iPhone Photo Features You Might Not Have Known About

iPhone allows even an amateur to take very high-quality pictures, and not only at the expense of good iron. Look, do you use all the smart features.

Apple products are famous for thoughtful functionality, but the user is not always aware of these functions. Below we have collected 8 tips, which will help you better master the ‘Photo’ tool and pump up your skill.

Working with the camera

1. Use the


According to the rule of thirds (simplified version of the golden ratio), objects in the frame, which you want to highlight, it must be positioned along horizontal and vertical lines, dividing the frame into thirds, or at the places where they intersect.  The iPhone provides a tool, which displays the grid on the screen, to make it easy for you to build a frame.

To enable the grid, open ‘Settings’, scroll down and select ‘Camera’. In the menu that appears, activate the switch next to the ‘Grid’ item. 

2. Fix the focus

To focus the camera on an object, use the manual setting. To do this, make a long tap on the object on the screen, and the exposure will be fixed, in this case, the inscription ‘Fixing exposure / focus’ will appear. To exit the mode, tap once on the label.

3. Use serial shooting

If you are shooting a moving object and want to catch a beautiful moment, use the serial shooting function. To do this, press the shutter button and do not release it.

4. Change the brightness

If the image on the screen is too dark, just swipe up on the screen to increase the brightness and, on the contrary, to reduce.

5. Enable HDR

If you do this, The iPhone will take three pictures, using different exposures, and then connect them together. As a result, you will get a deep and rich picture without obvious ‘dips’ or highlights.

6. Use an ultra-wide angle lens

If you are the lucky owner of an iPhone model with two or three cameras, you can turn on the ultra-wide-angle shooting mode. To do this, select the value 0.5 on the screen, instead of the default 1. So it will be possible to fit more space into the frame: this may be relevant, for example, when shooting group portraits or cramped streets. 

How to search and hide photos

1. Learn how to hide photos

Find the photos you need, click ‘Share’ and select ‘Hide’ in the window that opens. Now if you give the phone to outsiders to view the photo feed, hidden photos will not catch their eyes.  If you want to see hidden photos, open the ‘Hidden’ album, they will be lying there.

2. Search for photos by keywords

Open the Photos app and click the Search tab. Enter the words in the search box, which photos you are interested in are associated with, for example: palm trees, snow, theater. iPhone automatically assigns tags to the photos taken and, by matching them to your query, it will give you what you are looking for. You can also search by date (enter the year), names, events (new year, birthday) and so on.

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