How to ensure security by selling an iPhone or iPad

Selling and buying used Apple gadgets is a rather specific occupation, there are too many hunters for them, ready for the sake of a bitten apple for a lot. However, if you are still planning to sell your iPhone, we are ready to help you with advice. And don’t say, that you weren’t warned.

So, have you decided to sell your old iPhone, to buy…. well, for example, new iPhone. The documents are in your hands, complete set, there are small scratches on the phone, but they still need to be seen, in general, you are ready. Placing an ad, let’s say, on Avito - and they start calling you - including, scammers. What are you at risk of encountering?

The basic trick is old, but not forgotten

With this method of deception, the functions of the gadget are used to protect against theft. How did you guess, we are talking about blocking by Apple ID, the so-called ‘locke’. Attempts to fool you can happen in different ways, for example, a fraudster may ask you even when calling, ostensibly for verification, re-login the smartphone to its ID. Once you’ve done that, that’s it, access to your device will be returned only for a round sum - if at all.

Another scenario is offered mainly to men. A nice young lady is calling them, by the voice - a perfect blonde - and tells a touching story, how she wants such a smartphone, but he is afraid of problems with blocking. Actually, the girl has already made problems: she created a profile on iCloud, but he can’t go to it. You, of course, we are ready to help her. And then she says the sacramental: ‘Check my access from your smartphone, please.’ After that, you either have to understand, that the young lady is a fraud, or be deceived and pay money for the return of access to the device.

Sleight of hand and a little internet

Often there are no psychological tricks with requests for help. The prospective buyer just comes to the meeting, which can happen anywhere, even in a cafe in broad daylight, examines the phone, documents, connectors, he turns the device in his hands. Actually, at this point, he connects it to the Internet and changes access to the Apple ID. Half an hour after the meeting, you receive an SMS with the conditions for unlocking your smartphone.

Especially uncooperative comrades, not willing to pay cheaters, they can scare you by deleting all the data from your smartphone. Going to the police with such complaints in most cases is pointless - you will simply be laughed at. If you have saved all receipts and documents on your smartphone, you can contact the manufacturer, however, this, for first, quite a long time, and secondly, with the successful development of cases, you will be reset to zero with the subsequent flashing of the device. Clear, that all data from the last backup will be lost.

Divorce by IMEI

There is another type of deception, although, perhaps, he is one of the most harmless. So, again, have you cleaned your gadget, dropped, assembled and photographed the kit, posted photos on several sites, sit and wait for calls. And here is a person calling you, which, apparently, really, he wants to buy a smartphone from you. Among other things, he will ask you to take a picture of the IMEI, to, allegedly, check it for authenticity. You take pictures - and this is a mistake. After five minutes, you will receive an SMS with the following content: ‘Your device has been added to the database of stolen smartphones. If you want, so we can get him out of there, pay the following amount.’ As proof, you get a link to the website, where - and the truth is - your phone is among the stolen ones.

If you agree to the terms of the scammers, your device has been deleted from the database, besides, you can always bargain, but that’s not even the point. First of all, not all buyers at the conclusion of this kind of transaction use such databases. Secondly, if you have documents on your smartphone, it doesn’t cost you anything to contact the site administration and prove, That you are the owner, after that, your smartphone will be removed from there without the help of fraudsters.

What to do, so that you are not deceived

Primarily, remember the most important thing: never tell anyone or show your Apple ID username and password, and don’t log out yourself either. The same goes for your phone’s IMEI. This information concerns only the owner of the device, and not the buyer in any way.

Generally, the main condition for a successful sale or purchase of a used device is attentiveness. How, ideally, should such a transaction take place?

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.

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