What to do if the smartphone fell into the water

If the smartphone accidentally splashed into the washbasin with water, do not rush to lament it is quite possible, he can still be saved. But it is better to act quickly.

At first, it is necessary to remove the battery as soon as possible to prevent a short circuit. This, by the way, one of the points in favor of removable batteries. Since if the battery is non-removable, and the phone is not sealed, then the chances of saving the ‘drowned man’ are much less.

Then carefully disassemble the phone and remove the motherboard (it is between the battery and the display). Put it in isopropanol for two days (you can buy it at a pharmacy): alcohol will dissolve the water, and then he will evaporate.

On the third day, dry the board well, and when isopropanol completely evaporates, you can collect the phone. A little luck - and your phone is back in service.