Christmas tree slows down the internet: how to install it without interference for Wi-Fi

Closer to the New Year, problems with the Internet may suddenly arise: it’s all about the festive Christmas tree! We will tell you, why does the green beauty interfere with your WLAN network, and also explain, how to install a Christmas tree correctly.

During the New Year holidays , many people notice, that the Internet began to slow down. And the culprit of this may be the main symbol of the holiday, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

How does the Christmas tree slow down the Internet?

Copper wires of Christmas decorations may be the cause of slow connection

Decorating the Christmas tree, we don’t even think about it, that this may cause problems with the speed of the home network.

The source of interference for the WLAN signal is copper wires, which serve as the basis for the festive lighting of the Christmas tree. The garland cable can reduce the signal strength of your router: the flashing decoration works as an antenna and thus interferes with the router’s radio waves.

To prevent signal degradation, it is important to choose the right place, in which the Christmas tree will not create problems for the wireless network and will continue to delight everyone with bright lights.

How to install a Christmas tree correctly?

If you install a Christmas tree away from the router, there will be no problems with the connection

Ideally, the tree should stand as far away from the router as possible. If you don’t have the ability to rearrange the tree, you need to move the router itself. You can place it behind some large piece of furniture (for example, behind the big chair), and it would be even better to put it on the cabinet.

If Christmas decorations were to blame for the slowness of the home network, after such a rearrangement, the signal level should literally grow before our eyes.

In the small apartments in front of you, most likely, there will be a harsh choice: during the New Year holidays, you will have to give up either a stable WLAN signal, or from a huge number of garlands on a tree.

New Year candles can replace a garland

Flickering lights, of course, they cheer you up great. However, instead of an electric garland as a festive decoration, you can use candles, they will definitely not interfere with the WLAN signal. But do not forget about safety: do not place burning candles too close to objects, which can easily ignite.

Besides, electricity costs a certain amount of money: giving up a couple of garlands, you will also save on energy.

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