How to make a backup: setting up a backup on Windows

We talk about the key backup rules and the best programs, which allow you to make a backup.

Your computer’s drive may fail at any time. Moreover, if the hard drive shows signs of its imminent demise for some time, then solid-state drives usually ‘die’ suddenly. And along with this, you will not only lose the operating system with all the programs installed on it, but you will also lose your hard-earned photos and videos, favorite movies and music. In general, in total, what do you value so much.

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A, meanwhile, for that, to avoid such a fate, it is enough to create backups in a timely manner, or in other words, backups of important information for you. Of course, you can also do this manually, simply copying the necessary information to a separate drive. But this method is simply inconvenient. Moreover, you have a huge number of reliable backup programs at your disposal.

In today’s article we will tell you about the most interesting of them. But first you need to make one important digression: when creating a backup, always store it on a separate hard disk. Not another partition (logical disk) of the same drive, namely on a separate physical disk, which ideally does not participate in the operation of the computer.

To understand, which of the disks is logical, and what is the physical, right-click on the Start menu and go to the Disk Management section. At the bottom of the window you will see a list of physical disks (1) and logical partitions (2) on these drives.

It is important to understand, what to backup everything and everything is too much luxury. After all, the larger the size of the copied information, the more space you will need to store it. Therefore, we recommend limiting ourselves to only really important data. This can be the ‘User’ folder, where are the necessary documents stored, photos and other data, or separate folders with photos and documents, if you store them on other partitions. In other words, make backups of only those data, which are impossible or extremely difficult to restore.

Well, when setting up a backup, it is best to configure overwriting of previously made backups or set the time, after which they will be deleted. Fortunately, many programs allow you to do this.

Now, when we figured out the main rules for creating backups, let’s move on to programs for data backup.

WD Backup

Many manufacturers of drives have taken care of the security of user data in advance. Eg, WD company not only produces drives, focused specifically on the backup of information, but it also offers users the WD Backup utility for creating backups.

The main advantage of the program is, that it allows you to save backups not only to a physical drive, but also to the Dropbox cloud with the ability to access data from anywhere in the world. In the utility settings, you can select folders, backups to be created, backup storage location and set a schedule for its creation every hour, on certain days or monthly.

Seagate DiscWizard

This utility is designed to migrate from one drive to another, but it can also be used to back up information. Truth, the program’s capabilities are very limited in this, you will not be able to select files and folders for backup, DiscWizard only clones the entire disk. However, this will do just fine, if you want to have backups of the system drive with Windows and all installed programs.

Acronis True Image

This, perhaps, one of the most popular and powerful solutions for information backup. The program is able to make backups as whole disks, and individual folders and files, saving them to local drives or to the Acronis cloud. At the same time, the utility supports many platforms and is extremely flexible in settings, allowing you to fully automate data backup.

Acronis True Image also has its disadvantages. The application is very demanding on system resources and costs a lot of money. Although buyers of some Kingston solid-state drives can get it for free, an Acronis True Image HD activation code is supplied with the SSD, what we have already written about in the Kingston KC3000 review.

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Paragon Backup

Unlike Acronis True Image, Paragon Backup and separate logical partitions, folders and files.

You can set up a backup schedule with backups every day, a week, a month or for a specific event. It is possible to choose the way to save the backup and the time of its storage. The program also provides the ability to create bootable media for system recovery.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The popular free program EaseUS Todo Backup Free has an extremely simple interface and very good features. You can use it to set up automatic disk backups, files or partitions, make a copy of the operating system and transfer it to another drive.

Unfortunately, in the free version of EaseUS Todo Backup, there is no way to set up a backup creation schedule, she does not know how to send email notifications and create a backup copy of Outlook. You will have to pay $29 for these functions, what, in general, not much compared to many other paid backup utilities.

Handy Backup

This is a program with extremely flexible configuration and the ability to save backups to local and external disks, network drives and NAS, FTP servers, and also to the Google Drive and Yandex.Disk cloud. At the same time , the data, which Handy Backup works with, they can be encrypted and/or compressed in backups at the user’s request.

The program supports scheduled automatic backup functions, technologies for full, mixed, incremental and differential copying, storing multiple versions of the same dataset and choosing how to synchronize files between folders. At the same time, its interface has simple and advanced modes and allows you to easily configure any functions.

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