Technique of shooting panoramic photos

In order to take panoramic pictures, it is absolutely not necessary to be a professional photographer.

Surely you know, that a panoramic photo consists of several overlapping frames. You can’t make several such images with your hands, therefore, when shooting a panorama, it is better to use a tripod or find a flat surface, which you can put the camera on. This will help to avoid blurring or ‘filling up’ the horizon line.

Take uniform pictures at mid-focus distance, and your panorama is sure to be perfect

If your camera has ready-made profiles for shooting, select a preset for landscape or landscape photography in them. When using ‘DSLRs’, it is not necessary to carry out such shooting with a wide-angle lens, since it gives perspective distortions, which may complicate the merging of images in the photo editor. It is optimal to use standard optics with a focal length of 50 to 75 mm.

So, you have found a suitable place for support. Now select such a point of the landscape, which will be the center of the future picture. Taking a picture, start moving the camera clockwise, until the center of the previous image is on the left. At the same time, watch out, so that he does not leave the frame at all. For example, if in the first picture the house was in the center, then on the next one it should be from the left edge.

Move the camera until, until you take the desired number of photos for the panorama, and at the same time, do not forget to pay attention to changes in lighting conditions. Sometimes the next picture may come out too cloudy or even overexposed, and we’ll have to redo it.