We prevent unauthorized computer shutdown

If a computer running Windows 10 often turns off voluntarily, it’s time to find out the reason for this behavior.

To do this, first open the ‘Settings’ and go to the ‘Personalization’ section. Here click on ‘Lock Screen’ and at the very bottom open ‘Splash Screen Settings’.

Make sure, that the splash screen is disabled and the checkbox for ‘Start from the login screen’ is not checked. Besides, go back to the main window ‘Settings’ and in the ‘System’ section, look at the ‘Power and Sleep mode’ section. There all parameters should be set to ‘Never’.

In the same section, click on ‘Advanced Power Options’ and in the left menu - on ‘Creating a power management scheme’. In the window that opens, select ‘High Performance’.

Viruses may be a possible cause of unstable system operation. Scan your computer with a fresh antivirus. And finally, it’s worth checking which programs run with the start of Windows. To do this, right-click on the ‘Taskbar’ and open the ‘Task Manager’ from the context menu. Go to the ‘Startup’ tab and make sure, that there are only known programs in the autorun list. Software, which you don’t know or which seemed suspicious to you, it is better to turn it off.