Does the computer need a network filter - a ‘pilot’?

The pilot was called a pilot because, that the first network filters in Russia were released under the Pilot brand. Let’s figure it out, whether it is needed for a modern computer.

A network filter is a simple, but a useful device, which improves the quality of power supply of devices and reduces harm, caused by voltage fluctuations in the network. All this sounds very cool, but most often the user does not notice it. Does a modern computer need a ‘pilot’? And Yes, and no.

Why do I need a network filter?

Ideally, the power supply network should be 220 V and 50 Hz, but this almost never happens. The voltage and frequency of the current change every now and then depending on the activity of consumption - yours and the neighbor’s. A common situation: a neighbor turns on welding, and your lights start flashing.

The surge protector protects sensitive electronics from such voltage fluctuations. The simplest models simply disconnect it from the power supply, when there is an overload in the network. More complex ones contain electronic components, which stabilize the voltage during the daily operation of the equipment, achieving a cleaner signal. For example, like this:

Does the computer need a network filter?

This is a rather controversial issue. We are used to the thought, that the computer and all its peripherals should be included in the filter. But here are a few situations, in which a ‘pilot’ for a PC is absolutely not needed - a regular extension cord will suffice:

  • If the computer is connected to the network via UPS
  • If a voltage stabilizer is installed in the house
  • If the computer is new

If none of these cases are yours, then it is better to use ‘pilot’. It is inexpensive, but it is able to protect against unpleasant situations - for example, sudden PC reboots due to a power surge in the network.

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