How not to \’fly in\’, making out equipment on credit?

Ask employees for a purchase receipt and measure it with a ruler. If the length is more than half a meter, most likely, you were deceived.

Not so long ago we wrote about a successful life hack, allowing you to buy branded smartphones cheaper. It consists in the purchase of equipment in installments or a loan with early repayment. But at the same time, we talked very superficially about the pitfalls. Correcting the error: find out, how can you be deceived when making installments for equipment, and how to avoid it.

Credit instead of installments

The first method of deception is designed to misunderstand the difference between an installment plan and a loan. A credit specialist in the store can tell you, that you do not meet the requirements for registration of installments at 10%. But a loan under 20-30 is quite available to you%, and he will be happy to help you arrange it.

This is a deception: the requirements for the borrower to make installments are minimal. As a rule, it is enough to be over 18 years old and present a passport. But for a loan, just the same, you need to present a whole package of documents, to confirm your solvency.

Calculation for, what don’t you remember about it, or you don’t know at all. Thus, the bank is trying to impose a loan at a higher interest rate on you. To avoid this, remember the difference: it can never be more difficult to arrange an installment plan, than a loan. If you are offered this, it is better not to deal with such a store.

Forced purchases

The second way is the same, but the deceiver is a shop here. You are offered to apply for a loan at a higher interest rate on the device (well, or you decide to do so yourself). At the same time, the store makes out everything on paper as an installment plan, only includes the gadget itself plus a few more products in the price. And they will either explain it to you, that you received all this as a gift from the store, or they simply will not give and will not show the imposed goods and services - but you will pay for them:

Eg, for a smartphone, these can be:

  • Accessories
  • Phone setup services
  • Additional guarantee and discount card
  • SIM cards
  • Consultations

To avoid this, except for the loan agreement, which store will give you, always demand to give you a receipt for the purchase and check it on the spot. In the joke about the line, there is only a fraction of a joke here: in pursuit of a sales plan, sellers can impose so many extra positions, that the check will stretch for half a meter. And for a couple of tens of thousands of rubles.

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The third way can catch up with you, even if you get an honest installment plan. It consists in, that in order to arrange an installment plan, you will be required to insure the purchased device. In most cases, this is just blackmail, but it may also be a requirement of the store’s management, which the staff simply cannot dismiss (for example, the program does not skip the registration of installments without insurance).

Here are the types of insurance they can impose on you:

  • Device insurance against theft and breakage
  • Bank life and health insurance
  • Insurance against job loss and disability

The total cost of all insurance can reach several thousand rubles. To avoid these expenses, the main thing to remember: insurance in our country, except in certain cases (for example, auto), is voluntary. You are not required to purchase insurance when buying equipment. Feel free to refuse this service - and if it does not work for technical reasons, then agree, and then go to the insurance company, terminate the contract and demand the money back. You have every right to do so.

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