What to buy: iPad or MacBook? Comparison table

Choose, what to buy, iPad or MacBook? We have compared both Apple gadgets for you.

If you dream of an Apple gadget, but not sure, whether to buy an iPad or a MacBook, read the technical data provided in this article. I have compiled a comparative table of the characteristics of both gadgets for you.

iPad vs MacBook: who needs it more? 

And iPad, and MacBooks have their advantages. Which device is more suitable for you? After all, both of them perform their tasks without problems.

You can immediately say, that an iPad makes sense to buy, if you are mobile, you don’t like or can’t stay at home and often move from place to place. If you want to work or play games anywhere in your location, An Apple tablet would be a reasonable choice. 

iPad - travelers’ choice

But for working at a desk, A MacBook will become a reliable and powerful companion for taking notes at university or working in the office. Its mobility is somewhat limited: the small thickness of the device allows you to put it in any bag, but when working on the couch or on the train, a folding gadget doesn’t always make sense.

MacBook is the perfect office companion

Comparison table for the buyer

We compared the following models with each other:MacBook 2015iPad Air 2

MacBook 2015

iPad Air 2
Size 280 x 190.6 x 13.1 mm 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm
Weight 920 g 444 g
Screen diagonal 30.5 cm 24.63 cm
Display Retina  Retina Multi-Touch
Highlighting LED LED
Resolution 2304×1440, 226 dpi 2048 x 1536, 264 dpi
Processor Intel Core M 1.1-1.3 GHz A8X 64-bit
Built-in storage 256 to 512 GB from 16 to 128 GB
Battery Li-Pol, 39.7 Wh Li-Pol, 27.3 Wh
Battery life

Wi-Fi: 9 hours

Video: 10 hours

Wi-Fi: 9 hours

Video: 10 hours

Camera FaceTime 480p FaceTime HD, iSight 8 MP
Audio Stereo speakers, dual microphones, headphone output Built-in speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, dual microphones
Connectors USB-C: Charging, USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 output Lightning
Wireless connection  Wi‑Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 4.0 Wi‑Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 4.2, GPS/GLONASS, UMTS/HSPA/​HSPA /DC‑HSDPA, CDMA, LTE
Operating system OS X Yosemite iOS 10

Generally, The MacBook is designed for slightly more resource-intensive tasks, than iPad: games, video calls, data processing. Keyboard and large screen allow you to work faster in Office, than on the iPad.

iPad is better to use for smaller tasks: surfing the internet, Email, viewing images, small games. Besides, The iPad is more suitable for taking photos and videos thanks to its powerful camera.

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