The main tricks of WhatsApp: how to become invisible, highlight words and 7 more useful tips

If you still don’t know, how to highlight a word in a WhatsApp message in bold, disable read notifications or transfer the chat archive to a new phone, be sure to read it.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messengers today. However, not everyone owns it sufficiently, although, it would seem, - which is easier. We will tell you a few tricks, which make communication in this program more lively.

1 Stay incognito

If you don’t want, so that your interlocutors can see, when was the last time you were online, you can hide this data. Truth, then you will also not be able to find out the time of the last visit of other users. If that doesn’t stop you, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and follow the menu:Settings -Account -PrivacyWasNobody

2. Disable read notifications

Let’s say, the boss sent you a message, have you read it, and the boss knows about it. You can disable notifications - then no one will know, whether you have opened the message or not. This is done simply:Settings -Account -Privacy,

3 Select the text in the messages

Few people know, that WhatsApp chat messages can also be formatted. That is, highlight words in bold, italics, cross them out and so on. For example, that’s how it’s done in Apple devices:

  • Highlight a word or paragraph, which need to be formatted.
  • If you need to select a few words, the selection cursors can be moved left and right.
  • Then click ‘Select’ in the context menu and move to the right, until you see the letters ‘B I U’.
  • Tap ‘B I U’ and select the text formatting method, for example, bold font, italics, underline or fixed-width font.

If you have android, here, too, everything is simple.

  • Type*text*
  • Use_text_
  • You can cross out the selected text using the ’tilde’ icon:~ text ~

4transfer chats to a new smartphone

If there are no problems with transferring contacts when there is synchronization with Google, then WhatsApp chats are not automatically transferred. It will be useful to set up periodic backups to Google Drive (Settings -Chats -Backup of chats‘Backup’

Now download WhatsApp to your new phone - during the setup process, it will check for a copy and offer to restore all chats. You will only have to confirm the action.

5 Listen to the voice message privately

Everyone is annoyed by voice messages, but they don’t stop sending them. Many fundamentally do not include such messages and use headphones, so that the contents could not be heard by others. Meanwhile, there is an easier way out: just turn on the message and bring your smartphone to your ear like this, how you usually hold it when talking. At the same time, the speakerphone will not work, and the phone speaker.

6 Disable downloading media files

Do you have chats too, where do the participants exchange, post memes or videos about and without? These files clog up the phone’s memory, and if there is a little of it, then very soon the gadget starts complaining about the lack of ‘gigabytes’. The option to disable automatic loading of media files will help to avoid overflow.

  • Go to Settings -Data and storage
  • Open theMobile Network tab
  • Do the same in the Wi-Fi tab.
  • Now the selected file types will be displayed as a preview, and fully loaded only when pressed.

7translate messages directly in the window

Do you communicate with foreign partners via WhatsApp, but you don’t always understand, what do they write? The messenger has a built-in translator. More accurately, he uses Google Translator, but it doesn’t change the essence.

  • Highlight the word
  • Click on three dots

8 Find all files, sent to the chat

Eg, have you exchanged photos or documents with a friend, but that was a long time ago, and it’s not so easy now to find something specific in the chat. Instead of, to scroll the entire message feed, you can do this:

  • Log in to the chat,
  • Click on the three dots at the top right and select Media (groups).

9 Add your favorite contacts to your desktop

If you often communicate with someone via WhatsApp, you can put his contact on the screen. Then you don’t have to open the messenger first, and then look for the right user in the list of conversations. This is done simply:

  • Open the chat.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right.
  • SelectMoreAdd an icon to the screen.

Now look for an icon on one of the screens and move it to any convenient place.