How to make an album sheet in Word in a couple of clicks

Knowing, how to make an album sheet in Word, the user will also simplify printing, and the numbering of sheets, and other parameters, which should be common to the entire document.

The user of the MS Office office suite cannot help but pay attention to, that all pages are set to portrait orientation by default. That is , such, in which the height is greater than the width for the standard A4 format, the first value is 29.7 cm, the second is 21 cm.

To work on most documents, you do not need to change the page orientation, but only in those cases, when you don’t need to insert a drawing or a table into it, which do not fit in width. You can solve the problem, by creating a separate file.

Changing the orientation for the entire document

The easiest way, which will help to turn the sheet to landscape in the Word to make a turn for the entire document as a whole. To do this, in the latest versions of the text editor (Word 2016 and later), go to the Layout tab and find the Orientation command. For older versions of MS Word, go to the ‘Page Layout’ tab ‘Orientation’ ‘Landscape’. After selecting the appropriate item, all pages of the document become landscape with a width greater than, than the height. 

But this option is not always suitable. Landscape orientation for the whole document can be set when creating a report, consisting only of tables. But, if some sheets should be displayed in the usual form (’book’), you will have to choose a separate formatting for different parts. This can also be done from the page options menu, and with the help of breaks in the file. 

Using page breaks

This method of setting landscape orientation in the Word for one page allows you to solve two problems. First of all, set your own format for each (or for a specific) sheet. Secondly, immediately specify, what part of the text and other elements of the document (images, diagrams, tables) will be displayed in landscape orientation. The procedure is as follows: 

  1. Place the cursor at the bottom of the last page, which will be displayed in portrait orientation. 
  2. Go to the ‘Layout’ tab and click on the ‘Breaks’ button.
  3. Select the ‘Next Page’ option from the drop-down list. If you put a gap in the simplest way (by pressing the Alt Enter combination), you will not be able to set the orientation for a separate sheet. formatting will affect the entire document. 
  4. Check the location of the gap, by enabling the display of invisible characters (’keyboard shortcuts’ Ctrl Shift 8).
  5. Place the cursor on the page, the orientation for which is changing. 
  6. Go to the same ‘Layout’ tab and select landscape orientation. 
  7. If you only needed to change the format for one page, and not all of them until the end of the document, perform the setup for each sheet separately using the same breaks. 

The actions in the versions of Word 2007 and 2010 are no different, but the setting of breaks and the choice of orientation are performed through the tab ‘Page Layout’. In the old editors (Word 2003), to set the format, go to the ‘File’ section ‘Page Parameters’. Breaks are set from the menu ‘Insert’. 

  • Operation

Changing page parameters

Another way to make one sheet bookish in the Word, and the other is landscape, requires a transition to the ‘Page Parameters’. The setup consists of the following steps: 

  • Select a text or area in the document, for which the display and print format is changed. 
  • Go to the ‘Fields’ menu. To do this, on the ‘Layout’ tab (’Page Layout’) the appropriate command is selected or simply a small arrow is pressed in the lower right corner of the Page Settings tab. 
  • Set the page orientation to Landscape. 
  • On the same tab, specify, that the format change only applies to the selected text. 

After that, the selected data will appear on the page, the orientation of which will be different from the rest of the document. If the area does not fit on the inverted sheets, their number will increase. 

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