PayPal: secure, but not 100%

Today, many stores have the option to pay via PayPal. But the question remains that, is this service safer, than paying directly from a bank card.

Payment systems are gaining more and more popularity every year, which seek to at least partially replace traditional bank cards. One of these services is possible, the most famous and well - deserved, is PayPal. However, the question of its safety still remains relevant. Let’s try to figure it out, to what extent the good name of this service corresponds to reality.

With PayPal, you can easily pay for purchases on numerous platforms and online stores, such as Ebay. Transfers are free, however, if you receive money to your PayPal account, then the fee is still charged.


The big advantage of PayPal is that, that your confidential data remains private. The seller only knows your email address from PayPal, no more than that. Such data, as an account number, they will also remain closed. Only PayPal owns the data and internally regulates the billing and payment process.

PayPal Buyer Protection

If you came across scammers during online shopping, then you can report it to PayPal. The service will transfer your money back to the account immediately after the request and solve the issue on its own.


PayPal’s website uses not only the well-known https encryption, but even inside the system, user data is securely encrypted. Besides, when opening an account, PayPal will check, that you are the legal owner of the bank account and will provide additional security parameters. The German inspection service TÜV-Saarland checked the service and described it as safe.


PayPal, unfortunately, it shows itself not only from the best side. Sometimes the company unreasonably freezes accounts. It happens, when buyers or sellers complain to the administration, if the purchase did not go through properly. Unfortunately, accounts are frozen not only in proven cases of fraud or non-fulfillment of obligations, misunderstandings often arise, which lead to unjustified freezing of the account. However, these problems can always be solved by legal means.


If you don’t want to put your finances at risk of being blocked, then it is not recommended to use this payment service as a replacement for a bank account. Maximum, what it can do is serve as an additional account for online purchases.