Creating a project for video editing in Corel VideoStudio Pro

Before, how to start editing clips into a single video, a project is being created in Corel VideoStudio Pro, in which the component clips and audio tracks are loaded.

If the original video is planned to be obtained from various external sources, eg, digitize from the film (if there is a video capture board), to import, use the Capture tab. It contains tools for convenient work with different connected devices, including, webcams installed on the computer.

A separate tool is provided for screen capture capabilities, which is often used when shooting training videos on programs or videos about passing games.

All the videos are collected in the editor window on the right side, which are supposed to be used in the project, as well as audio files for mounting audio tracks

Videos, previously already saved as files on the computer, you can open it directly from the Edit tab, by adding to the Media tab of the content library in the upper right part of the screen. To do this, you can use the button ‘Import Media Files

If you need to digitize video from old film cameras, then you can do this by going to the ‘Capture’ tab. Truth, this will require a video capture board with AV connectors.

Project parameters

It has already been mentioned above, that a project can have its own parameters, in general, they do not match any of the videos imported into it, neither with output parameters. The project parameters are set in the ‘Settings’ window Project Properties

In the project settings, specify the video parameters in advance, which you intend to use in the final video. You can use sample values or set a preset

To avoid searching later, where quality is lost, we recommend that you immediately set the project parameters at least as good as the highest quality of the uploaded videos.

You can also focus on the planned export parameters.

However, this guideline should not be used in the following case, if videos from an action camera with a higher frame rate are imported into the project, which later you want to slow down,

if the frame rate in the project will be less, than uploaded videos, smooth deceleration will not work.