5 life hacks, how to get rid of annoying wires

Are you completely tangled in the wires? You can’t take a step, so as not to trip over the cable? I have collected five ways to organize wires in an apartment, so that they do not interfere with life.

The more equipment in our house, the more it resembles a cave, covered in cobwebs. Wires are attached to most devices, with which they are connected to the power grid, and there’s no getting away from them - especially, if the device is running constantly and needs power. collected five ways, with which you can, if not hide the wires, then at least organize them like this, so that they do not resemble a tumbleweed bush.

Life Hack #1: wireless devices

We immediately recommend: if it is possible to use devices without wires, use them! Now there are a lot of such gadgets: wireless mice, headphones, keyboards, charging, speakers and even printers. The average wireless Bluetooth mouse costs about 350 rubles - and this is minus a meter of wire. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, think about replacing wired devices with wireless ones. Thus, you will free up a significant part of the space from the ‘web’. And anyway, look, how great does a wireless speaker look compared to your wired one:

Life Hack #2: below the baseboard

Modern skirting board, wall envelope, as a rule, it has a space inside for a cable. This is a great way, for first, hide the wires from the Internet - only when connected, make sure, so that the installers will drill a hole for you under the cable at the bottom of the wall. And secondly, another couple of wires perfectly fit into the baseboard, for example, from the mains filter or extension cord.

In order to hide the wires under the baseboard, carefully peel off the corners of the baseboard, take it away from the wall and place the necessary cables in the interior space. Don’t be afraid to bend corners: the design of most modern corners is as follows, which leaves room for the cable. After that, press the baseboard to the wall and glue the corners back, to secure it. Although in general, it is better to plan the location of cables under the baseboard before repair (or replacement of baseboards).

Life Hack #3: cable channels

If the cable is well, you can’t get anywhere (for example, it comes from the TV, which is hanging on the wall, to the outlet at the bottom), a cable channel is used for masking. A household cable channel is a narrow plastic or polyvinyl chloride box, inside which the cables are hidden. Cable channels can be wall-mounted and floor-mounted, so the wire, going from room to room is also not a problem to hide.

The cable channel can be ‘put on’ the wires at any time. One meter of cable channel will cost about 90 rubles, they come in different colors, and in extreme cases, the plastic can be painted in that color, which will fit exactly to your interior. The cable channel can be ’sliding’ - then you can access the wires at any time. We recommend choosing exactly these, although they are somewhat more expensive.

Life Hack #4: plug and cable ties

This method is for desktop PC users, whose workplace has long turned into a futuristic cyber nest. It is used in almost all offices, where they work for a PC, but no one bothers to organize such a thing at home. We are talking about using a plug and cable ties. Simply put, it is necessary to collect all the wires from the back of the PC, weave them into a ‘maiden’s braid’ with the help of special plastic ‘ties’ (they are called ties) and pass the whole household through a hole in the countertop (it is called a plug).

It will look like this in the simplest form. The only disadvantage of this method is that you need straight hands: you need to drill the countertop and install a plug. However, no one bothers to buy a package of cable ties in the nearest ‘Leroy’ and do without it - then the ‘braid’ of wires will simply hang behind the table.

Life Hack #5: cable holders

If it is simply impossible to do without wires (for example, do you have a phone, tablet and laptop, which need to be charged periodically), there is a nice and original solution - cable holders. Leave your chargers: let them stick in sockets. But fix the ‘tails’ from them in a special holder, glued to the table.

Such an organizer for cables will save you from constantly lying on the floor charging for the joy of the cat. Certainly, any charge can be removed from the holder and taken with you, if you need it. The idea came to us from the East, therefore, there are plenty of cable holders on AliExpress - find out, how to buy there. The only negative is that you need sockets under the table, so if you don’t have them, we’ll have to contrive. For example, buy an extension cord and bring it under the table through the baseboard,)

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