LG Smart TV Apps: Find and install

If you have purchased an LG TV with Smart TV function, you may have questions about, how to find and install programs to use on it. This will be discussed in this article.

Today, TVs with Smart TV technology have achieved a lot. They make it possible to watch TV programs in excellent quality, what, certainly, implies the possibility of recording and pausing the broadcast. Besides, at the moment there are a lot of additional programs, which diversify the pastime in front of the TV screen. Actually, the TV has become more than just a peripheral device, and a home entertainment center. On TV, you can not only watch movies through the appropriate application, but also to find out the weather forecast, read the news, find a recipe or play.

LG Smart TV runs on the webOS operating system

LG Smart TV runs on the webOS operating system. Various widgets are already pre-installed on this platform, and besides, there are also third-party programs, which can also be used when using a TV. For this, however, need to know, how to access them, how to install and use. So, of course, only some of them are freely available.

Widgets and programs for webOS

Widget for LG Smart TV is a graphics module, a small and lightweight application, which can perform a particular function, for example, show date and time, exchange rate, weather, a TV program. After all, it could just be a shortcut, facilitating access to the application In general, all the same, the same as in a PC or smartphone.

To install the program on LG Smart TV, necessary, to have your TV connected to the internet

The key difference between the webOS platform and many other operating systems is its convenience for developers - almost anyone can create their own application and put it on the Internet. Of course, among them there are such programs, as clients of popular social networks, messengers and so on, but there are also those, which have a relatively small number of fans. These are regional programs, small games, etc. Today, by the way,, all LG Smart TV sets, sold in our Russian stores, equipped with both world-class programs (Skype, Facebook, etc.), and local, supporting the Russian language (we will include IVI and Yandex.Music here).

By appointment, all applications, used on LG Smart TV, it can be divided into the following groups: social networks, IPTV, internet telephony, games, weather widgets, e-learning, programs, through which you can watch movies and videos in 3D format, as well as allowing you to search for specific videos.

How to do all this

If you are already logged in to the LG Apps app store and you have internet access via cable or Wi-Fi, that, knowing the application installation procedure, you can install them as many as you want.

You need to turn on the TV and find the Home page (Smart Home) item in the main menu

So, what should be done.

Step one:

Step two.

To doStep Three

After installation, the program will appear in the More folder, which is located in the Smart Home section. Additional configuration is usually not needed.

Manual application installation

Before downloading any application to any device, you should always make sure, that it is in principle possible, so, that the device and the program are compatible. Otherwise, the installed program simply will not start, it will have to be deleted. You can find out the characteristics of LG Smart TV, if you use the remote control to enter the Settings menu.

If for some reason the automatic download did not start for some reason, and the app is for you, however, necessary, you can try to install it manually. To resort to this option, need an internet-connected computer or laptop, and also a flash drive.

Installation via USB is more complicated and takes longer, however, there is nothing complicated about it. First, the downloaded programs are copied to the flash drive, then it must be connected to the USB connector of the TV. If it is not on the interface panel of the TV, means, it can be connected additionally. So, the flash drive is connected. Now, if you click on the corresponding icon, a window will open, which displays all the files saved on the flash drive, by clicking on which the installation process will begin. Then the installed application or widget can be applied, as usual.

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