How to really make money on the Internet, having only a smartphone?

Look at your smartphone. You have a real tool in your hands to, to earn money, it is enough just to install a few applications.

We once wrote about, how you can earn real money on the Internet. In short: it is profitable to sell your services and goods in all possible ways. But what to do, if you have no profession, no goods, no start-up capital, and in the hands of only a smartphone?

collected five ways, which allow you to earn money using a mobile phone - even a schoolboy can cope with them. And at the end, look for a link to our new contest. The main prize is a smartphone!

Method 1. Applications-’booklets’

  • Earnings
  • Needmobile internet,application-’bux’, mobile browser and email client, electronic wallet (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal) 

You can earn money on a smartphone, performing simple tasks, which the application will send you - the so-called‘buks’

For example,surfing sites

Those, who uses this way of earning, recommend the applicationSeoSprint

Download SeoSprint

Method 2. Social networks

  • Earnings
  • Needmobile internet,job search app, real accounts in social networks (VK, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others), electronic wallet (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal)

The second way is to perform tasks in various social networks. If you have unlimited traffic to social networks, this is the way for you! The tasks are also very simple, because it’s like a separate subspecies of ‘bux’ - social.

For example, you may be asked to subscribe to the VK community or Instagram account, watch the video on YouTube, put likes, make reposts - in a word, all, what are you doing anyway, if you are an active ’social worker’. The only condition is the presence of real live accounts, with your friends and subscribers.

To earn money in social networks, you can also useSeoSprintVKTarget

Download VKTarget

Method 3. Installing applications

  • Earnings
  • Need

If you have a phone with a large amount of internal memory, you can use this type of earnings, how to install apps and games. Yes, this is also paid for - developers are interested in ‘cheating’ the installations of their application. It is enough to download one of the installer applications, and preferably several.

Open the app, register and install the apps and games offered by them on your phone. You may also be asked not to delete the application for a certain time, rate it or write a comment, complete a level in the game.

Payment is transferred to an electronic wallet or to a mobile phone account, Steam or Xbox wallet, and it can also be converted into popular game currencies! Thus, you can easily earn yourself a donation in games.

Applications for earning money on installations

  • ArrVopis
  • AppCent
  • TapMoney
  • Easy money

Method 4. Field tasks

  • Earnings
  • Need: mobile internet, application with tasks, camera in the phone, electronic wallet (WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money)

This method allows you not only to earn money on a smartphone without any investments, but it is also good for your health! The bottom line is, that the app gives you tasks, to perform which you need to leave the house and walk around the city.

Such tasks can be performed even on the way to school, to work or to university. Or just as a weekend walk, so to speak, combining business with pleasure.

For example, there is an applicationStreetbee Pro

Download Streetbee Pro Download Streetbee Pro

Another variant of the field task is one-time orders for courier delivery. For this, eg, there is an applicationDostavista

Download Dostavista Download Dostavista

Method 5. Sale of mobile photos

  • Earnings
  • Need

If you have absolutely nothing to trade with, but you have a mobile phone with a decent camera in your hands, then you will be glad to know, that mobile photos are also a commodity! You can sell them on websites, calledphotostocks

What photos can I sell?Portrait photostravel photosstill lifes and subject photoslandscapes

Cameras of modern phones are equipped with artificial intelligence, who will take care of, so that your picture is of high quality - even if you have never been a photographer. You need to upload your photos to one (or preferably several) photo stocks, set a price on them - and you can get passive profit from their resale:

  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • Depositphotos
  • Fotolia
  • iStockPhoto

In order to get a more or less tangible profit, you need to take a lot of photos and, preferably, regularly. The first 50-100 photos will bring you income, but if you don’t add to your collection, then the profit will decrease significantly over time. And so this is the simplest business for those, who only has a smartphone.

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  • New contest: share the secrets of your profession and win a smartphone BQ Aurora-6200L