How to increase the memory of a laptop if there is not enough disk space?

The easiest way to buy an external drive. It can be a memory card, a traditional hard drive or SSD. We discuss the specifics of each option.

Most laptop models are already coming out with an SSD instead of a traditional hard drive. The solid-state drive is faster, but it is noticeably more expensive, therefore, manufacturers can save on volume. What to do, if there is not enough space on the laptop disk? Buy an external media. Let’s explore the possible options, and at the same time we will count, how much they can cost. 

SD memory card

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Using maps as a permanent storage medium is not quite right. This is the most unreliable type of storage possible, the leader in the number of sudden failures. 

A 128 GB card (class V10) can be bought for a little more than 1000 rubles. The maximum volume for today is 512 GB, this model will cost more than 5000 rubles. 

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External hard drive

The best option in that case, if you plan to work with really large amounts of data. All because, that traditional HDDs provide the minimum cost of a gigabyte compared to memory cards and SSD drives. The downside of such cheapness is the low data exchange rate. 

A terabyte hard drive can be taken for less than 4000 rubles. Models up to 5 TB at a price also quite acceptable cost 10 000 12 000 rubles. The maximum volume for today is 14 TB, but such disks are unlikely to be needed by an ordinary user. 

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Of the disadvantages of using an external HDD, you also need to highlight its vulnerability. Hard drives do not tolerate crashes, shaking, large temperature differences and so on. And also HDD is the heaviest and overall drive among all.

External SSD drive

The most modern data carrier for today. It’s the most expensive. A terabyte of c with the cheapest TLC memory will cost about 2.5 times more expensive compared to the HDD option. 

But for this money you get a high speed of reading and writing. Besides, SSDs are not heated, no noise, consume less energy, saving laptop battery power. Solid state drives are not afraid of falling because there are no mechanically moving parts in them, which may fail. 

By the way, if you need increased reliability, you can choose one of the models in a shockproof case from our selection. 

What should I pay attention to when buying? 

  • Form factor
  • Connection interface
  • Read and write speed
  • Spindle rotation speed (applies only to HDD). 

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