programs’ - ‘Utilities’ - ‘’ or enter the word ‘Terminal’ in the Spotlight search box.
  • To view the available updates, type in the command line’sudo softwareupdate -l’’sudo softwareupdate -list’
  • Enter your password. It may take some time to display the results, depending on the number of updates available.

How to install updates for Mac OS X using Terminal

To installall’sudo softwareupdate -i -a’

To activate not all, and only recommended updates, use the command’sudo softwareupdate -i -r’

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