How to correctly enter subscript and superscript characters in Word

Subscript and superscript characters are not often needed, but without their input, it can be impossible to correctly compose specialized texts and reports. will tell you, how to do it in any version of Word.

If you periodically use chemical formulas in the text (for example, H2

First, enter the required character in the document in the usual way. Then select the sign, which should become a subscript, and go to the ‘Home’ tab. In the menu feed, in the ‘Font’ section, you will see an icon with the symbol ‘X2

Sometimes it is necessary, so that the whole phrase has a superscript type. To do this, click in the Font area on the icon in the lower corner and in the section ‘Modification’ check the box ’superscript’. To apply the style, click OK.

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