The smartphone battery is very hot what to do?

Tell us, why the smartphone battery may overheat, where to look for the source of the problem and how to fix the situation.

Most often the battery overheats due to weather influences, but do not exclude other reasons. Let’s take everything in order. 

Why is the battery heating up

Batteries can get hot for many reasons. This happens especially often under the influence of direct sunlight. 


On the other hand, frost also harms the battery. When using your smartphone in low temperature conditions, choose only those models, the batteries of which are designed for such conditions. Why do gadgets discharge faster in winter, we told you in this article. 

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The battery is warming up: what to do?

First you need to let the battery cool down slowly. This will allow you to prevent the occurrence of technical defects. In no case do not put your smartphone in the refrigerator or anywhere else, where it’s very cold. This can cause the cells in the battery to go into shock. Just take your smartphone out of the sun and put it in a closet or in a shady place. Then the battery will be able to cool down slowly, without changing its structure. Also remove the case from the device, so that the heat does not stagnate. 

By the way, debunking one of the many myths about batteries, many believe, that closing apps prolongs battery life. Everything is exactly the opposite: your phone needs more power when restarting apps. But what is worth changing is certain settings. Be sure to disable notifications and background updates, and also reduce the brightness of the display.

Also note, that when charging a smartphone wirelessly using Qi technology, it will heat up more, than when replenishing the battery by wire, and this is absolutely normal. If necessary, read the operating manual and make sure, that the specified maximum allowable value corresponds to the actual temperature.

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