How to change the default browser in Windows 10 and earlier versions

In that case, if you are already used to the alternative, and you are obsessively offered Edge…

The built-in browser in Windows 10 is not bad in principle, but many are used to Opera or Chrome. Certainly, in this case, I would like to, so that all links open with the usual browser when clicked, not Edge. Is it possible to do this? Here are a few options to replace the default program.

Browser settings

All modern browsers want to be the one and only for you. Therefore, they themselves suggest that you install them as the default program. Usually the notification pops up at the top of the window, under the address bar. Therefore, it is often enough just to launch a new browser and agree to its tempting offer.

However , in the case of, if the request has not been received, you can do this manually. It’s enough just to get into the settings. As a rule, the item we need is located in the main section. After that, how did you agree to the changes, system parameters will open, which you need to select the desired web browser.

System parameters

If for some reason it is not possible to change the browser through its own settings, then you can do it manually in Windows itself. Right-click on the menuStart Parameters Applications Default applications. 

However, in some cases, the above method will not help. If some pages continue to open in the standard browser, go to the menuSelection of standard applications for protocolsREADRES

Control panel

A good old tool, which will probably disappear in future editions of Windows, he can do all the same things. Therefore, it is suitable for owners of old operating systems. To launch the Control panel, press the key combinationWin RcontrolSmall icons Default programs

Select the first item called Setting default programs. Select default values for this program. 

  • Technologies

The extensions of various files will open, and you can assign a corresponding utility to each of them. This is not particularly suitable for Internet pages, but you can open files of outdated formats with the appropriate software, which are not supported by more current versions. Such, for example, it is often found in the world of graphic design.

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