Why the SIM card is not recognized and what to do about it

If the smartphone does not see the sim card, this can be caused by various reasons. We tell you, what is the problem and how to fix it.

the SIM card is not recognized: what you can do

  • First, what needs to be done, this is to turn off and turn on the smartphone again. This will remove temporary errors in the cache. Often, rebooting alone solves the problem. 
  • Also check, whether the card is installed correctly in the slot. Often small dust particles settle on the SIM card, which interfere with the contact between the card and the mobile phone. 
  • It is best to clean the SIM card with a microfiber cloth. As a last resort, you can try to clean it with a wet finger. But inserting the card into the phone is only completely dry. 
  • Besides, try very carefully to clear the contacts of the SIM card slot in the phone itself. If the slot is hard to reach, as in the case of the iPhone, blow into the slot several times with a special can of compressed air. 

The SIM card or the smartphone itself is faulty

If nothing helps, a defect of the card or mobile phone is not excluded. 

If the SIM is still relatively new, the operator can offer you a free replacement. As a rule, not supposed to, that you yourself could have done some damage to her.

If the problem is related to age-related card wear, some providers may ask operators to pay for a new card. Therefore, it is better to test the SIM operation on another device first. If it works, so the malfunction is related to your smartphone and you will need to fix its slot. To do this, contact the seller or manufacturer and insist on your warranty right. 

If a jailbreak was performed on your iPhone, or has your android smartphone been rooted, it is worth resetting the device settings to factory settings. Even if you haven’t changed anything in the software, this step can help activate the SIM card. 

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