15 life hacks, how to increase internet speed

In this article we have collected all the basic tips, how to increase internet speed, if it seems insufficient to you. Use it for your health!

If your internet is too slow, there can be many reasons for this: problems on the provider’s side, network equipment, your computer, operating system, programs, and also just immoderate network behavior. We present fifteen tips, which help to do so, to make the Internet work faster.

1 Restore the order in the browser

Many users have a not very useful habit of opening many tabs in the browser at once, yes, and fix them for automatic opening. As a result, when you log in to the network, your browser is forced to load many sites at once - it is logical, that each individual page will load slower. Close the extra tabs (put the most necessary ones in bookmarks), and the Internet will immediately become faster.

Use bookmarks instead of multiple tabs.

2 Lower the video quality

Why watch every video with funny cats in 1080p, especially since it is often filmed in a lower quality? Video hosting companies like to offer algorithms to increase video clarity, which slow down the connection. Leave HD for watching movies and TV series. Click on the gear in the lower right corner of the player and select a lower image quality. The sound will not suffer from this, but the video will start loading much easier. We also strongly recommend disabling auto-playback of videos.

480p image is no worse than HD for most videos.

3 Install the ad blocker

How many times have they told the world: if you are looking for a way, how to increase internet speed, first of all, get rid of ads on websites. Banner ads can take up to 70% of the ‘weight’ of a page, which you are uploading. Just imagine, how much of your channel’s resources are spent on downloading ads, even if you don’t pay attention to it yourself! Go to the extensions section of your browser and type ‘Adblock’ in the search. After installing the ad blocker, your channel will be significantly unloaded.

4 Use turbo mode in the browser

Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex.Browser support a special Turbo mode, which speeds up the loading of web pages due to various algorithms, for example, image compression. For Firefox, this mode implements the fasTun Tool add-on, which can be downloaded here. Turn on turbo mode for heavy pages, for example, for your social network news feed, and you’ll notice, how the Internet speed will increase.

Turbo mode also saves traffic.

5 Speed up the browser

Sometimes the ‘brakes’ of the internet are actually¬†browser ‘brakes’. If you have a lot of add-ons, disable unnecessary, prohibit sites from sending notifications, and also update the browser to the latest version. Besides, you can check the internal settings of the browser: among them there may be such, which restrict the loading of web pages. Read some tips about, how to speed up Google Chrome and Firefox.

6 Turn off the distribution in the torrent client

A large number of downloads and giveaways, which your torrent client processes, the channel is heavily overloaded. We are no longer in the zero, when leaving the distribution could have been downgraded or banned on the torrent tracker. Leave the distribution or put unnecessary files on pause, and you will be able to perform other tasks on the network faster. By the way, torrent downloads will also go faster. In order to speed them up even more, set the maximum download speed (in uTorrent: right click on the torrent ‘Reception restriction’ ‘Unlimited’) and disable traffic limits (’Settings’ ‘Traffic limit’ uncheck ‘Limit lane’).

In the case of torrents, the rule works: less distribution - faster loading.

7 Disable auto-updating of programs

Another aspect, causing channel overload-automatic updating of programs and the operating system in the background. Do you work on the Internet, meanwhile, your Windows grabs part of the channel, looking for updates. If possible, disable Windows updates and install them manually. Go through the settings of the installed programs and disable automatic update checking. It is also not superfluous to check your OS for the presence of spyware.

8 Turn off the channel restriction at the OS level

A method for Windows users. By default, the operating system cuts the width of the Internet channel by about 20%. In order to remove this limit, press Win R and entergpedit.mscComputer Configuration Administrative Templates Network QoS Packet Scheduler Limit the reserved bandwidth.

Windows limits channel bandwidth at the group policy level.

9 Clean up the computer

It is often not the Internet that slows down at all, and your computer, and with it the connection, and the browser. One of the most effective ways, how to increase the speed of the Internet - to add performance to your machine. Perform a virus scan, perform a system cleanup, eliminate overheating, increase the amount of RAM. For tips on improving computer performance, read our article.

10 Update the network adapter

If you have the opportunity, Purchase a new Ethernet or Wi-Fi network adapter. It’s not that, that the old one doesn’t work well: it’s just that newer models support new communication quality standards (the same WLAN 802.11ac), they receive the signal better and process it faster. Yes, and the network card, just like any chip, degrades over time, from which the connection speed can also drop.

11 Check the network cable

Regardless of, do you use Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, a cable enters your apartment from the entrance. He may bend over somewhere, to be squeezed or damaged, which automatically degrades the quality of the connection. Check the cable in the areas available to you or ask your provider’s employees to ‘ring’ it and repair possible damage, to make sure, that the speed of the Internet does not depend on its state.

12 Update the firmware and router settings

If you use a network router to access the internet, another way, how to increase internet speed, it consists in updating its firmware. With the new firmware version, your router may start receiving a better Wi-Fi signal (if you use it), and in general, work faster. You can download the firmware even on the device management page. It is also not superfluous to clarify the router settings. For example, if your router supports the WLAN 802.11ac standard, switch to it from an older one (802.11.n), and the signal will get better.

New firmware for the router can often be downloaded directly from the provider.

13 Check your home network configuration

There can be many devices, and the Internet is one. If you use multiple computers on the same network, smartphones, yes, and a smart TV in the load, they can literally ‘tear apart’ your channel among themselves. Configure your home network wisely: read the tips in our article, how to extend the range of the network and do so, so that it is enough for all devices.

14 Renew the tariff plan


The Internet speed is almost always lower than stated in the tariff.

15 Change the provider

Finally, the most radical solution, how to increase internet speed: don’t be afraid to change your provider. If a provider ‘came into your house’, offering higher speeds, just go to it. Or cooperate with your neighbors and write a statement, to have him ‘come to you’-to achieve a good Internet is more than realistic. You just need to feel free to take the initiative.

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