How to download videos from Youtube to Android: we do without programs

Mobile applications for downloading videos to a smartphone are growing, like mushrooms, and they die just as quickly. We remind you of several ways, how to download videos from youtube to android, without using any software.

Not so long ago we talked about the best mobile apps, allowing you to easily download videos from YouTube to Android smartphones. Today we will talk about the dark side of the issue, exactly, about that, what to do, if the applications fail.

Google, as the owner of both YouTube, and Android, actively fights with ‘rocking chairs’. The reasons for this are prosaic - it is unprofitable for a company to lose revenue from video views, especially among mobile users, who are not so actively using ad blockers.

Therefore, tips for downloading videos from YouTube to a smartphone, which the Internet is full of, offering that one app, that other, they lose relevance quite quickly. Mobile rocking chairs’, even yesterday they were in the top of Google Play, they disappear from there just as quickly, as they appear.

As an alternative, let’s remind you about one method of downloading videos from YouTube, which works almost always and on any devices, namely, about online services for downloading videos.

Preparing to download: get the link

The basic principle of operation of all online services for downloading videos from YouTube is to intercept a direct link to its playback. It is here that Android users face a problem: the cunning Google, when trying to play a video by any means, will try to open it in the built-in YouTube application, from where it is impossible to intercept anything.

Therefore , before, how to get started with any online service, it is necessary to perform a small preparatory procedure:

1. Open the video you like in the official YouTube app.

2. Click on the icon’Share ‘under the video and choose’Copy the link’. An abbreviated link of the form is copied to the

3. Take any mobile browser (for example, built-in Chrome), insert a short link into the address bar and click on it. As a result, a full link to the video page will be formed in the address bar, by which you can already try to download it. It has the

All further manipulations consist in, to send the full link to an online service to intercept playback. Below are a few ways, how convenient it is to do this on a mobile device.


SaveFromNet is one of the oldest online services for downloading a variety of media content from YouTube and a number of other sites. It allows you to download videos in several different formats (MP4, 3GP, WEBM). The site has a mobile version and, what is important, Russian interface.

To quickly download videos via SaveFromNet to your smartphone, you need to do the following:

1. In the link opened in the mobile browser before adding two letters’ssIt turns out a link of the form

2. Select the desired format and click’Download’. We confirm the download via the Chrome download manager, and the video will be saved on your mobile device.


VDYoutube is a multifunctional foreign online service for downloading videos from YouTube, featuring a variety of download options. The service allows you to download your favorite video in different formats (MP4, WEBM, 3GP), quality (from 144p to 720p suitable for most monitors), size, and also download an audio track in MP3 or M4A format from the video.

The principle of working with VDYoutube on an Android smartphone is about the same:

1. Adding to the link in the mobile browser before two letters’vd‘and follow the resulting link of the form m.vd


2. The VDYoutube page opens with a long list of options for downloading the specified video. Select the one in the table, which one is most to our taste, and click ‘Download’. The video will be downloaded in the background.


9xBuddy is another popular western service for downloading videos from YouTube, available ‘by two letters’. With the help of the site, you can download both videos in MP4 formats, WEBM and 3GP, and the audio track from it, as well as built-in subtitles in SRT format. The possibility of downloading in quality up to 1080p inclusive is available, downloaded videos can easily be watched on FullHD TVs. The site also has the original option ‘Banned From Youtube’: even if you are officially banned from accessing YouTube, you can still download the video on behalf of the account of the site itself.

To download using 9xBuddy, we perform the already familiar actions:

1. In the link in the mobile browser, add the prefix‘9x’, to get a link of the formm.9xFollow it to the 9xBuddy website.

2. On the page that opens, scroll through the list of download options, select the one you like and click on the button’Download Now’.

3. A page with a video clip will be displayed. To download, click on the arrow in the lower right corner and confirm the download.

As you can see, you can download videos from Youtube to Android without third-party programs. A distinctive feature of this method is the speed of access to downloading without the need to first open the site for downloading and copy the link to the video there. Besides, unlike mobile apps, this method is universal and suitable for both mobile devices, so it is for PCs and laptops.

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