Which coffee machine to choose for a coffee shop in 2019-2020

The coffee machine is the most necessary device in any coffee shop. This technique will not hurt in a restaurant or bar. But due to the large number of offers from different companies, buyers often have questions about how to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop and what requirements are put forward for this device. We will try to answer this question and advise the best professional and semi-professional models.

Main types of coffee machines

According to the type of control, there are 3 types of coffee machines for cafes:

  • semi-automatic (manual),
  • automatic,
  • combined, which are also called ’superautomatic’.


Ground grains are used for this type, loaded into the coffee compartment. Only a professional with a certain experience can work with such coffee makers. But because of the relatively affordable price, they are more often bought for home, than for the cafeteria.


Automatic models can independently form a tablet from grains placed inside and brew it. The user is only required to select a program, according to which the drink will be prepared, the coffee maker does everything else by itself: from grinding and pouring water to pouring coffee into cups.

For professional models, mode settings can be changed, choosing other proportions. Some models also receive a self-cleaning function, allowing you to remove waste in time. This coffee machine is almost the best option for a coffee shop.


Superautomatic models can also be selected for cafes. Moreover, their functionality is much higher, and there are more recipes for making a drink. The recipe of this technique provides for the preparation of macchiato, latte, cappuccino or lungo. There are programs, allowing you to make coffee from several varieties at once or without caffeine.

The devices are directly connected to the water supply system, getting the opportunity to make at least 600 cups a day. The only negative is the high price, because superautomats, although they increase productivity, but they pay off much longer.

Installation method

Making a decision, which coffee machine to choose for a coffee shop, it is worth paying attention to, how it will be installed. Embedded models take up less space and are suitable for small cafeterias. But you will need a special niche to install them.

Models for individual placement can be installed anywhere in the cafe. They differ in increased size, but it usually costs much cheaper. It is worth buying such a coffee machine for a large room or, if necessary, save money.

Water supply

Water can be supplied to the coffee machine in two ways, pump or boiler. The first type of machines is characterized by high pressure in the apparatus up to 15 bar. The water temperature can reach 92-95 degrees, the resulting steam passes through the coffee, and the output is a drink, in which there is no bitterness. Such machines are best suited for making classic espresso.

Boiler or steam models provide steam pressure up to 3-5 bar. The water in them is heated to a boiling state and driven through the ground grains. Boiler equipment should be used for making takeaway coffee. A real espresso with her help does not work.

The principle of operation of the coffee machine

To choose, what kind of coffee machine to buy for a coffee shop, it is possible and according to the principle of work.

When using capsule


In thegeyser

Espresso coffee machines, which are calledcarob

Additional functions

Additional programs and functions help to simplify the work and increase the safety of using the coffee machine. Cafe owners, who want to increase attendance, you can give advice to pay attention to such features of the technique:

  • Overheating protection. It reduces the risk of burns and increases the service life of the equipment.
  • Automatic switching on and off. An important function for any coffee machine, first of all, for the horn model.
  • The counter of the number of cups. Allows you to calculate more accurately, how much coffee was made during the day or other period.
  • Display. The screen of the coffee machine displays useful information temperature, water volume, the amount of coffee.
  • Grinding adjustment is an important feature for true coffee connoisseurs. A bitter drink is obtained from a fine-grained powder, from a large soft.
  • The ability to prepare several types of coffee is an important feature for a good cafe, allowing you to meet the requirements of customers with different tastes.
  • Automatic maintenance of the set temperature. Such models, included in the rating of professional coffee machines for coffee shops, designed for constant loading. They allow you to make coffee without draining the water before making a new cup.

For a large coffee shop, it is worth choosing equipment with direct connection to the water supply. If the machine is not connected to the water supply, we’ll have to install a huge water tank next to it, taking up a lot of space, or constantly top up the liquid.

Equipment Manufacturers

In the list of brands, producing professional coffee machines, you can find such companies:

  • Italian companies LaMarzocco and LaCimbali, whose products are distinguished by functionality and stylish design, occupying the highest places in the world rankings.
  • LaSanMarso and Faema Manufacturers, differing in lower cost with high quality.
  • Jura. Another market leader, whose cars are often found in Russian stores. Their features are quite good functionality at affordable prices.
  • Gaqqia Company. Produces inexpensive automatic and semi-automatic machines with basic functions for coffee machines, suitable for a small cafeteria.
  • Elektra. Professional equipment of this Italian brand should be chosen for a stylish design, such machines are not ashamed to install in the hall in a prominent place.
  • Spanish brand Crem. In the list of its products, mostly, the simplest machines for making cappuccino and espresso.
  • by Panasonic, Bork and WMF, the equipment of which has a fairly high quality. Prices may vary markedly depending on the category of the car.
  • Another good brand is Nuova Simonelli. The first coffee machines of this manufacturer were released back in 1936. Product features compliance with all requirements, requirements for professional models, average price level, available not even for the largest cafeteria.

Selection recommendations

The choice of coffee machines is influenced by the size of the cafe, so is his attendance. For a small coffee shop or restaurant, easy-to-use equipment is suitable, for example, drip or horn apparatus. A good option may be the Nuova Simonelli Musica Standart AD model., with not the most accessible, but also not too high a price, with a pressure of 15 bar and the ability to connect to the water supply. Such a coffee machine is used for making cappuccino and espresso. The approximate capacity is up to 70 cups per day.

The owner of a medium-sized cafe with a good attendance should think about purchasing a more functional device. It can be an automaton or a superautomat with high performance, equipped with all the necessary nozzles for making different types of drinks.

One of these devices, included in the rating of the best coffee machines for a coffee shop is the Jura Giga X3 Professional model. It has an impressive design, touch screen and energy-saving mode. There are 43 varieties of possible types of coffee in the list of its possibilities, each of which has its own counter. The coffee machine has 5 degrees of grain grinding and a roomy waste container. The daily rate of such equipment is up to 120-150 cups. Coffee in it can be made from grain or already ground coffee, by adjusting its temperature, strength and portion sizes.

For a large cafe and even a restaurant, in which dozens or even hundreds of cups of fragrant drink are drunk daily, it is worth buying a professional automatic device. It will allow you to cook large volumes of cappuccino, espresso and other types of coffee. One of these machines is the German WMF Espresso. Up to 1.1 kg of coffee beans can be placed in the tank of the device. The degree of grinding is easily adjustable, and the maximum daily resource can reach 300-350 cups. Among the disadvantages of the model, one can note only an impressive price (more than 700 thousand rubles), therefore, it should be considered only for installation in large establishments, where it can pay off.

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