How to move long text to a new line in Excel

Sometimes it is necessary to enter long text into an Excel cell. So that the entire text is visible not only in the formula bar, but also in the cell itself, in spreadsheets, you can set automatic text wrapping.

First mark the cell, in which you need to transfer the text. Then, on the ‘Home’ tab, find the ‘Alignment’ group and select the ‘Move Text’ option. When you click this button, Excel will split the long text in the selected cell into lines.

If you need to move the text to another line in a certain place, place the cursor in the same place and press the ‘Alt Enter’ key combination. It can happen like this, that after such an operation, the text will still not be fully visible, too small is displayed or moves to the next column.

Text wrapping in a cell.┬áThe ‘Move Text’ button allows you to display the entire text in an Excel cell

It means, that a certain row height is set in the table. To adjust the height of the cell according to the text, on the ‘Home’ tab, in the ‘Cells’ group, select ‘Format’ and then in the ‘Cell Size’ section, select ‘Row Height Auto-selection’, then click on the ‘Transfer Text’ button again. Now the text in the cell will be displayed in full.